Anna Kendrick hot!

The theater was completely empty as I made my way in. I wasn’t too surprised, given that this low budget, indie, ultra violent Ryan Gosling movie had been out for a few weeks. It would probably be out of theaters next weekend – and it would have been cheaper to stay home and find a copy online.

I wouldn’t be wishing I did that in a few hours. And it had nothing to do with the movie. Not directly, anyway.

Before the trailers finally ended, I did notice someone else coming in. But it was only one person and he or she was sitting about five rows in front of me. I paid it no mind as I watched the film in my solitude.

Halfway through, I did hear something. It wasn’t the movie, since Gosling hadn’t spoken in about 25 minutes. As the latest silent montage played out, I heard something out of place. Something that sounded like….moaning.

It sounded female too – but the few women in the movie weren’t around to hang on Gosling in this scene. That left….

I got up from my seat, not needing to worry about blocking someone’s view. I only saw the top of one head sitting five rows up, then I saw it lean back and heard those moans again. This was getting too peculiar not to notice – and the movie was too busy doing other things to captivate me.

I looked around and saw no ushers or new audience members around. With no need to worry about getting caught, I tiptoed down the aisle and carefully walked to the woman’s aisle. I stopped an aisle short and tried to look over discreetly, if that was possible.

What I saw was a woman sitting six seats down with her eyes closed. And with only one hand visible. And with her right hand all the way inside her skirt.

She finally opened her eyes but didn’t look at me. When I noticed a big close up of Gosling’s blank face on screen, and heard another big but quiet moan, I put the rest together.

Yet the more I looked at her instead of leaving for my own safety, the more I thought something was still missing. She didn’t look like a regular old young lady fingering herself in an empty theater. Luckily, she opened her eyes and still didn’t see me, so I could study her face and try putting it together.

“Mmm, fuck yes, Ryan,” I now heard her. I knew I heard that voice before – maybe not that graphically. I tried to match that voice to that face, and hoped her brown hair and light gray top helped too.

I don’t know how that helped me figure out the woman was Anna Kendrick. But the conclusion was still valid. And it made me suck in my breath too loud – yet not loud enough for her to notice.

An actual famous actress was fucking herself in front of me. Her eyes were closed and her face was leaning back, lit up by the screen nearby. Her chest was arched and….wait, was it really that big? I didn’t recall her showing much skin in “Up In The Air” “50/50” or “Pitch Perfect” — and certainly not in those five minutes of “Twilight” screen time. That I accidentally saw on cable.

Anyway, this should have been the lucky break I needed to go, but my feet were frozen. I soon felt that other parts of me weren’t. There was a connection there somewhere. Yet when Anna thrust her hips up, it was harder to think it through.

At least until she finally looked to her left. “Jesus!” she hissed her first word to me.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go!” I said without taking a breath.

“Sssh, do it quietly!” she whispered. I took a few breaths to calm myself down and prepare my quiet exit. However, I didn’t move my legs – or cover the obvious bulge hidden between them. Certainly not in time to hide it from Anna. “How long were you there?” she asked me.

“Only a minute, I swear to God,” I remembered to whisper.

“And you got that in just a minute,” Anna seemed to catch me. “Even Ryan needed more time to get me going.”

“Well, um, I guess actors have a slow process. You would know,” I rambled.

“Not like this,” Anna brushed aside how I recognized her. “Damn, this was a really good one,” she lamented as I noticed her squeezing her legs together. Finally she added, “Oh, fuck it.”

With that, Anna drifted her right hand back towards her skirt — without acknowledging that I was still watching. “Okay, now I’m going,” I assured.

“You’re gonna jack off to this anyway,” Anna tossed out, then plunged her fingers into her skirt – and in somewhere else, as her quiet moans gave away.

I was glued to her little show, yet my mind still wandered to her last words. Was it me, or was she giving me permission to….well, if she was, it would certainly help me now.

My pants were getting more uncomfortable – and Anna was showing me the most obvious solution. I could run to the restroom and take care of it, with less chance of getting caught. But to do it here, and now….with this to do it to….

Not making a decision yet, I sat down a few seats away from Anna. I adjusted my pants and put my hand on my bulge, just to test the waters. Anna didn’t notice, so I went a step further and put my hand in my own underwear.

Once I grabbed my shaft and looked at Anna at the same time, my hand instinctively started pumping. She was gritting her teeth and moaning softly, yet passionately, and the sights and sounds went right to my cock. I pumped right below my head, then went up to it and let out a groan of my own.

At that, Anna noticed me and what I was doing – but had no comment. In fact, she looked at me and I thought I could see her hand going faster. That told me all I needed to know.

I became more brazen with my jacking off, though I didn’t think to take my cock out. If she wasn’t exposing herself, I wouldn’t either. It almost didn’t make a difference, especially as Anna worked herself harder at the sight of me working myself harder over her. To think that she was doing that over me instead of Ryan Gosling now….it was a helpful ego boost.

Not that Anna’s face, heaving chest and the outline of what she was doing under her skirt wasn’t helping. She eventually turned her face back to the screen, but the damage was done.

By the time she looked at me again, I couldn’t stop even if five ushers were watching. But they wouldn’t look as hot watching me as Anna was, especially as she was getting closer by watching me. We locked eyes and shared moans, then I couldn’t help but see Anna’s hips rising up and down as she fucked herself into oblivion.

When she shuddered and lost it, I felt lucky that it was all still inside her skirt. If I had a….greater visual, I’d probably be gone right now. Instead, I was just on the brink as Anna came down and noticed I still wasn’t finished.

Just then, she pulled her hand out and let us both see how wet it was. Then she promptly put the evidence away in her mouth.

As Anna licked her own juices off her hand, the movie finally showed a daytime scene again. With the screen lighting her up at that moment, I shuddered and almost came, but I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Before today, I would have described Anna as cute, since her characters were more type A than sexy and she hadn’t shown much skin. Yet in this moment, cute shot up to sexy in the blink of an eye. Her clear blue eyes, erotic glare, flushed, gorgeous face and the way her lips popped off of her fingers….the whole surprisingly sultry package tipped me right over.

Just as Anna came all over her hand and underwear, I did the same with mine. But of course, I wasn’t going to lick myself clean. For my part, I tried to wipe my juices on my skin, yet I’d still be sitting here with stained pants.

Now that it was all over and reality was setting in, it was probably time to clean up before it got awkward. Perhaps that made me look rude when I got up and left without a word.

I was just focused on getting out unscathed, and trying not to give away that I was hiding cum stains. It somehow worked, as I wiped the front of my underwear clean in the bathroom stall, then washed my hands inconspicuously.

I left the bathroom feeling relieved – so it naturally had to be ruined when Anna appeared.

“All clean now?” Anna said curiously, and I feared too loudly.

“Yeah, yeah,” I tried to brush off in my embarrassment. But I wasn’t too embarrassed to jack off with
her – so maybe
I needed to sack up here. As much as my sack could go up at the moment. “Sorry about being weird.”

“I think we went way past weird already,” Anna commented, but with a light touch that encouraged me.

“That’s not something I do all the time. Not in a theater. And not before today,” I qualified.

“I’m no expert myself. I guess I’m just a fast learner,” Anna answered. “I never do it with a packed house, though. I see something hot enough on screen, I wait until it’s almost out of theaters to see it again and….send it off. But even when there’s still a couple people there, they’ve never noticed me.”

“Must be a nice change of pace. Especially in….moments like that,” I interjected.

“It has its limitations. You exposed a couple of them,” Anna stated.

“Again, happy little accident,” I let her know again.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s little or not. You made sure of that,” Anna reminded me.

“You hid some things yourself, so you’re one to talk,” I reminded.

“Not everything. Not the stuff that made you need to dry off, anyway,” Anna countered. “That’s more than what you showed me. Too bad it wasn’t really necessary to….hide it.”

“Benefit of hindsight, eh?” I replied.

“Funny way to describe it,” she said.

“Well, I can keep my laughter quiet too. If I don’t have to, though….” I found myself slipping into innuendo.

“I can imagine. If that’s all I have to do,” Anna seemed to challenge – and was also morphing from cute to sexy again while barely moving.

“There’s a lot you probably like to do. No reason not to do what you like,” I slipped further into this little game.

“They are loud, thorough, messy, draining things, though. You sure you’d like that as much as me?” Anna dared.

“I bet I would. I fucking bet I….” I trailed off. At that point, I was one second away from just taking her here and now, in the middle of the building. If I’d jacked off in a theater with her and gotten away with it, then….

But we both seemed to realize that pressing our luck like this was pushing it. So at the last moment, we both backed up from each other. “Oh geez, that would have been….” I didn’t dare to finish.

“Right, I get it,” Anna shook off. “Fuck, there I go. I get in one of these moods, I just run with it. Even outside a theater.”

“I’m starting to understand how that works,” I answered. By now, there was little else I could add but a laugh. When I finished and Anna joined in for a bit, I said, “Let’s at least go somewhere more private. Somewhere that’s meant to be private.”

“I might know somewhere like that,” Anna hinted.

Without questioning her, I followed her out of the theater building. Along the way, I even managed to give her my name, talking to her like we hadn’t done so many naughty things in the last 10 minutes – or came close to. This set me more at ease, even when Anna stopped and I saw we were in the parking lot, in front of what she claimed was her car.

She got in without another word, and I saw no option but to follow her. I sat in the passenger seat and watched her pull out, then she drove a few blocks down and turned into a more deserted area of the neighborhood.

“Okay, that should do it,” Anna said. “We’re in a private place, with no one around….even though someone could walk by here. We’re risking getting caught during a private moment….but we seem to be good at that today. Still, if you think we can’t get better….”

Huh. So instead of taking a step back, we were going forward in a less risky public setting. Huh.

Once my last huh was finished, I noticed Anna climbing over to the back seat. At the least, I got myself out of the passenger seat and followed her in back. What I would do next was still up in the….doubt. Right, she wasn’t in Doubt.

“You’re sure no one can see us?” I asked.

“We had a better chance of being spotted in the theater, and nothing happened,” Anna reminded. “Here’s how confident I am now.”

Anna leaned back against the car window, stretched her legs out until her feet were brushing my hip, then once again glided her hand to her skirt. Her fingers dipped under it and she went right back to work – only this time her other hand was grabbing her skirt too. In fact, she was starting to pull it down.

Anna lifted her hips up as she pulled her skirt down. When it was underneath her crotch, she sat back down and pulled it down further – to the point where I could see her playing with her exposed, bare pussy. A pussy that was probably still wet from its last ordeal, let alone this new one. A pussy that apparently wasn’t covered by underwear this whole time.

A pussy that was located above some bare, tiny but quite thin and shapely legs. A pussy that was just below Anna’s grey shirt – the only piece of clothing she might have on now. With some effort from me, that might change soon enough. But first….

I finished taking Anna’s skirt off her legs, then settled my face between them. I had to kneel down on the floor of the car to do it, but I got myself situated and laid my head right on her lap. My hands also went around her waist, lifting her shirt up so they could hold her bare skin – but I didn’t lift it any higher yet.

For her part, Anna put her right hand on her pussy just as my mouth went onto it. Her left hand went on the back of my head, and her hips quickly rose to grind on my lips. I responded by holding her waist tighter and circling my tongue on her pussy, tasting it much later than she had.

Anna moaned and thrust herself on my face, while also holding my face down and fingering herself. My tongue went into the nooks and crannies her finger didn’t, but our parts inevitably met up. She briefly put her wet finger in my mouth, and my tongue licked it up before diving back into her opening.


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