A friend somehow arranges a housecall from Lucy Lawless

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“So, you have the house to yourself for the weekend, right?”

I nodded, “Why? You think I should throw a party?”

“Nah,” answered Lucas, “I was thinking of repaying that favor.”

“Don’t worry about it, man. Friends help friends move.”

Lucas suddenly gave me a serious look, “No, seriously. Do you still like that actress Lucy?”

“Lucy Lawless? I think that she’s still pretty damn hot, and a great actress, if that’s what you mean. Remember Xena?”

“Yeah, whatever. So how would you feel if I told you that I could get her to meet you in person?”

“Is she visiting the city or something?”

“Not exactly. How about you hand over a hundred bucks and I arrange it?”

I frowned, “So I’m paying for this gift?”

“Trust me, this will be worth every cent.”

I sighed and reached for my wallet.

“Make sure you’re home tonight,” Lucas told me, “Don’t make any arrangements. It will be worth the sacrifice.”


Another hour passed as I sat on the couch, waiting. It was already dark, I’d turned down two other good friends, they both looked at me like I had a screw loose. Several times I turned on the television, but I was worried there would be something good on and I’d only see the first half.

I could wait.

The doorbell rang! Lucas must have finally gotten up off his ass and decided to come get me. I figured that the lazy son of a bitch had probably forgotten until the last possible moment. I walked over and jerked the front door open.

“Hi! Lucas sent me.”

Holy shit it was her! Lucy Lawless!

I must have been frozen in shock, she just gave me a funny look and gently made her way inside the house. I followed, not really sure what was going on. How had Lucas managed a home visit?

Lucy sat down opposite the couch. She was holding a small paper bag, she held it on her lap.

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“I can see that you’re impressed,” Lucy said, “Maybe you should take a seat.”

I walked over and collapsed down onto the couch.

Lucy smiled at me.

She looked like she could have stepped of a movie set. Her makeup was perfect.. Her long dark hair hung down around her, framing her pretty face. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a black shirt, I realised that her breasts probably weren’t all that perky any more, but you wouldn’t know by looking at her.

“Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?”

I might have babbled something in response, she didn’t seem to notice.

“That’s all right, I suppose we can get right down to it then.”

Lucy got up and walked over to the couch. She grabbed a cushion from next to me, tossed it down in front of my feet, then carefully knelt on it. She opened up the mysterious paper bag and pulled a huge bottle of hand lotion. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

What the hell was going on here!

I opened my mouth, nothing came out. Lucy silently unbuckled my belt. In the blink of an eye my plain white boxer shorts were peeking out. She took the little bottle and squeezed out a generous portion.

As I watched Lucy rub the lotion over her hands I felt my dick swell up and strain against my boxer shorts. The room was silent other than the sounds of my heavy breathing and the squishy wet rubbing of Lucy’s hands. She was very thorough.

Lucy finally stopped rubbing. She must have been satisfied because she put down the bottle and reached forward. Her hands gently removed my cock from its prison. The cool air and her hot hands ran over my meat. She gave the shaft an experimental tug.

“Not too bad,” she said, “You’re obviously very young and healthy.”

Her left hand wrapped around me and began to slide up and down the length, after a handful of pumps my cock was glistening in the light, just like her hands. She increased her pace slightly.

I let my head fall back and bit down on my tongue. I knew I was cheating on my wife, but there was no way I could possibly protest.

After a moment I looked back down at Lucy. Her lubricated hand pumped up and down my shaft, her eyes focused on my face. I let out a soft moan. She grinned.

The feeling of her soft wet hand on the surface of my cock was amazing. She had only been jerking me off for a couple of minutes and I could already feel my balls starting to respond.

“Am I doing good?” She asked.

I nodded rapidly.

She moved her free hand down to my testicles, the other one continued to pump away. Very gently she played with my balls, careful not to get too rough down there.

“I can feel it: you’re almost there,” she cooed, “Just let go.”

Both hands were now on my cock, working the entire surface. My body was surrendering to the pleasure. My balls tightened. Suddenly she moved her face forward.

“I’ll make it easy on you,” she said. “You’re ready. I order you to cum on my face.”

Hearing the dirty talk out of her mouth was all I could take. My cock jerked in Lucy’s hands, a stream of hot cum splashed across her beautiful face. There were a few more squirts after that but nothing else reached the target.

Lucy looked up at me, her perfect makeup now ruined by a streak of cum running up along side her nose. She released my shrinking cock, and I breathed I sigh of relief.

She smiled and reached down again.

My cock started to rise once more as she squeezed a fresh blob of lotion into her hands…

It was a long night.