Liv learns a little more about Rhea – wwe fanfic


She felt like she had teleported back to high school and she was being made fun of by the mean girl for all her little posse’s entertainment. She didn’t need their help, she just needed them to keep it down.

She opened the door and turned back around to give Rhea a scowl.

“And don’t fucking call me princess.” Liv said walking out of the door.

Rhea turned back to Damian and Shotzi who burst into laughter.

“Princess? Fucking hell Rhea, you’re so whipped for her and you totally just blew it,” Damian cackled.

“Are you kidding me? I barely know the girl. And she isn’t exactly my type.”

Damian and Shotzi seemed to think that was so funny and kept laughing at her. Rhea just went back to eating. Damian went to turn the music back up again but Rhea stopped him before he could.

“No, keep it low, we wouldn’t want another visit from princess bad attitude.”

“Deny it all you want Rhea, we all know you’re head over heels for flower girl.” Shotzi chimed in.

“Stop that, we’re just neighbors, honestly if I see her again it’ll be too soon.”

Liv got back to the shop and started to sweep up her broken planters. ‘This was the worst first impression’ she thought. So much for not being stereotypes. They were just like she imagined them. Rude punk kids. Honestly, with their attitudes who knew how long they would last.

Liv’s mind went back to the taller girl she talked to. She didn’t even get her name but she kept thinking about her. If she hadn’t been a complete nuisance Liv would have said she was attractive. All broad shoulders and a cute accent. She shook the thought out of her head. She was so frustrated she could scream. Sarah and Finn would not hear the end of this. That morning Sarah and Finn walked in on a frantic Liv furiously pruning flowers for a bouquet. This meant that Liv had something on her mind and that they should keep a good distance. Unless they want to run the risk of losing a finger.

“Liv is everything okay?” asked Sarah

“Oh yeah, everything is perfect! Except I met the owners next door and they’re a bunch of dickheads!” She said furiously as she accidentally decapitated a rose. She looked shocked and slowly put her scissors down and sighed.

“What happened?” asked Finn, “Should I start getting ready to bust some heads in.”

“No, no it’s just…ugh.”

Liv went on to explain the whole situation, the planters falling down, the buff guy and the green haired girl laughing at her. Then the buff girl trying to pay her off like some cheap hooker.

Sarah and Finn looked just as frustrated as Liv as she told the story, but at the end they started to giggle and then full on laugh.

“Oh my god,” Liv whined, “I can’t believe you guys! It was bad enough being laughed
by complete strangers but not you guys too. I thought you guys were on my side..”

Liv was ready to go stomp off somewhere when Sarah spoke up.

“Liv we’re not laughing at what happened to you, obviously that was a dick move. We’re laughing because you obviously like this girl.”

“What the hell are you talking about? She was a total bitch.”

“Maybe so, but you were still into her. I mean you practically explained in detail what you liked about her instead of what she looked like. I mean, striking green eyes, lots of tattoos, giant muscles, and a hot Australian accent.” Liv’s face got hot as she realized she might have gone a little too deep into detail.

“N-no it’s not like that and anyways I hardly know the girl.”

Liv tried to explain but Sarah and Finn just wiggled their eyebrows at her.

“Ugh you know what I just want to forget that ever happened.”

“I don’t know Livvy girl, I think you should start deciding what flowers are going to want for your wedding.” Finn teased making them crack up all over again all while Liv was there standing like an embarrassed child.

A few days passed since the incident and Liv didn’t really think about her neighbor very much. She was swamped with work as she had accidentally booked two weddings in the same week. So it was late nights and early mornings for her.

On one of these early morning days she noticed a lot of commotion outside. Reporters with cameras were right outside her door. She quickly realized that it wasn’t her door they were outside but her neighbors.

It was opening day for the tattoo parlor. And there was a large crowd gathered around the shop. All taking pictures and asking questions. It was like they were there for a movie premiere not a grand opening.

‘Who is this chick anyway?’ Liv thought to herself.

She couldn’t hear clearly because her door was still closed.She knew she shouldn’t pry but her curiosity got the better of her. She opened her front door as if letting fresh air even though it was the middle of autumn and freezing. she listened closely to what the reporters were asking

“Ms. Ripley, what should we expect moving forward with your business?”

“Well,expect lots of rad body art coming from this shop. We hope to be a big staple in the community and make a name for ourselves.”

Liv rolled her eyes ” rad body art” could she be any more obnoxious.

“How does your father feel about this? Does he not want you to follow in his footsteps?”

The tall girl laughed, making Liv’s stomach do a flip. She chalked it up to her being so annoyed she was having a physical reaction.

“My father doesn’t care what I do as long as I’m happy. And I never said I wouldn’t take over when he’s retired. I can always do it all.”

This piqued Liv’s curiosity. She hadn’t caught her name yet, let alone any info about her. Who exactly was this girl? More importantly, who was her father?

“Edge, how do you feel about your daughter starting this business?”

“Like she said, I am proud of my children in whatever they do.”

The man’s voice sounded strong and stern. Liv was practically bursting at the seams to see what he looked like.

Before Liv was able to let go of all consciousness and walk right out the door just to see what this father looked like, Finn and Sarah walk through the door carrying big boxes of God knows what.

“Hey Livvy back into your creeper phase I see. I haven’t seen you this stalkerish since your crush on Ruby from 10th grade.”

“Haha” Liv replied humorlessly, “No, our little neighbor seems to have been having a whole press conference outside.”

“Oh yeah we saw. What is Edge Copeland doing there though?”

“Who?” asked Liv.

“Edge Copeland,” Finn began to explain, putting down the boxes on the workbench. “He’s the CEO of the biggest fitness company in the US right now. It started as a small gym and turned into a multimillion dollar company.”

“Well that’s the neighbor’s father, I think.”

“Oh, I didn’t know he had kids.”

“Hey Liv, maybe you should put your FBI skills to good use and go do a little research.” Sarah suggested while starting to pull out what seem to be little cacti from the boxes.

“You know, I would say fuck off but curiosity is getting the better of me. I really want to know what kind of lives these people lead.”

Liv thought about it for a second, was she really going to steep as low as to research on her next door neighbor like some kind of stalker.

She thought against it, it was probably a bad idea anyways. Not to mention a horrible invasion of privacy. She wouldn’t want someone doing that to her.

“Found it!” Liv looked over her shoulder and there was Finn standing at the computer typing away.

Sarah went over to stand by him and stare at the computer while Liv started to ramble.

“Guys we shouldn’t be doing this, it’s a huge invasion of privacy and you know we don’t use those computers for personal reasons its only business.’

“Yada yada yada, do you want to know her name at least? I know you still haven’t gotten her name.” Liv thought about it and after a beat, curiosity got the better of her she ran over and pushed into Finn’s side trying to get a good look at the computer screen.

“Rhea Ripley? My god she sounds like a wrestler more than a real person.”

“Hey look, it says that she was adopted by Edge when she was younger. that would explain the accent.” Sarah mentioned reading off the screen.

“She’s with that buff guy in that picture. I thought she was dating him, since they’re always together.” Liv responded, staring at a picture of Rhea and the guy flexing in a gym for the camera.

“No, no, that’s her brother Damian Priest.” Finn corrected.

Liv let out a sigh. For some reason learning that Damian was her brother calmed Liv. She didn’t really know why

“Damian Priest? I swear to God these people don’t know what a normal name is.”

“No, he was adopted too. Looks like Edge wanted them to go into the fitness company but they opted out to do their own thing.” Finn read off the screen.

“No wonder they look like Greek gods.” Liv replied. Sarah and Finn gave each other a look. Knowing exactly why Liv was mentioning their figures. They decided not to comment on it. Wouldn’t want to lose a finger.

“Rhea went to art school and got an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. Then she wanted to open up her own tattoo shop so I’m guessing her daddy helped her out.”

“Ah so it is daddy’s money” Liv said touching her chin like she was thinking deeply about it, “It would explain the cockiness I guess.

“Looks like it’s Rhea’s shop. Damian just works at it; he’s kind of a lone wolf. He doesn’t stay in one place very long so I’m guessing this is not going to last forever.” Finn continued.

“I always thought rich people forced the oldest to take over the company. You know, carry on their legacy and what not.” Liv questioned.

“Well, Edge has made his money. I’m sure he doesn’t have to worry about his kids very much plus I think Rhea plans to take over as soon as he retires.”

Liv, Finn, and Sarah spent the next 20 minutes researching everything they could about Miss Rhea Ripley things like her past. Scandals, past partners, future plans and a lot of interviews. It seemed to pay off to be a nepotism baby.

Not that Liv was jealous but it did suck that Rhea got this much attention from her opening day. Liv only got a few people her opening day. Rhea practically got the front page in the newspaper because of who her daddy was.

The night bleed into the morning when Liv was back at the grind again keeping her hands busy was a great way to keep her mind focused. Her mother always said when she got “the jitters” she would always find her playing outside in the mud for hours.

In some ways she was always connected to the Earth even if she didn’t know it. Who knew that her love of mud and all things dirty would eventually lead to something so gentle as being a florist. The softness of her life was what she wasn’t prepared for.

Rhea had never left her mind. Like a seed she stayed planted in her mind. Sometimes she would catch herself thinking about her, wondering what she was doing. What kind of art she was working at. She was lying if she said she hadn’t stalked her on instagram already.

Learning her name was like opening the endless possibilities. Her art seems to be an endless look inside her mind. Liv was impressed by all her work that she’s done, honestly she was an amazing artist. Not that Liv would ever admit it. She hadn’t really gotten over what happened but she didn’t bring it up as often now. The shops seem to be busier now that it has opened especially with all the hype around it.

She didn’t mind it though because I just meant that you would get more exposure for her shop too. It was a win-win situation.

One morning she opened up the shop real early. She looked out into the horizon watching the sun rise over it. Admiring the way the colors had turned into a pallet of oranges and pinks. she stood like that for a second looking at the
Feeling complete like this is where she was meant to be at this moment.

Some movement caught her the corner of her eye. She looked over and there was Rhea, standing there also admiring the sky. She had a soft smile on her face and had her eyes closed. Like she was a sunflower trying to take in the sun’s rays. She opened her eyes and looked at Liv. She smiled softly and waved. Liv felt her heart thump in her chest. Rhea looked so soft in her no makeup look. Tousled hair from sleeping and slight eye bags from, what Liv guessed, was a late night.

Liv almost lifted her hand to wave back and then suddenly it felt really heavy with the loss of a hundred and twenty dollars. She decided to scowl and walk back into her shop.

Rhea stood frozen.

“God damn it she’s never going to get over that.” she thought to herself. Rhea wasn’t one to let little things like a silly feud get under her skin. After being raised by a father like Edge it was difficult letting anything get to her.

“Letting people’s actions affect you gives them power. Don’t let them affect you.” He used to say.

But there was just something about the blonde. Something that just kept getting to her kept poking at her. What was it about her that made the rest of the world disappear?

When she stepped outside that morning she saw the blonde staring at the sunrise. She decided to do the same and in that moment it was just them. Two bodies, two souls on this spinning rock hurling aimlessly through space. She would have given anything to feel that peace again. Just as quickly as the moment had arrived it was ripped back.

Rhea knew that the only way to get rid of some of these complicated emotions was to draw. So she grabbed her pen and she started to create.

Liv had just finished closing the shop. She went upstairs to her apartment and threw herself on her bed. She was distracted all day. Her brain just kept going back to this morning. The way her skin was warmed by the sun and she couldn’t tell if it only got warmer after that interaction with Rhea.

Liv was very stubborn. Yet that moment had her questioning if she should just let everything go. That type of interaction doesn’t come often. That type of feeling comes even less often for her. But, she was still stubborn. It wasn’t possible she was gonna make the first move. It wasn’t even her fault they were in this situation anyways.

She pulled out her phone and she was once again back on Rhea’s Instagram. A guilty pleasure sure, but something she enjoyed nonetheless. There was a new post. A simple black ink illustration. It was a gorgeous bouquet of many different flowers but in the middle of the bouquet was a single rose wilting.

The caption read: You are becoming the thorn in my side, but I just can’t get you out of my head.

Liv’s heart was beating out of her chest and her whole body buzzed. She wanted to believe her rational side and say it wasn’t directed towards her. But how could she, when it was all but screaming her name. What was she gonna do?

This woman would be the end of her.


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