Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino fanfic

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You’re probably wondering why our super-hypnotist didn’t include
Lisa in our Friends get together last installment. That’s because he
has something else in mind. All comments and suggestions/scenarios
welcomed. Enjoy.

Los Angeles was a Mecca for high-speed shopping. Aside from having
more malls in the L.A. area than most states had, there were hundreds
of small shops for the rich to check out and pile up more over-priced
belongings. Such a shop, located a few blocks off Rodeo Drive, was
currently host to two blondes who stood out in a town full of them.

“What do you think?” Mira Sorvino asked as she held a dress up to
herself. Not yet thirty and with an Oscar under her belt, Mira was on
the fast track in Hollywood. Her blond hair hung around her attractive
face, her tall form clad in a black skirt and a red top.

“Not bad,” Lisa Kudrow said. “A little show-offy, but nice.” Lisa
wore a pair of jeans and a rumpled shirt. Her breasts had swollen
slightly following her pregnancy and she wasn’t ready to show them off
yet. She had never been one to flash her body around anyway. The two
blondes had become friends while making “Romy and Michelle’s High
School Reunion” and got together whenever they could to lunch and
shop. Neither of them knew that someone else looked forward to their

“Be right back, I’m going to try this out,” Mira said as she
walked towards the dressing room. Neither she or Lisa took notice of
Mike slipping into the store and heading towards the dressing rooms a
few minutes later. Lisa had called Mike that morning to tell him that
she and Mira were going out, carrying out her post-hypnotic command.
Mike had tracked them down here and was ready to go. He waited until
the sales clerk was distracted and then slipped into the dressing

Mira was standing in front of a large mirror, her skirt and top on
the floor. She was topless, her firm breasts throwing Mike temporarily
off-balance. Satin cloth covered her shapely behind. She caught sight
of Mike in the mirror and spun around, pulling the dress over her
breasts, anger on her face. “Who the hell are you?” she said in an
angry tone.

Mike had to act fast before she called out and locked his eyes on
hers. “I’m a friend, Mira. You know I’m a friend. Look into my eyes
and see I’m a friend. Deep into my eyes, Mira, deeper and deeper. You
don’t want to yell, don’t want to run. You just want to look into my
eyes, deep into my eyes and let an overwhelming calm come over you.
You feel so relaxed, so calm, you don’t want to move away, you just
want to keep looking into the eyes of someone you trust. And you do
trust me, don’t you, Mira? You trust me enough to do anything I tell
you to, don’t you?”

“Yes..” Mira said, her eyes glazing over. The dress fell from her
limp hands, allowing Mike to once again see those wonderful breasts.
He moved forward and let a hand trail across them. “Get dressed and
meet me in the store,” Mike said as he moved away.

He came out of the dressing area and ran right into Lisa. Before
she could say anything he spoke, “pond dancing,” instantly sending
Lisa into a trance. He waited for Mira to come out and then led the
two hypnotized blondes out of the store. Waiting by the curb was
Mike’s limo, which he hurriedly sent the two girls into. With that,
they drove off to a select dressmaker to keep a special appointment.

Mike had forgotten the name of the club. It hardly mattered, since
he had pretty much picked it out at random among a dozen similar clubs
in L.A. It was definitely a dance club, with men and women in their
twenties jamming to the latest tunes put on the DJ. In the middle of a
crowded square, Lisa and Mira were attracting attention. Actually, no
one even knew who they were. What attracted attention was the fact
that they were dressed in the wild outfits from “Romy and Michelle”
with exaggerated makeup and hair to match. Mira’s hair hung around her
while Lisa’s was in a semi-ponytail. Mira wore red, Lisa green and
both were doing what had to be the single most ridiculous dance Mike
had ever seen in his life. Still, no one recognized them. Then again,
the club was crowded and this town had as many look-alikes as real

Mike waited until they had finished their dance and then followed
them to the bar. “Not bad, ladies,” he said. “Come here often.”

“As if,” Mira said. Not only were she and Lisa dressed as Romy and
Michelle, but thanks to Mike’s hypnotic conditioning, they thought
they were Romy and Michelle. “We check out a new place every couple of
days. Keeps up the variety.”

“Hey, don’t we know you?” Lisa asked, pointing at Mike. “Mike,
from high school, right?”

“Yeah,” Mike smiled. “I used to help you with your lab projects.”

“Oh, yeah, now I remember,” Mira said. “Sorry, but the geeks
weren’t high on our recognition list. No offense.”

“None taken,” Mike said. He watched as Mira and Lisa took sips
from their drinks waiting for them. “Too bad though. If you had, you
could have avoided what’s about to happen.”

“What?” Lisa asked.

“Well, if you had remembered what a science whiz I was, you might
have suspected the hypnotic drug I put into the drinks you just had.
Instantly bonds to your chemical structure. All that’s needed is a
specialized strobe ray and you’ll be completely under my power. Like
this.” Mike reached into his pocket and pulled out a penlight. He
flicked it on and shined it into Mira’s eyes and then Lisa’s. They
instantly glazed over, the two slumping in their chairs. Actually, it
was just a simple penlight and there was no drug, but Mike got a kick
out of this approach.

Mike stood up. “Follow me, girls.” He led them through the crowd
and to a waiting cab. A half-hour later, they were walking into
Mike’s expansive hotel suite. He led them right into the bedroom and
stripped. This was one of his favorites, lying naked on the bed while
watching his two obedient slaves stand before him. “You ignored me and
made fun of me all those years in high school, girls,” Mike said,
playing his part to the hilt. “Now, it’s time to pay the piper. Take
off your dresses.” He’d already seen Mira topless, although seeing her
smooth ass and dark patch gave him a further thrill. Lisa was worth
the wait, her swollen breasts falling slightly as they fell out of
their restraints and Mike could see her pussy was already damp.
Apparently, her subconscious had been dreaming about him since he had
hypnotized her a few days earlier.

Mike decided to take Lisa first, since she looked like she was
going to release more. He brought her to him, pulling her down and
embracing and kissing her, long slow kisses that made his cock rise
farther into the air. She sat herself on him and began rocking back
and forth, her breasts bouncing as she rode him. His hands moved up to
those gorgeous tits and squeezed them. They were even better than
he’d dreamed, the nipples close to producing milk, the curves as
smooth as silk as he rubbed them. Mira came over to him and kissed him
on the lips. She kissed harder than Lisa and with more heat, giving
Mike a bigger rise. He ran one hand through her hair while he
continued to massage Lisa’s tits with the other. He soon shifted his
hand from the hair on Mira’s head to the hair in between her legs. He
rubbed his palm over her opening, sliding it around her thighs and
vagina, his fingers slipping into the opening between her legs. He
worked his index finger in and out of her as he rubbed her pussy, his
motions increasing as he felt his cock build up. Lisa shifted herself
on him so his cock could reach deeper into her pussy and rocked
herself harder on him. Mike gasped through Mira’s lips as he blasted
himself into Lisa, the first of what would be several orgasms that
night. Seconds later, he felt Mira’s cum slide into the palm of his
hand, giving it a sweet stickiness.

They disengaged and for a few moments were tangled together in
limbs. Finally, Lisa lay on her back, her legs spread and ready. Mira
put her face into that wet blond patch and began to lick at it, moving
onto her side as she worked her tongue in and out of Lisa’s lips. Mike
lay behind her and pushed his dripping cock into her pussy from
behind. Mira paused then resumed her licking with even more passion as
she felt Mike take her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her and
began feeling at her breasts, which, while smaller, felt great under
his hands. He worked his cock in and out of her ass, pushing it harder
with each stroke. Mira continued to eat out Lisa, who was withering in
ecstasy on the couch, her mind overwhelming with the heat of sex. She
arched slightly as she came, her cum putting more yellow into Mira’s
hair. Mike blasted his wad into her, pushing Mira forward, her nose
shoving into Lisa’s opening, drenching her face.

The two sat up and embraced, taking turns kissing at each other’s
faces and burying their heads in the other’s cleavage. Glad for the
break, Mike lay back and watched the two blondes go at each other. It
was going to be a bitch later to send them to their separate homes
with no memory of the night, but Mike could handle it. It was worth.
Up until that moment, Mike hadn’t believed it, but the saying was
right. Blondes did have more fun.