Miley Cyrus : A virgin no more

Miley Cyrus is a VERY nieve girl with very little clue on how the world works. At age 15, Miley has more popularity and wealth then any 15 year old knew what to do with. Her father on the other hand was taking advantage of this and took every opertunity to exploit the fact that HE was Miley’s father which in his thoughts might get him work again…..after being declared a “one hit wonder” and abit of a failure in the music business. He was driven to use his daughter to get back to the top once more.

Feeling her father’s shadow was abit to much at the moment. Miley requested that her father NOT come with her on her next tour. Apon hearing the news that Miley had already left for her tour without him Billy ray became very angry. He knew this was Mileys biggest publisised tour to date and he was going to get no face time on camera or on the radio but later got over it knowing she was going to return and he would go right back to riding her coat tales once again.

While on tour…..anyone could tell that Miley was not the brightest bulb in the box and would be in good company with the likes of Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson. This tour was going to prove to be Miley’s undoing.

“Miley its time to do a sound check” said Darren the sound guy. “I don’t know how to check any of that stuff, isn’t that your job?” Miley replied clueless. Looking down and shaking his head while letting out a sigh Darren replied ” All you have to do is say something into the mic and thats it” . “I’m to busy at the moment texting” she replayed. Rather then saying something he was going to regret, Darren just walked into her dressingroom to hand her the script for the show.

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Darren Hands her the script for the show and was about to leave when a stupid thought popped into his head. He pulled down his pants and took his cock out and said “Miley we really need you to do the sound check”….Miley looks and him as goes “Thats not a mic is it?” “Yes it is Miley but we are running short on time and need the sound check”. Miley got on her knees and grabed his cock and began to sing. Darren thought to himself “How dumb can this tween be?”. As Miley sang Darren noticed her mouth getting closer to his cockhead he suddenly rammed Mileys head onto it.

Clueless on what was going on, Miley kept singing as Darren’s cock was bobbed in and out of her mouth. Darren slid his hand underneath her shirt and started grasping and squeezing her perky yet underdeveloped tits. “Miley I need you to turn around and bend over so I can check if my mic is hooked up right” Darren said in a semi satisfied voice. Miley got up turned around and bent over without even giving it a second thought. Lifting up her skirt Darren reached under Mileys little ass and pushed aside her pantys.

“How am I going to be heard if the mic is back there?” Miley asked nievely. “Don’t worry about it Miley just keep singing so I can get a good sound check”. Darren knew Miley’s pussy was to tight to put a cock into. His extremely swollen cock would force her pussy apart…but Darren was to horny and slowly took the tip of his large swollen cock and purged her pussy lips. He could not help but notice her pink bald pussylips forcefully stretching apart as he slowly forced his cock into her underdeveloped pussy from behind.

Slowly pumping Miley’s pussy from behind, Miley found it harder and harder to keep singing. Her singing started fading from sweet notes to moans of pain. “I don’t think I can keep singing…I” and before she could finish Darren said “You’re doing fine you little tween bitch just keep singing but this time sing the lines I’m a tween virgin no more, I’m 15 years old and being fucked out of my mind Miley tryed to keep singing but it was becoming harder and harder for her to.

Darren tired of just probing Miley disided to force it all into her…..As he was forcefully easing it into her pink flower from behind he suddenly felt a pop, Miley could not help it and stopped singing to let out a load moan. He suddenly realised, that was it. Miley Cyrus was no longer a virgin and there was no turning back from there but knew Miley was to stupid to figure out what was going on and still thought she was doing a sound check.

Venting his flustrations from having to deal with Miley he started to fuck Miley way to hard. He didn’t realise it but he started to bruse her ass as he slamed harder and harder into her pussy from behind. He could feel her pussy riping apart. He then felt his cock hit something. He had just bottomed out on Miley Cyrus and was hitting her cervix which was not hard to do consitering how small in stature she was.

By this time Miley had passed out from the pain…..Miley’s pussy griped his cock so tightly that he knew it would not be long before he would have to pull out and over her face in cum like paint on a canvas. He took his cock out of her pussy. Mileys body fell limp to the floor. He then picked her body up and started bounce fucking her in the ass while standing. Watching her little tween tits giggle as he did. He then spun her 82 pound body around and took his cock while pushing her soaked and ruined pantys aside again and stuck his cock back into her extremely tight pussy. Her pussy was gripping his cock so tight that he all of a sudden lost control and started shooting loads of cum deep into her womb.

Not wanting to stop there…he then layed Miley on her back and spread her legs as far apart as they could go making her seemingly inpenitrable pussy even tighter. Miley suddenly woke up and started muttering the lines to the song he asked her to sing still thinking she was doing the sound check.

He suddenly pulled out again and starting shooting cum all over Miley’s tween tater tots and adorible face. With cum streaming from her pussy and a mess of cum all over her chest and face Darren said “Thanks Miley, I believe the sound check went well….good luck out there tonight”. Miley being way past the point of return barely answered “Th…an..k…yyy..ou….did…II…doo..good on…thh..test?” “Yes Miley the sound test went great…now hurry up. You’ll need to get out there soon”

Miley was not the brightest bulb in the box and thought that she was doing a sound check before she was set to do the show that night. In most people’s minds, Miley got what she had coming to her.

……do you think Miley had enough left to do the show later that night and not disappoint thousands of her fans?

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