Selena Gomez in The Celebrity Car Wash

In her large, lush, extremely private backyard, next to her Olympic sized, lavishly ornate pool, Selena Gomez lounged on her plush recliner barely wearing a small, zebra striped bikini. The sun gleamed on her honey bronzed skin as small beads of sweat rolled down her brown flesh. Her long, raven black hair flowed around her beautiful face as her scarlet painted lips pursed to suck more cold lemonade from her straw. Small drops of condensation dropped from her chilled glass onto her abundant chest causing her already hard nipples to pulse as she sat the glass back down and readjusted her large framed sunglasses.


Her delicate hand picked up a bottle of Cocoa Butter and squirted several drops of the white liquid onto her impressive chest, over her flat stomach and down her lean legs. The liquid stood out against her tan skin as she slowly rubbed it into the supple flesh of her legs and thighs. Her deft hands slid across her stomach and up to her now heaving chest. A moan escaped past her puckered lips as she rubbed her palms across the upper mounds of her firm breasts, her pink painted fingernails dipping just inside of her small top, teasing herself.

The former teen star’s thighs rubbed together as she moaned again and slowly pulled her bikini cups to the sides, revealing her firm, medium sized breasts and her hard, brown nipples. She cooed lustfully as she lovingly pinched the tips of her tits, rolling the sizzling nubs between her fingertips as she spread her golden legs open. One of her hands slid lazily down her shimmering body to just above the start of her bikini bottoms and began making lazy circles around her lower abdomen, still teasing herself. Goosebumps of anticipation broke out across her sun kissed skin as she dipped her fingers just beneath her bottoms to just above her wet slit.

The singer gasped out as her fingertip found her excited clit and she played with one of her tender tits with her other hand. Her hips raised up to meet her hand as she played with her juicy mound and tugged her nipple up, pulling the firm nub out from her chest before releasing it and causing her firm orb to jiggle slightly as it resumed it’s natural teardrop shape. She gasped and moaned in erotic pleasure as she enjoyed what her talented fingers did to her young, ripe body completely exposed and alone in her back yard.

“Madra de dios!'” a voice gasped out from behind Selena, startling her.

“What the fuck!” Selena shouted as she jumped to her feet, pulling her hand out of her soaked bikini bottoms but forgetting about her exposed breasts. “Manuel, is that you?” she demanded, stamping her foot in defiance and causing her unencumbered tits to jiggle on her chest.

“No,” Manuel gasped as the aging gardener struggled to get his erection back into his overalls. “I mean si, Senorita Gomez,” he said as he finally managed to zip himself up and slid his work belt around to cover the tent in his pants. “Did you need something, Senorita?” he asked innocently.

Selena glared at him, her fists on her hips. “How long have you been standing there?” she demanded.

Manuel ran a hand as nonchalantly as he could through his salt and pepper hair, trying not to stare at Selena’s exposed breasts and bring attention to the fact that she had left her tits hanging out. “I… I just arrived. Did you need something?”

Selena let her anger dissipate. She had such a soft spot for Manuel, she could never stay mad at him, no matter how many times she caught him leering at her, peeking into her windows, following her around the yard, taking pictures of her, hiding cameras in her toilets… “Maybe it’s time to get a new gardener?” she wondered before letting herself relax completely. “No, I guess not,” she answered, “Let me walk you out.”

Manuel stumbled out of the bushes and Selena giggled at his clumsiness before sliding her arm into his, pressing her nubile body innocently against him. “Oh Manuel, I can never stay mad at you,” she giggled as they walked to the back exit of the yard, her young tits jiggling with every step. “You have a good day,” she said as she held the gate open for him and he stumbled onto the sidewalk. “I’ll see you next week,” she said cheerfully as she waved good-bye.

“Si, Senorita Gomez,” Manuel said as Selena closed the gate and he muttered, “At least I hope so.” He walked to the end of the sidewalk and opened up the side of his van before taking his work belt off and throwing it into the back just as a yellow Lamborghini screeched to a stop behind his van. His eyes were drawn hypnotically to a pair of long, slender legs as they unfolded out of the driver side door, a pair of high waisted shorts hugging a tight little ass, a halter top barely concealing a pair of small tits, and a flirty smirk on Taylor Swift’s angelic face.

“Hey, Manuel,” Taylor greeted the older man as she waved her long, lustrous blonde hair out of her eyes. “How’s it going?”

Manuel’s eyes locked onto the hard tips of Taylor’s firm tits and he licked his lips hungrily.

Taylor’s long legs carried her to the gardener and she looked down between them. “Now exactly what tool is that?” she asked playfully as Manuel looked down at the tent in his overalls.

Chapter 02

While Taylor teased the aging gardener, Selena stepped into her large house and shivered. She looked down at her exposed breasts and shrugged. “Oh well, Manuel can just consider it a tip I guess,” she thought before tucking her tan tits back into her top and walking into her spacious living room, flopping down on her couch. She crossed her legs as she grabbed her phone and quickly dialed her uncle’s number and barely had to wait for two rings before she heard a hello. “Uncle Esteban?” she squealed out in glee.

“Sorry, Sel, it’s Steve,” her nerdish little step-cousin answered.

Selena rolled her eyes. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her cousin, it was just that he was such a geek about her being a celebrity. “Oh hi, Stevie.”

“It’s so good to hear from you,” Steve gushed. “How have you been? How’s L.A.? Have you met anybody? I bet you hang out in all the best clubs, don’t you? Are you touring anywhere soon? I bet you’ve been all over, haven’t you? Do you know Katy Perry? How ’bout Miley…”

“Steve!” Selena shouted, interrupting her fan boy cousin. “I told you before, not all celebrities know each other. I only know a few.”

“Ohhh…” Steve moaned reverently. “Which ones?”

Selena rolled her eyes and giggled at Steve’s enthusiasm. “Well, me and Taylor Swift are pretty close. Mostly ‘cuz we have the same problems with boys.”

“This is going to make a great fucking song,” Taylor gasped out in pleasure as she rode Manuel’s hard cock. The old gardener’s lips we’re sucking hungrily at her rose pink nipples as he palmed and squeezed her tight ass-cheeks. She braced her hands against the ceiling of the van as she drove her wet, tight pussy down again and again on his shaft, moaning as her hot cunt parted around and then squeezed his prick. She ground her sizzling clit against him, rocking her slender hips back and forth as she pistoned up and down, groaning as he nursed at her small chest. His stubbly skin scratched enticingly against her sensitive skin as he switched from one tit to the other and she cooed in pleasure.

The winsome songstress pushed him away from her chest so that he was flat on his back to give her more room to move, her long legs cramping inside of the small van. She leaned forward, her small tits dangling just out of Manuel’s reach as she changed her angle and began thrusting herself back and forth. His spongy cock-head slid over her G-spot and her hard clit scrapped against his groin with every thrust, rock, and roll of her slender hips. She groaned lustfully as one of his hands slid up from her tight, little ass and to her chest, easily palming her small breast. His rough palm scraped against the erect nub of her nipple and caused her to shudder as she moaned and then suddenly gasped out, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna get a Grammy for this fucking song!”

Rolling her eyes in frustration, Selena tried to get a word in while Steve drolled on. “Steve, and I talk to Uncle…” she tried to interrupt her cousin.

“How ’bout Miley Cyrus?” Steve blurted out. “Do you know Miley? Can you get me an autograph?” he asked excitedly. “She’s my favorite. She did this one song about a blow fish this one time…”

“Yes, I know Miley,’ Selena said, still trying not to giggle at her cousin’s frustrating enthusiasm. “I’ll get you her autograph next time I see her.”

Across town, Miley walked back and forth slowly in her dressing room, carefully inspecting the ten naked men that security had pulled out of the audience during her show. She hadn’t bothered to shower after her concert since she’d be getting sweaty again in a few minutes and her short, punky hair was plastered to her head. Her flesh colored rubber shirts and halter top squeaked as she poked two of the fans
their foreheads. “You two can sit down,” said as the other eight men filled in the now open spots. “Now let’s see what the rest of you are working with,” she said with a sense of anticipation as she grabbed the nearest two cocks in her hands and tugged softly on them until they were throbbing in her hands. She repeated the process until she had eight hard pricks pointed directly at her and appraised each one.

“Oh my,” Miley gasped as she came to the largest of the pointed cocks. “Porn much?” she chuckled.

The fan blushed and looked down sheepishly. “Uh, no, ma’am.”

Miley threw off her top, her small breasts jiggling, her pink nipples hard with excitement, and grabbed the fan’s dick, pulling him over to the couch. “You will now,” she giggled before looking at the other nine fans. “You boys can watch,” she said magnanimously before laying down and spreading her slender legs wide, turning her attention back to her fan and using her grip on his cock to pull him between her open thighs. “Hope you like licking ass ‘cuz I’m in a mood tonight.”

On her couch, Selena’s cousin kept going on his celebrity wish list, “How ’bout Brad Pitt? Do you know…”

“Steve!” Selena shouted, “Can you please, for the love of God, put Uncle Esteban on?”

“Alright, alright. You don’t need to yell,” Steve said. “Hey! Pops! Selena’s on the phone,” he shouted loud enough to make Selena wince.

“Selena, is that you, chica?” Uncle Esteban asked cheerfully.

Selena sighed in relief to hear her uncle’s voice rather than Steve’s. “Yeah, Uncle Esteban. I’m soooo excited to be seeing you soon.”

“Me too, chica, me too. Everything still set?”

Selena excitedly nodded her head. “Yep. I just wanted to make sure everything was set with you.”

“Everything’s fine down here. You’ll be here tomorrow, right?” Esteban asked.

“Yep,” Selena answered. “I’m just waiting for my friend Taylor to show up and help me finish packing.”

Outside of Selena’s house, Manuel’s van was rocking. “Oh God gimme another hit, Manuel!” Taylor screamed out from on her hands and knees, “gimme another hit and make it go platinum!” She rocked her tight body back, her small ass rippling slightly as the aging gardener’s hips smacked against it. “And stick your thumb in my ass!”

On his knees behind Taylor, Manuel was simply holding on to her slender hips for dear life. Sweat was pouring down his flushed face and his heart was pounding far too fast in his chest. He tried to work up enough spit to lubricate his thumb but his mouth was as dry as the California desert but if the willowy singer wanted a thumb up the ass she was going to get a thumb.

Taylor growled in pleasure as she felt Manuel work his finger between her coltish legs and then slowly slide his thumb into her tight ass using her own slick juices. Her petite tits jiggled underneath her with each thrust as she shoved herself back to meet the gardener’s thrusts. “It’s gonna be a hit!” she shrieked as she came, her entire young body seizing up like a spring as she fell forward, Manuel’s cock sliding out of he gushing pussy with a wet slurp and his thumb falling out of her ass with a obscene pop.

The svelte songstress looked up and behind her as Manuel jerked his cock, aiming it down at her up turned ass. With a grunt he came, splattering his warm seed across her hip and thigh before collapsing back on his naked rear-end. “Thanks, Manuel. I needed that,” she said as she began looking for her brief bits of clothing. “Be sure to look in my liner notes for your name, ‘kay?”

After cleaning up her sticky thighs and Manuel’s cum, Taylor got dressed, which didn’t take long since she rarely wore underwear, and opened the side door of the van. “See you later,” she said as she waved merrily and made her way to the front door of Selena’s house. “Sel, you here?” she called out as she entered.

“In the living room,” Selena shouted back. She turned her attention back to her uncle on the phone, “Taylor’s here to help me pack, Uncle Esteban. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you,” before hanging up.

Taylor strode into the large living room. “Wow, hot bikini,” she said as she stared lustfully at her friend’s barely concealed body. “Who was that? Anybody I should be jealous of?”

“No, silly,” Selena giggled as Taylor wiggled her tongue at her. “That was my Uncle Esteban, the one that owns a car wash in Miami.”

On the other side of the country Selena’s step-cousin looked worriedly at his father. “You don’t look excited at getting to see Selena again,” Steve said to Esteban as he readjusted his wire frame glasses. He ran his fingers through his unruly black hair as he stared down at his tired looking dad.

“Oh, it’s not that,” Esteban said from below his bushy mustache, unconsciously mirroring his son by running his fingers through his own unruly but thinner hair. He readjusted himself in his rolling chair, patted his large stomach, belched and grabbed for his ulcer medication. “And you should watch your crush on her, she’s your cousin.”

“Step-cousin,” Steve said defensively.

“That’s besides the point,” Esteban chided his son as he looked over his skinny frame. “You should be looking for a good girl. Make me some grand babies to bounce on my knee.”

Steve sighed. “This has nothing to do with my lack of luck with women. What’s bothering you, papa?”

Esteban waved his beefy arms at the piles of bills covering his desk. “All these bills! I fear I’ve dug myself quite a big hole trying to keep this car wash open. Plus that bastard Vic Surge keeps coming by every other day trying to buy me out.”

“Why don’t you ask Selena for a loan?” Steve asked.

“I will do no such thing!” Esteban said angrily. “I was not put on this Earth to be a burden on this family.”

Suddenly Steve stumbled on his feet and knocked over several piles of bills. “Sorry, sorry,” he muttered.

Esteban threw his arms up in frustration as his son began picking up the fallen mail. “How do you trip while standing?”

“Practice?” Steve said meekly as he picked up the mail on the floor and his skinny behind bumped against the desk knocking over several more piles. “So why don’t you sell the car wash to Vic Surge?”

“No!” Esteban shouted out in Spanish. “That man has no honor when it comes to car washes! I will not give a monopoly on car washes to a man with no honor.”

“Yes, papa,” Steve said in exasperation as he placed a pile of bills on the desk and they immediately slid off.

“And no mentioning this to your cousin,” Esteban ordered.


“She has her own life to live and I will not have her worrying about this old man.”

Steve rolled his eyes in frustration. “Yes, papa.”

Looking up at her friend as the slender blonde walked through her living room, Selena could tell that something was up. Selena cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at Taylor. “What are you humming?”

“Oh, just thinking up a new song,” Taylor said as she flopped down on the couch next to Selena.

Selena sighed dramatically. “For crying out loud, who did you fuck this this time?”

“Your gardener, Manuel,” Taylor said matter of factly as she tucked her long legs underneath her.

“Oh my God,” Selena gasped. “You can’t just go around fucking random strangers.”

“Manuel is not just some random stranger,” Taylor said defensively. “I’ve met him, like, two or three different times. Besides, I can’t help it. Sex is my Muse.”

“Phttt, please,” Selena said as she rolled her eyes. “Your vagina is like a vending machine. Insert a penis and music comes out.”

“Not just a penis,” Taylor giggled as she slapped Selena’s tan thigh. “Now, some hot, sexy Latina promised me some wine to help her pack. Where’s the booze.”

“Wine is not booze,” Selena giggled. “At least not for as much as I paid for it. It’s in the kitchen so I’ll meet you out back.”

Lounging by the pool both young women made quick work of their first bottle and we’re halfway through the second. A deep, warm, fuzzy buzz filled their nubile bodies as they reclined in their chairs letting their exposed, glistening skin soak up the California sun.

“I’m feeling pretty damn good right now,” Taylor said languidly.

“Me too,” Selena said with a distinctive slur. “Soooo relaxed.”

Taylor grinned wolfishly at her drunk friend. “Why don’t you roll over on your stomach and I’ll put lotion on your back?”

“Good idea,” Selena slurred before clumsily rolling over.

Taylor, far less drunk than her friend, grabbed the sunscreen and straddled Selena, sitting comfortably on her friend’s plump ass. She squirted the lotion on the sexy Latina’s exposed back and felt Selena shiver beneath her own already damping pussy. “Better get this out of the way,” she said as she untied Selena’s barely there bikini.

“Good idea,” Selena slurred drunkenly again as she rested her head on her arms.

Taylor grinned wickedly as she slowly began massaging the oil into her friend’s pliant flesh and began softly grinding her cloth covered cunt against Selena’s barely covered ass. Her nimble fingers
across her drunk friend’s shoulders, down her graceful back, and up her silky sides to where her flattened breasts we’re bulging out. She let her fingertips dance across the honey colored skin of Selena’s warm body, drawing an appreciative moan from the sexy beauty. She continued softly humping herself against Selena’s little bubble butt as she leaned down slowly and pressed her slender chest against her drunk friend’s sun kissed back.

Selena drunkenly giggled as she felt her friend’s hard nipples pressing into her back through the blonde singer’s halter-top. “Are you trying to seduce me, Ms. Swift?” she slurred.

“Mmm hmm,” Taylor groaned as she slid her top off and pressed her small, naked tits against Selena’s bare back, grinding her horny pussy against the dark skinned young woman’s barely covered ass.

Selena groaned as Taylor rubbed herself against her. “I’m beginning to think you purposefully got me drunk just to take advantage of me,” she jokingly accused her friend.

Taylor nuzzled against Selena’s neck and whispered in a low, throaty moan, “It’s the only time you let me fuck you.” She slid sensuously down the length of her friend’s hot body until her face was hovering over the Latina’s hit ass. She slid her hands beneath the thin material and pulled it down until Selena’s tan rear-end was fully exposed to her greedy eyes. She licked and then kissed each cheek and Selena moaned pleasantly and opened her legs slightly giving Taylor room to slide down until she was laying between her friend’s supple thighs.

Taylor slowly licked down the crack of Selena’s luscious ass, over her little rosebud of an asshole until her tongue was lightly circling the wet entrance to the bronze singer’s hot pussy. Her mouth watered at the sight of her friend’s pink folds and she hungrily began lapping at her fellow singer’s tasty juices. “Your pussy tastes like honey,” she groaned as she shoved her bubble gum pink tongue as far as she could into Selena’s wet hole.

Selena laid placidly and enjoyed the feel of Taylor licking her. Singing wasn’t Taylor’s first talent no matter how good she was at it and neither was licking pussy even though she was better at it than singing. After a few minutes Selena gasped out in need for her friend’s true talent, “My ass, Taylor. Lick my ass please.”

Taylor slowly slipped her tongue out of Selena’s pussy and replaced it with two of her fingers. “For someone who only wants me when she’s drunk, you’re awfully bossy,” she giggled as she sawed her fingers in and out of Selena’s tight hole.

Slurring her words, Selena began pleading with Taylor, “I want you, I need you, just please lick my ass!”

“Yes, princess,” Taylor smirked before extending her tongue as far as she could and quickly spearing Selena’s puckered rosebud as she slid her fingers along the horny Latina’s G-spot and was immediately rewarded with Selena’s orgasm. The horny singer’s entire body tightened and spasmed, her ass clenching around Taylor’s tongue and her pussy clutching her fingers.

“Fuck, Taylor! Yes!” Selena cried out as she came, her entire body twitching and shuddering as she rode out her orgasm.

As Taylor felt Selena’s body begin to relax she pulled her tongue and fingers out and stood up, dusting off her knees. “My turn,” she announced.

Selena’s dark eyes fluttered as she stared blearily at the friend. “Together, okay?” she asked as she slowly moved around onto her back.

Taylor grinned and stood up. “Whatever the princess wants,” she said as she peeled down her tight shorts and then laid down on top of Selena.

They kissed passionately, their tongues wrestling wetly together as they pressed their nude bodies together, Selena’s larger tits engulfing Taylor’s smaller breasts. They slowly ground their wet pussies together, firmly humping up against each other before each girl slid an arm between their lustful bodies, Selena slipping two of her fingers into Taylor’s wet cunt and Taylor slipping two fingers into Selena.

With a practiced ease the horny celebrities began writhing against each other, their talented fingers sliding deep inside of their tight pussies and causing them to moan out in shared pleasure. Selena leaned her head up and sucked one of Taylor’s hard, pink nipples inside her mouth, rubbing it roughly with her wet tongue as their pace slowly became more frantic. They humped harder against each others’ hands, their bodies sliding wetly against each other, the sunlight glimmering on their sweat slick skin. Selena lost Taylor’s nipple as she gasped out in pleasure and they both groaned and moaned in bliss as their orgasms rose up slowly, climbing higher, their voices rising up louder and louder. They stared deep into each others’ eyes before kissing deeply again, their bodies pressed perfectly together as their orgasms peaked and then washed over both of them, their pink pussies gushing and drenching their hands in their warm, slick cum.

“Madra de dios,” Manuel groaned from his hiding place in the bushes as his cum splattered to the ground. He’d never been so thankful for forgetting a shovel before in his life as he watched the two naked women cuddle in their post-orgasmic high, their juices dripping to the concrete.

Chapter 03

First Class ticket holder or not, Selena had long ago discovered that everybody had to wait in line at the airport. “She did it again,” she giggled into her cellphone as she readjusted her carry-on, “She got me drunk and basically attacked me, Victoria.” She stood casually in line dressed in ripped, loose fitting blue jeans and a men’s white button-up shirt, only buttoned halfway, with no bra. She was completely unaware of the stares she was getting both for the amazing amount of chest she was showing and because she was paying no attention to how loud she was talking.

“Phttt…” Victoria Justice snorted into her phone. “You are soooo gay for Taylor it’s not even funny,” she giggled.

“I am not,” Selena giggled defensively, “She gets me drunk and takes advantage of me. Sometimes for entire weekends.”

“Ha!” Victoria laughed out. “And who’s the one that keeps buying the drinks.” It wasn’t really a question.

“That’s not the point,” Selena said, trying to sound mad and failing. “Just because I’m buying doesn’t mean that she can get me drunk and fuck me silly for hours on end. It’s practically rape really.”

“You’re the only girl I know that brings lube to her own rape,” Victoria giggled.

“Just that once. And how was I supposed to know what she was going to do with it,” Selena said with a grin at the memory and still unaware of the leering stares she was getting from the men, and some of the women, around her.

Victoria rolled her dark eyes as she giggled, “Because you also bought the wine. Listen, I gotta go to a pitch meeting.”

Now it was Selena’s turn to roll her eyes. “Is this the pitch for that show nobody wants and took you two months to get a meeting just so they can tell you ‘no’ officially?”

“That’s the one,” Victoria chirped. “Gotta go, love you,” she finished and heard Selena reply before hanging up. She tucked her phone back into her purse just as the television producer’s secretary called her name. She stood up and straightened her plain black dress cut just short enough to show off her long legs. She fluffed her straight, dark brown hair so that it framed her face and the almost indecent amount of cleavage her small breasts allowed her. Checking her make-up one last time and batting her wide eyes she tucked her compact back into her purse and walked into the producer’s office.

Victoria greeted and shook the hands of the producer and his assistant before sitting across from them in front of the producer’s desk, hiking up her skirt a little. She’d been told ‘no’ several times on her project and already knew how this meeting would go and figured that she’d be in and out in twenty minutes. Or rather, the producer, and now apparently his assistant, would be in and out in twenty minutes.

The older producer looked sternly over at Victoria. “You know we’ve already passed on this project, Victoria. I only granted you this meeting out of professional respect but I doubt there’s anything that could change my mind.”

Victoria knew that she didn’t have long to capture the producer’s attention as she pulled her dress farther up her tan thighs. “Then I’ll go ahead and get to the thrust of my argument,” she said as she slowly crossed her long legs. “I’m very passionate about this project,” she continued as she rolled her shoulders a little to emphasize her small, firm breasts, “This project is very nearly a love affair to me,” as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs again, sliding to the edge of her chair to pull her dress up even farther, “I want to give my project to you. Let you work your magic on it, own my project, use it,” she said as she reached behind her and held her zipper between her fingertips. “With your talents my project can see to it that everybody will be deeply and completely satisfied.”

As the last of her pitch rolled off of her pink tongue, Victoria pulled
her zipper at the same time as she stood up, her dress sliding easily down her arms, off her body, and pooling around her ankles as she stood defiantly. She wore a strapless pink push-up bra to help emphasize her small breasts and a matching pink thong. She stepped out of her black dress, still wearing her matching pumps, and walked around the producer’s desk, grabbing the assistant by his tie on her way to drag him along, to stand in front of the older man. “What do you say, Mr. Producer sir? Do you want to use your special talent on my project?” she asked coyly as she got down on her knees between his legs and began using her free hand to unzip his tented pants while dragging the assistant down with her. She smiled wickedly up at the producer, not waiting for a response as she pulled out and swallowed his already hard cock, already knowing what his answer would be.

At the airport Selena continued to stand in line having moved nearly a foot in twenty minutes. She looked around at the people milling around, moving back and forth from gate to gate or to the kiosks selling bric-a-bracs. Sometimes she wondered who the different people were and what kind of interesting lives they led and she enjoyed making up stories about them in her mind.

Phil. Airport security. Middle-aged and overweight. Boring marriage with a bitchy wife and a snotty daughter. And suddenly thankful for marring his bitchy wife to give birth to his snotty daughter because without her he’d have no idea that the beautiful sex goddess across the waiting area from him was Selena Gomez despite her large sunglasses. He’d lost count of the number of episodes of “The Wizards of Waverly Place” he’d masturbated to or how many videos of her he’d watched on mute and as he crossed the waiting area he didn’t care.

Phil tapped Selena on the shoulder and felt his dick lurch as she turned around and smiled at him. He tired to sound official as he said, “Airport security, ma’am. May I see your ticket?” He sucked in his gut as much as he could and he took Selena’s ticket, his hand shaking with nervousness.

“Is there a problem, officer?” Selena asked helpfully, not noticing the guard staring at her bronzed chest.

“Just… just a random search, ma’am,” Phil said without even looking at the ticket. “Can you come with me please.”

“No problem, officer,” Selena said happily as she followed the guard out of the waiting area, through a short hallway and into a small room. The room had one small, metal table and two small, metal chairs. “What can I do for you?”

Phil’s face was starting to turn red with nervousness as he continued trying to hold in his gut and he finally looked over Selena’s ticket. “It says here you didn’t check any luggage, just your carry-on. Is that correct?”

“Yes, officer,” Selena said as she sat her shoulder bag on the table and opened it up. “I’m headed to Miami and my bikinis don’t exactly take up a lot of room. See,” she said holding up one of her tiny bathing suits.

Phil gasped as he imagined Selena wearing the barely there bikini. “It’s three bits of pink cloth and some string.” he thought to himself in wonder.

“Yep, it’s hot, right?” Selena asked innocently as she stuffed the tiny bikini back into her bag. “Is there anything else, officer?”

Phil forgot how to speak as images of Selena wearing the pink bikini and running in slow motion across a beach at sunset into his waiting arms ran through his mind. “What? Oh, uh…” He had no idea where his next words came from, he had only wanted to meet Selena, trick her into an autograph maybe, but suddenly he blurted out, “I’m afraid we’ll have to do a strip search.”

Selena huffed, crossing her arms under her tits and stamped her foot causing her bra-less tits to jiggle. “What? Again? This happens every time I fly commercial,” she whined. “Wait. Isn’t there supposed to be a female agent for those?”

“Well, ah… I mean…” Phil stammered. “There is and… and she’s on her way. We’ll, ah… we’ll just have to… to, ah… wait a bit.”

“But I’ll miss my flight,” Selena pouted. She hung her large frame sunglasses from her loose fitting shirt, pulling the material down farther to expose more of her chest as she stared hopelessly at the security guard with puppy dog eyes. “You’re a official somebody, aren’t you? Can’t you do it so I don’t miss my flight?” she asked without a hint of shame.

“I… Me… uh, I… I suppose?” Phil stammered, not quite sure of what had just happened to have made his life so interesting all of a sudden.

“Yea!” Selena cheered as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands as her unencumbered breasts swung beneath her shirt. She placed her sunglasses on the table and began hurriedly unbuttoning the last few buttons on her shirt. “I really appreciate this,” she said happily.

Numbly Phil watched the sexy celebrity nonchalantly take off her shirt, revealing her perfectly bronzed breasts and brown nipples to him. She bent down and slid her pants down her legs, her tits dangling but still barely moving because of their firmness as she stepped out of her jeans and purple panties. She stood back up unashamedly nude except for a pair of sneakers that matched her panties, giving him his first peek at her shaved pussy and the dark landing strip of pubic hair right above her pink slit.

“How do you want me?” Selena asked before bending over the table slightly, thrusting her firm ass out and spreading her feet shoulder length apart, “Like this? Is this good?”

Phil’s brain shut down and his body went on automatic as he dumbly nodded his head, his cock suddenly throbbing to life and tenting his pants but for some reason Selena seemed completely oblivious to the sexuality of the situation. He shuffled behind her, literally drooling at the sight of her ass, her cheeks parted just barely enough to give him a peek at her asshole and her bald pussy-lips.

Selena waited impatiently for the guard to search her. “Not to be rude or anything but can you hurry up and search me, I don’t want to be late for my flight,” she asked politely.

“How do you search a naked person?” Phil wondered momentarily before simply shrugging his shoulders and starting the best he could. His heart fluttered as he ran his fingers through Selena’s silky smooth hair, down her silky smooth neck and shoulders, farther down her silky smooth back, over her silky smooth hips, traveled down her silky smooth legs, back up the insides of her silky smooth thighs, and then, finally, over her silky smooth and taunt ass.

“Oh my,” Selena thought as the guard tenderly and lovingly ran his hands over her body, “His wife is a lucky woman.” She involuntarily shuddered slightly as he ran his thumbs up the cleft of her ass before his hands parted to caress up her sides to her arms. His fingertips lightly touched the sides of her breasts and she shivered again, more deeply, and smiled as her nipples tightened. “He has got a really nice touch,” she giggled to herself, “He must be really good at his job.”

Phil moved closer to the naked young woman to reach around her body, his cloth encased erection pressed against her tan ass as he slid his hands up to cup the beautiful celebrities firm breasts. His breath caught in his throat as she moaned at his touch and began grinding her well sculpted rear-end against his trapped prick and his palms slid across her hard nipples.

Selena moaned and looked over her shoulder at the panting security guard with a cheeky grin on her face. “You sure are thorough,” she said breathlessly, “Were you planning on a full body cavity search, officer?”

Feeling his nervousness suddenly melt away, Phil used his most authoritative voice as he said, “I take my job very seriously, ma’am,” while he ground his groin against the starlet’s warm, smooth, taunt ass.

Turning around to face the older man Selena said, “And I do appreciate a man in uniform,” before slowly getting down on her knees. “And I think it’s okay to start calling me ‘Selena’ now instead of ma’am,” she said with as smirk as she unbuckled his belt and let it fall to the floor. With dainty, deft hands she undid his pants and pulled his thick, hard cock out. “Mmm, very nice,” she said as she began tugging on the guard’s prick before sticking out her wet tongue and swirling it around the tip. She sucked the first few inches into her warm, pink mouth, rubbing her talented tongue along the bottom of the shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth. Her lips stretched tightly around his girth as she swallowed as much of it as she could until the sensitive tip bumped against the back of her mouth. “Yep, his wife is definitely a lucky woman,” she thought gleefully.

Phil ran his hands through Selena’s silky smooth hair as he slowly rocked his hips back and forth, lightly fucking her mouth. He bent down and palmed one of her tits, playfully pinching her nipple before rolling it between his fingertips, making her moan around his cock. He straightened back up and withdrew his dick from the young starlet’s mouth, fisting it as he lifted it up. “Lick my balls,” he said
as he peered down at the sexy young woman.

“Who’s searching whom?” Selena playfully asked him before replacing the guard’s hand with her own, jacking him off as she ran her warm, pink tongue across his sensitive balls. She sucked and lick on one ball, drawing it into her mouth and licking it all over before switching to the other. She covered his entire sack in her warm saliva before he took a step back from her and then bent down.

Hooking his hands under Selena’s arms, Phil hoisted her up and sat her on the edge of the table. “Good point,” he said briskly as he knelt down in front of her. He flung her legs over his shoulders and dove between her golden thighs, driving his tongue into her dripping pussy and causing her to squeal in delight. He fucked her pussy with his tongue as he ran one of his fingers along her dewy labia and his thumb around her hard, little clit. He hungrily attacked her cunt with his mouth and fingers, eagerly lapping at her juices as she began humping herself against his face, yelling out in pleasure as she began tugging at her nipples.

“I’m cumming!” Selena shrieked out as her orgasm hit her like a lighting bolt. Her trembling thighs locked around the security guard’s head as her juices gushed from her cunt and she began huskily chanting, “Oh, oh, oh…” She rode out her orgasm until she collapsed on the table, muttering, “Oh God,” with a dopey grin on her face.

Phil wiped the warm drops of Selena’s cum from his chin as he stood up. He aggressively yanked her towards him until her compacted ass was nearly falling off of the edge of the table. He aimed his cock at the gasping celebrity’s dripping pussy and said, “Now hold on, ma’am. We’re about to get even thorough-er.” With one thrust he buried his dick inside of the young woman’s cunt, her hot walls parting around him like butter until this cum filled balls were resting on her ass. Her wet pussy immediately gripped down on his invading prick as the young star shrieked with pleasure, her graceful back arching and her tan tits up-thrust, gravity pulling them slightly to their sides. She wrapped her legs around his waist to hold him to her and he began fucking her hard and deep.

Selena’s head and upper body thrashed around on the table, her tits jiggling wildly as she felt herself already on the verge of another orgasm. The security guard leaned over her as he pounded himself into her pussy, burrowing deep into the core of her. He bent down lower and began licking and nibbling at her golden chest, sucking one hard, little nipple into his mouth and then switching to the other. His mouth and tongue covered her chest until her wobbling tits were gleaming as wetly as she had left his balls which were smacking against her compacted ass. Suddenly she thrust her hips up and gripped him tighter with her legs, holding him to her as she wrapped her arms around his neck for support and shouted, “I’m cumming again! Fuuuuck!”

The aging security guard held himself tightly against Selena’s writhing body as she rode out her orgasm, her tight cunt rippling around his shaft buried inside of her. “I’m… I’m… I’m gonna…” he grunted as the sexy starlet began relaxing beneath him.

“Hold on a sec,” Selena grunted as she began pushing the security guard off of her. She climbed down onto her knees and looked up at him. “Tits or face?” she asked nonchalantly.

“F… fa… face,” Phil grunted and Selena helpfully sat up straighter and closed her eyes. His cock erupted with more force than it had in years and his white cum rained down across the singer’s tan, beautiful face. Between shots of his thick seed he heard Selena ask, “Not my hair please,” and he nodded in compliance. With the last shot of his cum splattering on the girl’s up-turned face he grunted in relief before leaning against the table, panting for breath.

“All done?” Selena asked.

Phil nodded again before remembering that the songstress’s eyes were closed. “Ye… yeah,” he panted.

“Tissue?” Selena asked with her eyes still closed as he raised up a dainty hand.

Phil tugged up his pants to dig through his pockets and found his travel sized pocket of tissues. He grabbed a few for himself and then placed the pack into Selena’s outstretched hand.

“Thanks,” Selena said happily as she started cleaning the sperm from her face. “I didn’t want to get cum in my panties since I didn’t bring any more, y’know.”

“Yeah, yeah sure,” Phil said as he finished cleaning himself up and began struggling to refasten his pants. “You can, you know, just keep the package,” he said sheepishly, not knowing the exact protocol after a quickie with a celebrity.

Selena cleaned the last of the guard’s cum from her face and the began cleaning her cum from her thighs. “Awww, you’re so sweet,” she said as she got up and gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek. “I better hurry or I’m gonna miss my flight,” she added before hurriedly getting redressed, which didn’t take very long considering how little clothing she had been wearing, and ran out the door. “Nice to meet you,” she called back just before the door closed.

“You too,” Phil muttered before collapsing in one of the chairs in exhaustion as he took one last look at Selena’s ass before the door closed.

The flight and debarking wasn’t nearly as exciting as boarding had been and Selena quickly exited the airport after landing in Miami, putting her sunglasses on to try not to be blinded by the warm, bright sun. She pulled her phone from her hip pocked and hit the speed dial as she began trying to hail a cab. The call quickly connected and a tinny voice answered, “Demi Lovato speaking.”

“Why do you always do that?” Selena asked as she continued waving for a cab.

“Do what?” Demi asked.

“Announce yourself on the phone like that,” Selena said with a girlish giggle as a cab stopped in front of her. “I called your phone, I recognize your voice, I know it’s you, and my name pops up on your phone.”

In her bedroom Demi pursed her lips to make sure her lipstick was perfect. “It’s called ‘Phone Etiquette. You’d know that if you had any manners. Put your phone on speaker.”

Selena closed the cab door as the driver got in started the meter. “What? Why?” she asked as she gave the cabbie her uncle’s address.

“Cuz I just got out of the shower and started putting on my make-up so I got to put you on speaker and I don’t want to be the only one,” Demi rambled as she put her phone on speaker and sat it down.

Selena giggled. “That makes no sense.”

“Just do it,” Demi whined as she batted her eyes in her mirror.

“You’re such a neurotic,” Selena laughed as she put her phone on speaker. “There, fine. You’re on speaker now, happy?”

“Thank you, sweetie,” Demi said as she pulled her shoulder length dark brown hair into a tight pony tail. She readjusted her floor length robe and stared seriously at her reflection. “You arrive in Miami yet?” she asked as she began slathering on her eye-liner.

“Yeah, just landed,” Selena told her before blurting out, “OMG! I gotta tell you what happened!”

“Plane get taken over by rapist pirates?” Demi asked as she batted her eyes at herself again.

Selena rolled her eyes. “Pirates take boats, not planes. And besides, that’s your fantasy, not mine.”

“This is true,” Demi said as she loosened her robe and began rubbing lotion onto her neck and chest.

“Anyway, I totally got fucked,” Selena giggled, completely forgetting that she was in an enclosed space with another person.

Demi stopped rubbing the lotion on her now gleaming chest as she gasped in surprise. “By who?” she asked as she stood up and walked to her closet and began picking out her outfit, “Taylor get you drunk again?”

“Why does everybody think it’s Taylor?” Selena asked.

“Cuz you’re totally gay for each other,” Demi said matter of factly.

“Phttt, whatever,” Selena grumbled.

“So who was it if it wasn’t Taylor?”

“I don’t know, just some guy,” Selena said sheepishly with a wide grin. “He was, like, a security guard are something.”

Finally picking out a outfit, Demi laid it down on the bed and took off her robe. Completely naked she walked back to her vanity and grabbed her phone and the lotion. “Fucking a complete stranger you just happen to run into sounds more like Taylor than you,” she said as she admired her naked body in the mirror. “I’m thinking of getting a boob-job, I’m tired of my A-cups,” she said offhandedly.

“Your tits are fine,” Selena said, not wanting to get back into the old argument. “Besides, your ass is at least a D-cup so it makes up for your tits. Can we get back to me for a minute?”

“Sorry, sorry,” Demi said as she walked back over to her bed and placed her phone down on her bedside table and began smearing her lotion on her tan, naked body. “You said you were channeling the libido of Taylor Swift.”

“Yeah,” Selena responded as she closed her eyes and began drawing up every little detail she could remember,
her mind the guard became significantly younger and better looking. “Well first he started with the pat down and he was soooo good with his hands, Demi. I mean, like, really good. Like a professional massager or something and I just kept thinking, ‘His wife must be a lucky woman’.”

“He was married?!” Demi gasped, her small tits and large ass jiggling.

“He had a ring. And maybe kinda old,” Selena giggled.

“Slut,” Demi said playfully. “And then…”

Selena moaned slightly as she continued, “Well, I was naked because it was a strip search and his hands were just flowing over me like warm water. My nipples got immediately hard and my, well, you know, got, like, really wet.”

Demi started absentmindedly massaging the lotion onto her tits as she pictured Selena’s scene in her mind. “Fuck a complete stranger but can’t bring yourself to say ‘pussy’, heh. And then…”

The cabbie kept having to tear his eyes away from the sexy young girl in his rear-view mirror to concentrate on the road. He didn’t know what it was about young girls and their phones but it seemed that anytime they were talking on them they completely forgot that the rest of the world was there. “How can she not realize I can hear everything she’s saying?” he wondered as he stared at the girl’s deep cleavage and stroked his hard-on through his pants.

Selena’s fingers played lazily with her open shirt as she continued her story, “And then he was pressed up against me and I could feel the bulge in his pants, and let me tell you it was quite a bulge for a old guy. So I, kinda sorta, unconsciously, totally not knowing what I was doing because I was just that turned on I couldn’t help myself, started rubbing my butt against him and he started playing with my breasts.”

Demi licked her lips, her eyes closed as she began toying with her hard nipples. “You can call them ‘ass’ and ‘tits’, sweetie, it’s that kind of story,” she said breathlessly as one of her hands drifted lazily down her abdomen.

Giggling again at her friend’s naughty language, Selena said, “It’s my story and I’ll say whatever I want. Anyway, I turned around and got on my knees and pulled his, y’know, penis out.”

“Mmm,” Demi groaned as she tugged on her nipple with one hand and and used her other hand to slide a finger between her wet pussy-lips, “Cock.”

“Whatever. So anyway,” Selena continued, “I stared sucking on him and it was pretty thick but I manged to get, like, half of him in my mouth and just started sucking. I don’t know what came over me!”

The cabbie tried to stifle a moan of lust as he yanked the steering wheel to avoid a car that he hadn’t seen because his eyes were nearly glued to the young girl caressing her chest in his rear-view mirror. He was rubbing his cock more firmly through his pants as he watched her dip her fingers beneath her wide open blouse. “Just had sex and already horny again. Gotta love the young ones,” he thought as he jerked on the wheel again.

Demi slid two fingers into her sopping wet cunt, rubbing her G-spot while her thumb circled her clit. “Go… go on,” she panted.

Selena’s fingers slid carelessly over the insides of her breasts, spreading her blouse open wider while completely oblivious to the cab driver staring at her or his erratic driving. “And then I started licking his, well, testicles, balls, nuts, whatever you want to call them, while he played with my tits. Then, all of a sudden, right outta the blue, he yanked me up and threw me on the table.”

Spreading her thick thighs to give herself easier access, Demi began plunging her fingers into her wet cunt as deeply as she could before adding a third finger. The hand playing with her tits slid down her horny body and slid behind her. “And… and then…” she panted.

Moaning slightly, Selena said, “He just attacked me. His mouth, his lips, his tongue, his fingers, he just knew where to put them and what to do. I’ve never cum like that before. Certainly not with Justin.”

“Fu… fuck Justin,” Demi panted as she slid a lotion slick finger into her thick, tight ass. As she pushed the three fingers into her cunt she slid the one in her ass out before switching, working her fingers like a piston as she fucked herself. She groaned as she slid a second finger into her ass and began bucking her hips back and forth against her hands.

“No thank you,” Selena giggled, “The security guard was more than enough. He didn’t even need to look, y’know? You know how a guy sometimes needs to slip and slide around looking for where he needs to go? Not this guy. Just, Bam! In to the hilt and let the sex commence. I mean, I just got done with one orgasm and all the sudden I’m rocketing to number two. It was amazing! And then he bent down and was licking and nibbling on my breasts and I start cumming again.”

“Cumming,” Demi muttered to herself as she finger-fucked her hot, horny body. Her warm juices were sliding down the insides of her spread, trembling thighs as she continued shoving three fingers into her pussy and two into her ass, panting in pleasure. “A… and… and the… and then…” she gasped.

Demi’s moans through the phone brought Selena out of her memories. “Wait, are you masturbating?”

“And… and then…” Demi asked in need.

“Well, I didn’t want to get my panties messy because I didn’t have any luggage so I let him come on my face,” Selena finished as she listened to her friend pant and moan.

“Cuuuummmm…” Demi stuttered as her own orgasm rushed through her, her pussy and ass gripping her fingers as her cum slid down her tan legs. Breathlessly she collapsed on her bed.

Selena glared at her phone. “Seriously, are you masturbating?”

“No,” Demi giggled as she pulled her sticky fingers out of her body, “Not any more.”

“What…” Selena started before being flung forward as the cab came to a sudden, noisy stop. She bounced off of the soft backside of the driver’s seat and looked out the windshield at a bent stop sign wedged against the hood of the cab. She found her dropped phone and picked it up. “Demi, I’ve got to call you back. I think my cab’s just been in a fender bender with a stop sign,” she said.

“Okay, Sel,” Demi said breathlessly, “I’ve got to take another shower now anyway.”

Selena hung up her phone and stuck her head up front to check on the cabbie. “Are you…” she started before noticing his erect cock in his hand. “I don’t think that’s covered by insurance,” she said matter of factly.

Deeply apologetic and grateful that Selena wasn’t going to press charges, the cabbie waved the fee and helped her gather up her scattered bikinis. Her shoulder bag was undamaged and since she was only a few blocks from her uncle’s she decided to just walk the rest of the way. The cabbie assured her that he would take care of the police and since he was the professional in all of this she went on her way not noticing him leering at her ass as she left. Or him running off just before the police arrived.

Chapter 04

After a few blocks the Miami heat started to get to Selena and she wondered if she should rest or carry on a bit when she saw a ice cream van parked along the side of the road and it seemed that the decision had been made for her.

“Can I get a cherry blow-pop?” Selena called through the open side-window of the white van.

A male voice from inside the van yelled back, “One cherry blow-pop coming up.” A hand holding the blow-pop stretched from inside the van followed by a muscular arm than a handsome face before finishing off with a pair if broad shoulders. He seemed startled for a moment before handing the frozen treat over and saying, “Here you go, Miss.”

Selena hadn’t expected to see such a handsome man with wavy blonde hair appear out of the window of the van and was startled herself for a moment before taking the blow-pop. “How much do I owe you?” she asked as she tried to regain her composure.

The handsome man waved her off and said, “No charge. On a hot day like today a beautiful girl like you needs to stay cool.”

“Thanks,” Selena said with a blush as she tore open the wrapper. “I’m Selena by the way. Selena Gomez.”

“I’m Ace,” the man said as he extended his hand, “Ace Chestly. Nice to meet you, Selena.”

Selena ran the blow-pop past her lips, the quickly melting juice turning them scarlet as she shook Ace’s hand. She slid the frozen treat out of her mouth, licking the juices from her lips before saying, “You too. Do you always give away free treats?”

“Only to women as beautiful as you,” Ace said with a sly grin, sunlight gleaming off of his pearly white teeth. Neither one of the ridiculously attractive young people realized that neither of them had attempted to break the handshake until a seagull screeched out over their heads. “Oh, ah… sorry,” Ace said with a blush of embarrassment as he withdrew his hand. “So, you live around here?”

Selena’s cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the blow-pop before shaking her head. “No, I’m just down here to visit my uncle,” she said as she licked up the dripping juices from the side of her blow-pop. “You?”

entranced by the sight of Selena enjoying her blow-pop, her pink tongue lapping at the scarlet juices. “What? Oh, ah, no, no. Just moved to Miami a few years ago. Who’s your uncle?”

Absentmindedly rubbing the red, frozen shaft around her mouth, Selena said, “Esteban. He owns a car wash up the street.”

Ace watched Selena lick her lips and unconsciously licked his own. “Esteban? I know him. I get my van washed there. Are you the niece he’s always talking about, the famous Selena Gomez?”

“Guilty as charged,” Selena giggled coyly. “So is this your van? You’re a professional ice cream vendor?”

“Guilty as charged,” Ace said with a grin. “Actually I’m only a ice cream vendor until I get enough money saved up to start my dream business.”

“Oh? And what’s that?” Selena asked.

“I’m planning on opening up a shop on the beach to teach surfing to underprivileged kids with developmental difficulties from the inner city,” Ace said as he stared longingly out at the horizon, his hair shining in the Miami sun.

“Awwww, that’s sweet,” Selena cooed as she held her sticky treat to her in unencumbered chest, not noticing the droplets of condensation turning parts of her shirt transparent, her nipples tightening up as she looked up at Ace. “I’ve got to go, Ace. It was nice meeting you,” she said with a wave.

“You too,” Ace said with his own wave. “Tell your uncle I said hi and I hope to see you around.”

“You too,” Selena shouted back, not noticing Ace staring at her ass as she walked away.

A few minutes later Selena was nearly finished with her cherry blow-pop as she continued walking. “…and then ‘Bam!’, the cab hits a stop sign,” she said into her phone as she finished her story. “So what are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready to film some scenes for the next ‘X-Men’ movie,” Jennifer Lawrence said. “Also, I’ve got you on speaker so just be warned that all the make-up guys can hear you.”

Selena’s eyes went wide with shock. “You could have said something before I told you about Taylor and the guard. Wait, are you telling me you’re completely naked in a room full of guys?”

“Relax, you prude,” Jennifer chuckled as she held her arms out straight at her sides, “They’re all gay or I wouldn’t be letting them do this.” Jennifer couldn’t see behind her as two of the make-up men looked at each other, smirked, shrugged their shoulders and went back to applying lotion to her naked, luscious body as their erections throbbed painfully in their pants.

“I still wouldn’t let a bunch of guys see me naked like that,” Selena said.

Jennifer chuckled again, “Says the girl that fucked a complete stranger in the middle of an airport.”

“I can’t believe I told you that,” Selena muttered. “Besides, it was just that one time and nobody could see us so it totally wasn’t ‘in the middle’ of the airport. Maybe I’ll do what Taylor does and write a song about it.”

“You don’t write your own music, sweetie,” Jennifer said as two more make-up men started applying lotion to her gravity defying breasts.

“You don’t write your own lines,” Selena whined as she stood in front of her uncle’s car wash. “Listen, I’m here so I’ve got to let you go, honey. I’ll talk to you later,” she said before hanging up her phone and heading inside. She heard her uncle yelling, probably at Steve, and decided to wait until it quieted down to knock on the office door.

In L.A., Jennifer held her phone out to the make-up guys. “Can somebody get this, I don’t want to get paint on it.”

The men all looked at one another, neither one wanting to stop touching Jennifer’s naked body even for a moment. Finally the head artist released one of her firm thighs, snatched the phone, nearly threw it on the counter, and then resumed sliding his hands up and down the hot star’s legs.

As Jennifer stood as still as she could while half a dozen men fondled her, she found herself getting turned on despite herself. Half a dozen men, twelve hands, all caressing her completely exposed, vulnerable body. It didn’t matter that they were all gay, as far as she knew, many women had fantasies just like this and she was one of them. What woman wouldn’t like a crowd of men at her beck and call?

Behind Jennifer, one of the artists began rubbing himself through his pants until another artist elbowed him in the side and glared angrily at him. “Don’t blow this!” the second artist mouthed and the first artist nodded and got back to work. He smeared blue paint on his hands and then began rubbing it onto Jennifer’s lower back, working down until he had her firm ass-cheeks filling his palms as he released a small whimper of joy.

The head make-up artist, being the man in charge, had the enviable job of applying paint to Jennifer’s world renowned chest. He slathered the unbelievably firm orbs with paint smeared on his hands, his thumbs “accidentally” rubbing across her hard nipples and causing her to shudder in pleasure. He licked his lips and tried not to make it obvious how much time he was spending on her chest as he bent slightly to hopefully hide his throbbing erection.

“Oh man, I hope they can’t tell how turned on I am,” Jennifer thought as she started breathing heavier, unconsciously pushing her breasts more firmly into the head make-up artist’s hand, “I feel like I’m dripping down my thighs.” The artist behind her was running his thumbs between her ass-cheeks while two more artists were rubbing up and down her inner thighs and a fourth one was rubbing her low across her abdomen right above her wet pussy. “Why couldn’t they let me wear the bikini first, before they pant me?”

While Jennifer tried to keep her naked, horny body from writhing around beneath the hands of the five make-up artists, the forgotten sixth artist was filling the memory card of his phone with every exposed inch of her flesh.

Jennifer chewed her bottom lip as she struggled to control herself. “Man I hope I don’t cum,” she thought as six men tried to hide their erections.

As Jennifer tried to keep her emotions to herself, Selena’s uncle was loudly sharing his. “I will not sell this car wash to Vic Surge and that’s the last of it!” Esteban yelled out defiantly, not noticing the figure standing in the doorway.

“And when exactly were you gonna tell me all of this?” Selena demanded with her hands on her hips.

“Selena! You’re here,” Steve said excitedly. “Did you get that autograph from Miley…”

“Not now, Steve,” Selena interrupted as she glared at her uncle. “Well, uncle. When we’re you going to tell me?”

“Chica, this is none of your concern,” Esteban said. “There are good times and there are bad times for car washes, this is just a bump in the road.”

“Pretty big bump,” Steve muttered under his breath.

“You should have said something, Uncle,” Selena said as she walked over and embraced Esteban. “I have more than enough money to help.”

“No, I will not hear of it,” Esteban said, pushing his niece away, “I will not be a burden on this family.”

“Consider it a loan then,” Selena said, ignoring Steve with a roll of her eyes as he held his arms out to her for a hug.

“No,” Esteban said firmly, “Your money is yours, this car wash is mine.”

“Fine,” Selena said every bit as firmly as her uncle and still ignoring her cousin, “If you won’t take my money then I’m going to at least help out why I’m here and that’s that.”

The three family members just stared at each other defiantly, Steve still waiting for his hug. When nobody said anything Selena finally spoke up. “Fine, I better get dressed for work,” she said before turning around and heading for the employee locker room.

“That girl will be the death of me,” Esteban muttered as he sat down behind his desk, ignoring his son staring at Selena’s tight ass as she walked away, his arms still outstretched.

After ten minutes of searching Selena gave up on trying to find a uniform to wear, it was obvious that her uncle hadn’t expected to hire anyone her size to work for him. “Chauvinist,” she grumbled with a warm smile as she grabbed her bag. “Well, it is Miami after all,” she said cheerfully as she began pulling out her bikinis, not noticing her cousin hiding behind some near-by lockers.

Steve felt ashamed of himself as he pulled his cock out of his pants while Selena took her bra off. He’d been taught that spying on people was wrong and that spying on females was worse so he didn’t even want to think about how wrong it was to spy on females in his family was as he began stroking his hard prick while Selena slid off her top, revealing her glorious tan breasts. He had to stop himself from groaning out when he noticed there were no tan lines on her fabulous tits, capped with brown nipples.

On the verge of tears of shame, Steve nearly choked when Selena turned right to him, her unencumbered chest in full view of his greedy eyes. As far as he was concerned they were the greatest tits he had ever seen, and considering how much porno was on his computer that meant something. She undid her jeans and pulled them down, her firm tits dangling beneath her as she stepped out of her clothes and he nearly
then and there but through sheer force of will he held off.

Selena kicked her pants off, not noticing that they landed barely a foot from Steve still hidden behind the lockers and weeping in shame. She turned around as she hooked the elastic of her panties, bending at the waist again as she tugged them down, unknowingly thrusting her ass back at her cousin. Her delicate pussy-lips peeked out from under her taunt ass as she stepped out of her panties and grabbed her bikini bottoms. She stood back up and turned around again holding her bottoms and top out to make sure they matched.

Steve came. His white seed splashing against the back of the locker loud enough to make a clang against the metal. He nearly passed out from sheer joy at seeing the little slice of heaven between Selena’s thighs.

“What was that?” Selena asked herself as she held her bikini to her naked chest. When she didn’t hear anything else she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and began getting dressed. Her bikini bottoms were a neon lime green and her top was a neon orange. “Kinda like sherbet,” she thought. The thought of iced sherbet made her think of ice cream and ice cream made her think of Ace. Her nipples immediately drew up hard and her pussy flushed with desire. She bit her bottom lip as she began toying with her nipple before shaking the thoughts out of her head. “Stop that,” she told herself with a grin, “Gotta get to work and help Uncle Esteban.”

Getting dressed and walking out of the locker room, Selena didn’t notice her cousin laying insensible behind the lockers, his cock in his hands and his cum splattered everywhere.

Selena got to work immediately. Grabbing some dry rags she grabbed a unattended stall and began washing down the car waiting inside. She held the hose as firmly as she could but there was no way to completely control it and soon her golden body was dotted by tiny beads of water glinting in the sun. With the car covered in water she grabbed a soapy sponge and began washing the hood. She noticed the driver watching her and waved at him, her dangling breasts swaying inside if her bikini as she stroked his hood back and forth.

With the hood as soapy as it could be, Selena stood up, white soap suds sliding down her now slick chest, and then bent over to re-soak the sponge, completely oblivious that she was thrusting her ass back at the customer. She stood back up again and noticed that the customer seemed to be paler than before and his tongue was hanging out. She walked over to the driver’s side door and knocked on the glass. “Are you okay, sir?” she asked, worried about heat stroke.

The man quickly nodded his head and gave the sexy, wet, young girl a thumbs up and smiled. She smiled back and then bent down at the waist and began washing the sides of his car, her tight ass pointing straight at his mirror giving him nearly the perfect view. Picking up his cell phone he quickly dialed a number and as soon as it connected he started babbling. “Bill, as your best and longest friend I am telling you to call everybody you’ve ever met and get down to ‘Esteban’s Car Wash’ down by the beach. Now.”

With the sides of the car washed, Selena reached up and began washing the top, her firm breasts pressed against the glass, moving back and forth rhythmically as she soaped the car. She had to step up on her tip-toes a few times to reach every thing but after five minutes of sliding her young, gleaming body across the car she finished. Grabbing the hose again she rinsed the car down until all the soap was gone. Now completely soaked from head to toe she walked over to the driver’s side window and knocked. “Do you want a wax and buff?” she asked the customer cheerfully as the window came down.

“Oh God yes,” the customer groaned.

“Oh God yes,” Steve muttered from the bushes, his once again hard cock in his hand as he watched Selena bend at the waist to soak her sponge. He imagined licking the dripping water from her barely concealed body as she started waxing the car.

“Oh God yes,” a voice whispered from off to the side and Steve quickly turned and saw one of the employees, Jose, crouched down jacking off as he stared lustfully at Selena.

“Madre dios,” another voice said from his other side and both Steve and Jose turned and saw another employee, Juan, off to the side masturbating as he leered at Selena.

Suddenly a rustling in the bushes caught all three men’s attention and they looked behind them and saw another employee, Mike, with a shocked look on his face as they all four stared at each other.

Suddenly they all realized what they had all caught themselves doing and quickly tried to stuff their hard pricks back into their pants. “Isn’t anybody working?” Steve asked, trying to sound official with a tent in his pants.

Juan looked towards Selena and then back at the embarrassed group. “She’s the only one with any cars.”

After eight exhausting hours, and several hand cramps later, Steve was sitting in his father’s office running through the days receipts. He was so astonished by the numbers he barely even heard his cousin come in.

“How’d we do today?” Selena asked, still wet from all the cars she had washed. The chill from the cheap air conditioner quickly caused her nipples to draw up hard and goosebumps to spread across her barely concealed body. She grabbed a towel and began drying her hair, her arms raised, pulling her breasts up high in her chest as they jiggled around in her bikini top and finally drawing Steve’s attention.

“Pretty… Pretty good,” Steve mumbled as Selena bent down and began drying her legs, her tits dangling below her. “In fact, we doubled our usual profits,” he said, his sore and spent prick beginning to twitch inside of his underwear.

Selena threw the towel to the side, shock across her face and her hair wild and mussed. “How? I was the only one with any cars,” she said in disbelief.

“Nonetheless…” Steve said with his arms open in a shrug.

Selena squealed and jumped up and down in excitement, her tan and luscious body jiggling before she jumped at Steve and hugged him tightly to her slick chest. He automatically began licking the salt from her cleavage as he slid his hands around her to cope a feel of their tight, pert ass. Selena squealed in shock and jumped back from her horny cousin. “Steve, you’re so bad,” she giggled as she playfully swatted at him, far to used to his schoolboy crush on her to pay it any attention to it.

“Yeah, I’m a rebel,” Steve muttered as he sat back down and tried to hide his erection under the desk, amazed that he could even get hard again after their afternoon’s marathon whack-off session.

“Well, well, well,” a voice called out from just outside the office door. Suddenly the door opened to reveal a older, middle-aged man with brittle, sun bleached hair and a orange spray-on tan. “Who do we have here?” he said as he leered at Selena’s tight, golden body.

Selena suddenly felt completely exposed beneath the old guy’s creepy stare and unconsciously tried to cover her mostly visible body.

Suddenly Uncle Esteban pushed the man to the side and Steve quickly gave up the office chair. “She is my niece Selena and you do not talk to her,” he said sternly as he sat down. “Selena, this is Vic Surge. Do not talk to him.”

Vic laughed evilly, his eyes lingering on Selena before turning his attention to Esteban. “I’m here to sweeten my offer to buy your run-down car wash. Say, by twenty percent.”

“No!” Esteban barked, startling everyone with Selena jumping a little and causing Vic and Steve to stare at her slightly jiggling ass and tits from the corners of their eyes. “I will not sell to a man such as yourself, Mr. Surge,” Esteban said as he glared at Vic.

“And what if I don’t feel like taking ‘no’ as an answer?” Vic said as he slid a finger across Esteban’s desk as if he was inspecting it. “After all, once the bank forecloses on you, allowing me to buy your sad little car wash even cheaper, this will be my office.” He turned and leered at Selena as he licked his lips wolfishly. “And my employees.”

“But it’s not yours yet, Surge,” Ace said as he stepped into the office behind Vic.

“Wow, this office didn’t seem to be able to hold so many people a couple of minutes ago,” Steve noticed.

Ace loomed over Vic and pointed a finger at the older man’s chest. “Esteban told you to leave and I think that’s a really good idea,” he said, winking at Selena and sending a blush across the top of her chest as she smiled coyly back at him.

As Ace loomed mightily over Vic, Selena unconsciously stopped trying to cover her body and Steve couldn’t help but notice how hard his cousin’s nipples were. He looked from Selena’s chest to the tall muscular, and quite frankly as far as Steve was concerned, not all that handsome man that had barged into the office. “Who the heck are you?” he asked jealously.

Ace looked over at the tiny young man next to Selena and nodded a greeting at him.

“…sir,” Steve added quickly.

“Ace,” he replied, “And you must be Esteban’s son Steve which makes you Selena’s cousin.”

“Step-cousin,” Steve added defensively.

“Now that we’ve all met,”
said, trying not to appear scared of the young man poking him in the chest, “Are you going to sign the papers or not?”

“No!” Esteban yelled in Spanish, “I will not sell to a man such as you. Get out of my car wash!”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Ace added with another poke at Vic’s chest.

“Fine,” Vic said as he took a step back from Ace before adjusting his suit. “But just remember this, after I buy your car wash from the bank for half of what I offered you, I gave you a chance,” he said before walking stiffly out of the office and taking a good look at Selena’s taunt, tan ass as he left.

Selena began clapping in joy and jumping up and down, her fit body jiggling and her firm breasts nearly falling out of her top. “Oh, Ace, that was wonderful,” she squealed before giving him a hug, molding her body against his.

“Guys like that are all the same,” Ace said as he hugged Selena back, “All talk, no action.”

Selena broke the hug and looked up into Ace’s eyes, staring dreamily at him. “Speaking of action, what brings you by?”

Ace smiled down as Selena and almost seemed to blush with embarrassment. “Well, I was wondering if, you know, you’d like to go out to… I mean if you’re hungry…”

“I’d love to,” Selena squealed as she jumped up and down with delight, nobody noticing the look of jealousy on Steve’s face. “Just give me a couple of minutes to get changed.”

“I’ll be outside,” Ace said as he and Steve watched Selena’s ass as she scurried out of the office. Turning back to Esteban and Steve he nodded his head and said, “Esteban, good to see you again. And Steve, a pleasure to meet you,” before he left the office.

In the spare bedroom she usually stayed at when visiting, Selena closed the door behind her and stripped out of her bikini. She walked naked across the room and began tearing through her dresser, her plump ass pointed back directly at the window she had no idea Steve was peeking through. She had literally packed no clothes other than bikinis expecting to just spend her time at the beach and since Ace had already seen her in her blouse and jeans she had no choice but to find some old clothes to wear.

Standing outside Selena’s bedroom, perched on a box to be able to see through the high set window, Steve amazed himself by being able to still masturbate to his cousin again. He lost count of how many loads he had unleashed so far today but as he stared at Selena’s golden ass he found himself wondering how long it took to develop carpel tunnel syndrome.

It had been a couple of years since Selena had last visited Miami which meant that the clothes in the dresser were a bit small for her now that she had developed more, and even worse, out of style. Holding a small blouse in front of her she looked into the mirror for a quick second before throwing it over her shoulder and digging some more. Unabashedly naked she went through everything in the room, twice, before deciding that she would just try for a slightly retro look since she couldn’t find anything even remotely in style.

Deciding on a pair scarlet bikini cut panties and matching bra she grabbed a pair of jeans and a tank-top before walking over to the bed and laying them down as Steve continued jacking off outside the window. His hard prick was red and worn and slightly painful but that didn’t stop him from masturbating as Selena got dressed. She started with the panties, struggling to slip them over her luscious ass, hopping up and down, her breasts wobbling as she finally got them on. She started with the jeans next, faded and worn and at least a size too small. She groaned as she jumped up and down again and then laid down on the bed, her tits pulled slightly to their sides due to gravity and swaying like jello on her chest.

Selena stood up and did a few stretches trying to stretch the denim but it was a lost cause, they were just to tight and she’d just have to endure the feel of the jeans fitting her like a second skin. She tried the bra next but but realized that her more ample breasts couldn’t even fit into the cups, she couldn’t even get the flimsy bit of material to fasten. Giving totally up on the bra she pulled the low cut tank-top on, the tight material constricting her chest and pushing her cleavage up to spill out the top.

Steve could not believe how his cousin had been able to pour herself into the clothes that she hadn’t worn for at least two years and that were all so tight they could have been just a clever tattoo. He finally came as she started to do her make-up, shooting a couple of weak loads onto the wall before he collapsed onto the ground. “Jesus, how long until she goes home?” he muttered weakly as he struggled to catch his breath and find the strength to get up. From inside Selena’s room he heard her talking to herself and his eyes shot open with fear when he heard her say, “I wonder if Steve has a shirt I can borrow?”

Shooting to his feet, Steve completely forgot to tuck his spent penis back into his pants as he raced around the side of the building. As he got to his bedroom window he heard Selena knocking on his door, asking if he was in there. In desperation he yanked the screen down and fought to open the window enough to let him in. Falling to his bedroom floor he shot up again and ran to his bedroom door.

“Steve, I was wondering if you…” Selena began as the door opened before noticing her cousin. “Why are you sweaty?”

“Um, hard day at work?” he said feebly.

“That was an hour ago and you’re an accountant,” Selena told him.

“Do I tell you how to do your job?” Steve said defensively, “You wanted something?”

Selena slapped her forehead. “Oh yeah, do you have a button-up I can borrow? My T-shirt is kinda sheer,” she said innocently as she motioned to her tightly wrapped chest, her nipples clearly visible.

Steve stared at his cousin’s chest until she sighed in frustration and smacked him on the forehead. “Ow!”

Selena placed her hands on her hips and scowled at her cousin. “Stop staring at my tits, perv,” she ordered.

“It’s not my fault!” he whined, “They’re just, like, there.”

“Button-up shirt or I’m gonna pop you in the nose,” Selena threatened the same she had done since she and Steve had been kids.

“Fine, fine,” Steve said in surrender as he stepped to the side and let Selena in. “Help yourself but I’m telling dad you threatened me.”

“And I’ll tell him your dick’s out,” Selena said matter of factly as she walked past Steve and he looked down at his exposed, soft prick.

Five minutes later Selena strutted out and met Ace at the curb. “Wow, nice jeans,” he said with a charming laugh. She was wearing a dark red button-up shirt over a tight, black T-shirt with a plunging neck line that she had found in Steve’s closet and replaced her indecent tank-top with, the shirt so tight it pressed her tan cleavage nearly over the top thanks to Steve being on the skinny side, and her hard nipples were clearly visible.

“Don’t tease,” Selena said with a laugh and she reached up on her tip toes and gave Ace a peck on his cheek, her chest sliding up and down his, “It was all I had to wear. I didn’t expect some charming Ice Cream Vendor to come and protect my honor from some sleaze bag and then ask me out.”

“I’m known for my knightliness,” Ace said with a chuckle. “Can I help you up onto my steed,” he said as he held his arm out to his ice cream van.

“You don’t have a regular car?” Selena asked with a giggle as Ace held the door open for her.

“‘Fraid not,” Ace said unashamedly as he watched Selena’s tightly cover ass as she climbed in. “Gotta save up that money,”

“Is that a bed,” Selena gasped in surprise.

“Gotta save up that money,” Ace repeated as he got behind the wheel.

“Wait, are you telling me that you live in your van?” Selena asked in wonder.

“Gotta save up that money,” Ace said as he put the van in gear and pulled out onto the street. “You mind if we make a quick stop”

“Have to gas up your house?” Selena asked with a giggle.

“Something like that,” Ace said as he pulled down a street heading towards the beach. After five minutes he pulled into a small basketball court looking out over the ocean. “And we’re here,” he announced as he slid past Selena, their chests rubbing together as he got into the back of the van.

“We’re here where?” Selena asked as she looked out the side of the van.

“Gotta make that money,” Ace said with a chuckle as he slid open the window to the van and turned on the ice cream maker.

Selena stared at Ace in shock and wonder. Was he really suggesting what she thought he was suggesting? His idea of a date with her was selling ice cream? She couldn’t believe it. Here she was, looking hot as hell despite the out of fashion clothes, and he expected her to work for him? This was the quickest let down on a date she had ever had. She had gone from planning on fucking him to irritated as hell with him in five minutes.

Ace saw the frown on Selena’s face and smiled to himself. “Trust me, this’ll be fun,” he said as he pointed out the window, “I think you have your first customer.”

Selena looked out the
and saw a young boy waving up at the window. Shrugging her shoulders she decided to play along before poking her head out the window. “Can I help you?” she asked, not noticing the way her firm, tan breasts were nearly spilling out of the top of her shirt.

The boy looked up in wide eyed wonder at the abundant cleavage filling his vision, his mouth open in slack jawed astonishment.

“You want some ice cream?” she asked, trying to help the boy make up his mind. She pointed at the side of the van where the pictures of the various frozen treats were, accidentally sending a jiggling wave through her breasts.

The boy nodded his head dumbly as he continued staring at the woman’s breasts.

Ace handed Selena a ice cream cone and she traded the cone for the boy’s wadded up bundle of bills before he ran off into the distance. Popping her head back into the van she handed Ace the sweaty bills. “He ran away before I could give him his change,” she said with a frown on her face.

Ace just smirked as he took the money and set it off to the side for when the kid got back and pointed out the window. “Still have some more customers,” he said playfully.

Selena rolled her eyes at Ace before poking her head back out the window. A small group of children waited outside, all with wads of bills in their little hands. She took their orders one at a time as they stared up at her, handing out their treats as they handed her their money. They were cute little guys and girls and kept complementing her on her hair and her eyes, making her smile. Except for the boys, there were mostly silent. More and more children started showing up and she never noticed that they were mostly boys soon followed by their fathers for some reason. But it had been a hot day so she figured they they would want to cool down as well.

As the evening wore on, Selena found herself having more and more fun, enjoying the attention the kids were giving her. And not noticing how much her golden cleavage was slowly sliding out of the top of her shirt as she bent down to give the kids and their dads their ice creams. Or how much older her customers were getting. Or how much Ace couldn’t stop himself from staring at her ass every time she bent out the window. She had a permanent smile on her face as she worked, not even concerned with how hot it was or noticing how much her shirt had become transparent with her sweat.

Patting Selena on the shoulder, Ace whispered into her ear, “We’re gonna have to take a break. I need to fill up the machine again.” As he whispered into her ear he couldn’t help but press himself up against her taunt body and nearly groaned as she pressed her plump ass against his groin as she leaned out of the window.

“Sorry, folks, but we have to take a short break,” Selena said with a sunny smile and closed the window unaware of the groans of disappointment from her now older and all male customers. She turned around to Ace and practically jumped up and down in excitement, her tan cleavage practically jumping out of her top. “OhmyGod this is so much fun!” she squealed, “How much did I sell?”

Ace smiled and tried to tear his eyes away from Selena’s wobbling chest. “Well, you certainly have topped anything I’ve ever done here,” he chuckled knowingly.

Selena squealed in glee again and hugged Ace tightly. “Steve said the same thing at the car wash,” she beamed with pride, “I must be a natural saleswoman or something.” She noticed Ace chuckling at her and pouted at him with her hands defiantly on her hips. “Hey, why’re you laughing?”

Nodding at the massive amount of cleavage Selena was baring, Ace said, “I think I’ve figured out the secret to your success.”

Looking down at the top of her very visible areolas, Selena gasped in shock and blushed in embarrassment as she tried to cover her greatly exposed chest. “Eeee… Why didn’t you tell me I was flashing a bunch of kids!?”

“Because I couldn’t see the front of you until just now,” Ace laughed as Selena playfully slapped him on his shoulder.

“That’s not funny,” Selena pouted, “I just jump-stared puberty in about a dozen kids!”

“Way more than that,” Ace chuckled. He managed to stop himself from laughing and looked sweetly at Selena. “If it makes you feel any better, this is just about the best day of sales I’ve had in a while.”

Suddenly Selena’s dark eyes shot open.

“What’s the matter?” Ace asked with a chuckle, “You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“You’re a total genius!” Selena shouted with a girlish squeal before wrapping her arms around Ace’s broad shoulder and kissing him. She pressed her body firmly against him as she slid her warm, pink tongue into his mouth, her arms tightening around him. She broke the kiss and looked deep into his eyes.

It took Ace a moment to get his breath back as he held Selena tightly against him. “Not that I’m gonna debate you but why exactly am I a genius?”

“You gave me a idea,” Selena said with a giggle as she wiggled her body against Ace.

“Wanna tell me what idea I gave you?” Ace asked with a chuckle.

“Nope,” Selena’s said with a smirk.

Ace cocked an eyebrow at the sexy, excited young woman. “A woman of mystery, huh? Well, is there some kind of reward?”

Selena pretended to think over Ace’s question. “I guess you could say that,” she said with a knowing smile before kissing him deeply. She slid her tongue into his mouth again before kissing down to his chin, her arms going lower down his back. She pulled his shirt out of his pants as she kissed down to his chest and he helped her take his shirt off. She moaned at the taste of him as she licked down from his chest to his rippling abs, circling his belly button with her tongue before licking down to the top of his pants.

Showing that she could do more with her mouth than just sing, Selena undid his pants with her teeth, exposing the V of muscle below his abs and the start of his pubic hair. He helped her pull his pants down as she gripped the top of his underwear and pulled them down far enough to free his thick, hard, pulsing cock. She groaned in desire as she stared at it for a moment, her hot pussy gushing at the thought of it being inside of her soon. Pulling his pants down to his thighs, she grabbed his muscular ass, squeezing tight enough to leave fingerprints as she used her talented tongue to draw the tip of his prick into her mouth.

As large as the van was, Ace still had to bend over in order to stand and let Selena suck his cock into her mouth. Even on her knees in front of him she had to bend low to bring him inside of her because of the height of the van but her tongue and mouth had no difficulty in swallowing him. She sucked him in slowly, her scarlet lips drawn tight around him, her tongue exploring every veiny inch of his shaft as she swallowed more and more of his cock. He ached in need as she expertly drew him deeper and deeper into her mouth until his sensitive cock-head was bumping against the back of her mouth. “Oh wow,” he gasped suddenly, shocked at the amount of talent she was showing already.

As much as she liked the feel and taste of Ace’s cock in her mouth, Selena’s neck quickly started hurting from the awkward angle. Wrapping her tongue as firmly as she could around his shaft and sucking as hard as she could, she slowly pulled her head back from him, causing Ace to groan above her and she smiled with pride as he popped out of her mouth.

“Oh wow,” Ace gasped in amazement as he looked down at Selena on her knees staring up at him. “I mean… Just… Wow,” he stammered.

“Thanks,” Selena said with a giggle, ” Now, get out of those clothes.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ace chuckled as Selena began stripping. In only a few moments they were both completely naked on their knees, their bodies pressed together firmly enough to cause Selena’s firm tits to bulge out from her sides as they kissed. He began moving them back until her plump ass was against the small bed and he gave her tan cheeks a hard squeeze before pushing her onto her back. She spread her legs for him and he managed to wedge himself between her firm thighs until he was staring hungrily at her wet pussy.

“Fuck yes,” Selena gasped out as Ace slowly licked her wet slit. His tongue was magic as it began exploring between her legs making her pussy practically gush with desire. His hands traced from her ass to her chest and back again, never settling on just one area, flowing over her over-heated body like water until she was quivering in wet lust. As his tongue circled her needy clit her leg kicked out, her foot nearly breaking the glass of the rear door.

Selena’s eyes shot open in surprise as she looked from the glass then down the length of her body to the top of Ace’s handsome face between her legs. She could tell he was grinning from the twinkle in his eye and giggled. “You need a bigger van.”

Ace began crawling up Selena’s golden body until he was leaning down above her, his throbbing cock-head poised at the entrance to her hot pussy. “Gotta save that money,” he said with a charming grin before sliding the first inch of his cock into Selena’s tight cunt.

Selena groaned in pleasure as she raised her hips up to meet Ace’s thick
He parted her tight walls slowly, giving her time to get used to his cock sliding into her, parting her hot, wet pussy She began biting down on his shoulder as she wrapped her legs around his hips, sweat breaking out across her forehead and the tops of her chest as a flush crept through her, her eyes clamped shut as she concentrated on the pleasure she was feeling.

As Ace bottomed out in Selena’s hot cunt he could feel his cum bloated balls resting on her compacted ass-cheeks. She moaned in pleasure below him and he waited for her to get used to him as she rolled her hips up and down and from side to side. Finally her beautiful body began to calm down and she slowly opened her eyes, her lids fluttering as she looked up at him. He bent down and kissed her, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest and her hard nipples scrapping against his skin.

Ace pulled out slowly until just the tip of his cock-head was resting inside of Selena’s hot, tight pussy. He slid back in slowly and she groaned in pleasure as he bottomed out inside of her again and began pulling back out. He fucked her slow and deep, pulling moans and groans of pleasure from her gasping mouth with every stroke. She rolled her hips up until she was drawing her erect clit across his lower abdomen and he matched her until she was fucking up against him, meeting his every thrust in perfect unison.

A small spasm of pain in his back made Ace wince for a moment and he held himself down until it passed. Selena saw his pained look and smiled sweetly. “I guess this means you don’t exactly have a lot of experience fucking girls in the back of your van, huh?” she giggled.

“Not exactly,” Ace huffed with a small grin.

“Switch,” Selena said playfully and they awkwardly began switching places. When Ace was flat on his back, Selena crawled on top of him, burying his thick, hard cock in her hungry pussy, her head bowed slightly beneath the roof of the van. She held her palms flat against the roof, her firm breasts high and tight on her chest as she began rolling her hips back and forth. She fucked Ace slowly until she got used to the dimensions of the van.

Ace reached up and cupped Selena’s swaying breasts firmly, rolling her hard nipples between his fingertips and causing her to coo in pleasure as she began riding him faster. Her firm tits jiggled in his hands as she gasped in pleasure, sweat spilling down her face and landing on his chest. He released one of her brown breasts and reached down to cup a firm, jiggling ass-cheek, squeezing it firmly and helping her ride him faster. She moaned out loudly in pleasure as his fingertips slid over her puckered asshole, riding him even faster and harder.

“Oh God, yes,” Selena groaned out as Ace’s hands slid over her body, bringing her to the brink of orgasm and leaving her there. His cock and hands seemed like they were playing her body like a musical instrument as she rode him harder, faster, becoming desperate to feel him cum, to shoot his thick load inside of her. She braced her hands on his broad chest, holding him down as she fucked him deeper, his hand holding one of her tits and the other cupping her ass. “Jesus your cock feels so fucking good!” she gasped out loud.

“You’re doing most of the work,” Ace groaned before leaning up and capturing Selena’s free tit with his lips. He sucked hard on her nipple, lashing it with his tongue, scrapping her sensitive brown scene with his teeth.

“Jesus fucking Christ that feels so good!” Selena yelled out in pleasure as her body seized. “I’m cumming! Oh God I’m cumming!” she squealed as her already tight pussy gripped down on Ace’s wonderful prick, rippling around his shaft as her hot juices gushed out from around the seal of his thick meat throbbing inside of her. His cock exploded inside of her and she could feel his thick cum filling her spasming pussy as he groaned breather her. She bent down and he released her ass as he wrapped his arm around her neck, kissing her deeply as they rode out their orgasms.

Selena collapsed against Ace’s chest, his softening cock still inside of her leaking pussy. “Jesus Christ that was… that was…” she panted.

“Yeah, that was,” Ace agreed as he held Selena close to him and kissed the top of her head. “Care to tell me what my idea was now?” he asked playfully.

“Nope,” Selena said with a giggle.

“Gotta love a woman of mystery.”

Outside of the van a small group of children were asking their fathers why the two ice cream vendors were praying so loudly.

Chapter 05

“Hooker, why are you calling me so early,” Chloe said as she pulled her long, wavy blonde hair out of her face, “We haven’t even woke up yet.”

“What?” Selena asked innocently, “It’s, like, what? Nine AM there?”

“Bitch, check your math, it’s, like, seven in the morning,” Chloe said as she sat up in bed, her small breasts sliding above the comforter.

“Chloe Moretz, you should watch your language,” Selena giggled, “Besides, I got news to share.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Chloe said as she pulled the comforter completely off to reveal her petite, naked body, “Taylor already told us you fucked some random guy at the airport.”

“No. I mean yeah, but no. That’s not this and Taylor has a big mouth,” Selena said as she rolled over in bed. She was dressed in only a white T-shirt that she had borrowed from Ace and it had rolled up over her hips.

From outside of Selena’s window, Steve slowly pulled his hardening cock out of his pants as he stared at Selena’s exposed pussy. “Oh God forgive me,” he whimpered as he began masturbating.

“So who did you fuck?” Chloe asked as she nuzzled against the girl sleeping next to her.

“I didn’t just ‘fuck’ him,” Selena said defensively, “We made love.” She giggled as she rolled over in bed again.

“I thought you were visiting your uncle,” Chloe asked as she delicately cupped the girl’s small, firm tit, “So where did this act of love making take place?”

“Well, in the back of his van but that’s not the point…” Selena began before Chloe interrupted her.

“Ha! Did he pick you up in the park?” Chloe giggled as the girl slowly began to wake up.

“It’s not like that,” Selena said defensively, “It was really very sweet.”

Chloe began nuzzling at her friend’s small breasts as the girl cooed above her. “Fine. Tell me about your night of sweet loving making in the van down by the river,” she giggled as she put her phone on speaker and placed it on the bedside table. “Good morning, Miss Steinfeld,” she whispered.

Hailee smiled warmly as Chloe kissed her, running her fingers through her long, dark hair. She tried to tell the blonde girl good morning as well but Chloe hushed her by placing her finger on her lips.

Selena slid up in bed, sitting up against the headboard. “Well first, I met a guy named Ace. He sells ice cream and he’s, like, drop dead gorgeous. Plus he loves kids and puppies,” she giggled.

“Soft and sexy. Nice,” Chloe said as she sat up in bed and threw all the bed clothes to the floor leaving her and Hailee completely exposed. She smiled widely as the brunette girl slowly began kissing her from her lips to her jaw, Hailee’s hands softly playing with her breasts.

“Totally,” Selena agreed as she began offhandedly playing with a hard nipple through her T-shirt. “So I met him on the way to my uncle’s and he gave me free ice cream and everything. Then I have to help out at the car wash, which is a totally different story, and I totally made soooo much money. Seriously, I’m, like, a total natural at car washing. Then Steve totally starts perving out on me but that’s a whole other thing.”

Chloe moaned as Hailee kissed down to her chest, licking lightly at her small, sensitive breasts. “Mmm, you’ve got a whole lot of things in your hands,” she said as Hailee licked from one breast to the other. She opened her legs to let the brunette girl lay down as she nursed at her chest.

“Tell me about it,” Selena agreed as she lightly squeezed her firm breast. “So anyway, this total skeez of a old guy shows up and threatens to foreclose on my uncle’s car wash which it yet still a whole other thing.”

Chloe giggled as Hailee licked down from her chest to her soft stomach. “So many things in Florida,” she moaned softly as Hailee toyed with her belly button.

“I know, right?” Selena agreed as her hand drifted lower down her barely covered body. “So Ace totally saved me and scared off the skeezy guy and then asked me out. He was soooo chivalrous. So first I had to find some clothes ‘coz all I brought with me were bikinis but then he was there in his ice cream van and took me out.”

“A knight and his valiant steed,” Chloe said breathlessly as Hailee threw her slender legs over her shoulders and wrapped her arms around her thighs.

“So anyway, I find out he actually lives in his van and his whole idea of a date was to take me out and show me how to sell ice cream,” Selena said with a giggle as she slowly pulled her T-shirt up over her chest and began toying with her hard nipples. She knew she shouldn’t be touching herself like this while on the phone but it felt so naughty that she couldn’t resist as she remembered
that had happened last night. “And I rule at selling ice cream by the way,” she said as she continued with her story and slowly slid her hand down her body and spread her legs wide.

“Mmm… Get to the good parts already,” Chloe moaned as she bit her bottom lip. Hailee looked up at her with a knowing smirk at her double entendre. Chloe moaned as the brunette girl slowly licked up her dewy labia and circled her clit with her tongue.

Selena slid her hands down her body and cupped her heated groin, squeezing herself as her eyes fluttered. “Are… Are you yawn… yawning again. How long… How long does it take you to… to wake up?” she said as her juices trickled out from between her fingers.

“Just… Just get to the good part,” Chloe gasped as she wound her fingers through Hailee’s hair with one hand and squeezed one of her own small breasts with the other.

“You’re such a pervert,” Selena giggled as she squeezed her juicy pussy repeatedly. “So Ace gave me this good… good idea so I gave him a bit of an reward,” she said breathlessly as she slid one of her fingers into her gooey pussy.

“Mmmm yeah,” Chloe moaned as Hailee slid her pink tongue between her moist pussy-lips, teasing the blonde girl.

“Oh he had such a pretty cock,” Selena moaned as she slid a second finger into her hot, wet pussy, “So thick and hard and it stretched me in all the right places.” She kept the phone at her ear instead putting it on speaker because she didn’t want Chloe to hear what she was doing. “It was kind of awkward in the van because the ice cream stuff took up most if the space but his dick reached deep inside of me, just, it hit all the right places, y’know?” she said as she licked her lips and humped up against her hand.

Chloe groaned as Hailee circled her tongue with her clit and slid a finger into her tight, horny hole. She rocked her hips up and down against the brunette star’s hand as she began panting in lust. “More, more,” she moaned lustfully.

Selena moaned with her friend as she spread her thighs wider, sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt as she circled her clit with her thumb. “God it was hot. His cock just seemed to move on it’s own, just hitting and rubbing all the right places inside me. It was kinda uncomfortable but there was no way I was going to stop, it just felt to good,” she said as she almost dropped her phone. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated at remembering all the ways Ace as pleasured her while she continued her story.

Outside of his cousin’s window, Steve blew his second load while Selena continued masturbating as she talked on the phone.

Selena failed to suppress a groan as she laid side-ways on the bed, the juncture of her thighs unknowingly wide open to her cousin. “So eventually I got on top and just rode him, it was so hot. His hands just flowed over me, just knowing where to go, y’know? It was like he was a mind reader or something and I just rode his dick like I owned it.”

“Ride it like you stole it,” Chloe groaned as Hailee slid her wonderful tongue as deep as she could into her dripping pussy. Chloe began squeezing her small tits with both if her hands, kneading her breasts like they were dough.

“Oh God it was so hot,” Selena groaned as she humped her groin up to meet her hand, her fingers a blur as they tumbled inside of her. “I came soooo hard,” she gasped as she tried to quiet her moans and failed. Suddenly her orgasm over took her, her tan body twitching in pleasure as her juices gushed out and soaked her hand.

“Oh God I’m cumming!” Chloe shouted out as her orgasm roared over her. She locked her slender thighs around Haliee’s head and grounded her spasming cunt against the young girl’s face as she rode out her orgasm while pinching her bright pink nipples between her fingertips.

“Oh God,” Steve grunted in shame as he covered the outside of Selena’s window for the forth time, his cock chapped and swollen.

A silly grin slid over Selena’s panting face as she came down from her orgasm until she realized what Chloe had just said. “Wait. Did you just say you were cumming? Are you fucking masturbating to my story?”

“No,” Chloe giggled as Hailee slid up her body and kissed her without cleaning Chloe’s sweet cum from her mouth and chin. “Hailee was eating me out while we were both listening to your story.”

“Am I on speaker phone?” Selena asked incredulously, “That is so rude. And Hailee who? Hailee Steinfeld? What is it with you and brunettes?”

“Everybody needs a hobby,” Chloe said as Hailee cuddled up against her chest.

Selena giggled despite herself. “What is it with my friends and phone sex? Anyway, I gotta go talk to Uncle Esteban and Steve about work so I’ll talk to you later,” she said cheerfully.

“Later,” Chloe said before reaching over hand clicking off her phone. Her hand drifted down the table to the bottom drawer. She kissed Hailee on the top of her head and whispered lovingly, “Get on your hands and knees,”

Hailee giggled as she got on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. She waited patiently for Chloe to get ready and wiggled her ass enticingly.

“Who’s your daddy now?” Chloe asked gruffly as she placed the tip of her thick, black strap-on at the entrance to Haliee’s tiny little pussy.

“You are, Chloe. You’re my daddy,” Hailee said excitedly as the small blonde girl began shoving the hard, long fake cock into her horny pussy. Her tight walls slowly separated as the black phallus pushed into her, stretching her tightly as Chloe gripped her hips. The “Kick Ass” actress yanked her hair back as she filled her causing Hailee to moan out in pleasure.

“That’s right, I’m your daddy,” Chloe grinned wickedly as her plastic cock bottomed out inside of Hailee. “And who has the best cock, Hailee. Whose cock feels the best fucking you?”

“Your cock, daddy,” Hailee moaned as Chloe slowly started fucking her, her warm juices trickling down the insides of her thighs. “My daddy has the best cock and she fucks her little girl with it whenever she wants.”

Chloe kept a firm grip on Hailee’s hips as she rocked herself back and forth, her own chest heaving as she panted in lust over the brunette girl. “That’s right, little girl. Daddy has the best cock and she fucks her little girl’s naughty pussy whenever she wants,” she grunted as she fucked Hailee faster, her small breasts jiggling on her chest as Hailee’s dangled beneath her. She reached under Hailee’s chest and palmed her small tits, her own breasts pressed against Hailee’s back. “You take daddy’s cock,” she whispered into the brunette girl’s ears, “You take everything daddy has to give his little girl.”

“Fuck me, daddy!” Hailee squealed out in joy as Chloe fucked her relentlessly, “Gimme your cock and make me cum!”

Chloe straightened up and slapped Hailee’s jiggling ass. “Don’t you tell daddy what to do,” she said sternly as she continued paddling Hailee, “Daddy tells you what to do!” She buried her strap-on deep inside of the brunette girl’s dripping pussy and wiggled it around a bit before sliding it out. She stood up on the bed and placed her fists on her slender hips. “Now suck daddy’s dick,” she ordered.

Hailee turned around and sat on her knees as she looked innocently up at Chloe. “Yes, daddy,” she said shyly before grabbing the base of the black plastic dick and opening her mouth wide. She slid the slick fake cock over her tongue before wrapping her lips around it and tasting her own juices on the plastic phallus. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked as hard as she could and Chloe gripped the sides of her head, never breaking eye contact.

Chloe started fucking Hailee’s mouth slowly, building up momentum until the brunette girl was easily taking her cock down her throat. She fucked Hailee’s mouth until drool was coming out of the corner of her lips, sliding down her chin and dripping onto her small, firm tits. Hailee slid her hands around until she was gripping Chloe’s tight ass, holding her in her mouth completely. Chloe smiled down at Hailee and patted her on her head. “Good girl, Daddy’s favorite girl,” she said as she stroked the brunette girl’s hair, “Now get on your back and spread your legs for daddy.”

Hailee eagerly complied, flipping around to lay down on her back while raising her legs up and grabbing her ankles. “Are you gonna fuck me, daddy?” she asked with a wide grin in her face, “Are you gonna fuck your little princess with your big, hard cock?”

“Fuck yeah I am,” Chloe growled as she climbed between Hailee’s wide spread legs and positioned the tip of her dildo at the entrance to the brunette haired girl’s drooling pussy. She kissed Hailee deeply as she slid her fake prick into her tiny pussy, making her groan into her mouth as she bottomed out in her gooey cunt. She began thrusting in slow but quickly built up her speed, slamming into her as their small breasts jiggled wildly in their chests.

Squealing in joy, Hailee wrapped her legs around Chloe’s slender waist as she wrapped her arms around the blonde girl’s neck. She raised her hips up to meet Chloe’s hard thrusts, grunting with every impact as Chloe fucked her rough, fast, and deep. Both girls panted
and moaned
in unison as their bodies rose up to orgasm, Chloe bearing down on Hailee and Hailee arching her back gracefully.

Suddenly Hailee cried out as she came, her small pussy gripping down as her orgasm crashed over her, triggering Chloe’s own orgasm. Both girls pussies gushed as they came, drenching the sheets and mattress as they rode their orgasms, their young bodies spasming and twitching in pleasure as they wrapped their arms and legs tightly around each other as they came down from their sexual highs.

As her body relaxed fully, Chloe rolled limply off of Hailee, her fake, black cock pointing straight up into their air. She looked down at her sticky strap-on and then over at the panting Hailee. “And you just wanted to buy porn and lingerie,” she said with a smirk as Hailee cuddled up against her heaving chest.

“God bless Amazon,” Hailee panted.

“And God bless Selena’s story telling abilities.”

Hailee snorted as she touted with one of Chloe’s small, firm tits. “The next Shakespeare, I’m sure,” she said and both girls broke out into fits of laughter.

As the two actresses snuggled into their bed, Selena finally rolled out of her bed and put on her bikini as she giggled to herself. “Why are all my friends such perverts?” she asked herself before reaching up and throwing open her window to let the warm Miami Sun shine through. She inhaled the saltwater air and then put on a small robe before leaving to go find her cousin and uncle, unaware Steve was laying under her window with his spent, chapped dick in his hand, groaning in pain.

Selena walked into her uncle’s office and found him behind his desk, looking through his paperwork. “Hey, Uncle Esteban, have you seen Steve?”

Esteban waved his hand dismissively. “That boy been out sneaking around since the sun came up,” he said gruffly. “I’m trying to save his inheritance and he’s off daydreaming.”

“I wasn’t daydreaming,” Steve said defensively as he walked into the office, “I was… was… checking the perimeter. Y’know, for Vic Surge. He could be lurking, you don’t know.”

“Phttt…” Selena said with a dismissive wave of her hand, “Whatever. Anyway, I had a great idea last night on how to make the car wash some money,” she said cheerfully.

“And what’s that?” Esteban said suspiciously. “I won’t take any money!’

“I know, I know,” Selena said with a hint of frustration in her voice.

“So what’s your plan?” Steve asked with the same not of suspicion. “And just remember that unlike my father I’m not against taking money.”

Selena waved her hand at her cousin again before slipping off her robe. The bikini underneath was one of her more conservative ones with a lime green top and a neon orange bottom. “I’m gonna start helping out while wearing a bikini,” she said matter of factly.

“I forbid this!” Esteban said with an angry flush in his cheeks.

“Then let me loan you some money,” Selena said as she placed a hand defiantly on her hip.

“I forbid that as well,” Esteban countered.

“Then Steve can wear the bikini,” Selena answered as she jerked her thumb at her cousin.

Steve paid no attention as he stared at the fleshy underside of his cousin’s exposed ass-cheeks.

“I forbid that most of all,” Esteban replied.

“Fine. It’s settled then,” Selena said with a note of pride.

Esteban tried to see a way out of his niece’s argument and failed. Dropping his head into his hands he mutters, “What’s the world coming to?”

Selena jumped up and down in joy at winning the argument. “It’s coming to the car wash!” she said excitedly. She turned to Steve who was of course staring at her butt. “Steve, you’re my cousin and I love you but you’re also a total perv so you have to help me shop for bikinis. ‘Kay?”

Steve looked wide-eyed at his cousin. “Well, I was raised to always help family,” he said as he slowly broke into a wide smile.

Still cradling his head, Esteban, muttered, “I also raised you not to have impure thought about your cousin and look how that turned out.”

Twenty minutes later, Selena sat her cousin on a chair and placed a beach blanket on his lap. “There. Leave that there, don’t move it, don’t touch it, don’t readjust it, and if somebody asks why it’s there just tell them it’s a safety issue,” she instructed Steve.

Steve threw his hands up at his cousin. “Selena, I’m a mostly grown man, I think I can control myself in public,” he said defensively.

Selena gave Steve a quick peck on his forehead, her firm cleavage just barely inches from his face. She stood back up and looked at the start of a bulge from underneath his towel. “Steve, you’re my cousin and I love you. That being said, you’re a perv,” she told him with an affectionate pat on his head before turning around and entering the changing room.

“You ever think that maybe it’s your fault I’m like this!” Steve called after Selena.

A peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage starts with music legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court starts.

Selena threw back the curtain of the dressing room to show her wearing a black, one piece swimsuit cut high at the hips and low in the chest. She spun around to show that her tight ass was mostly concealed but the high cut lifted up each taunt ass-cheek and Steve nodded his head in approval.

The curtain was thrown open again to show Selena wearing a pale, white one piece cut low in the chest and nearly translucent, her nipples and crotch nearly visible. Steve licked his lips and nodded again.

The curtain opened again and Selena was wearing a bright purple two-piece bikini. The top was somewhat conservative and the bottoms were held up with two strings on either side to help emphasize her hips. Steve rubbed his sweaty hands on his thighs and nodded eagerly.

When the curtain opened again, Selena was wearing a turquoise bikini and did a quick pop and lock to make her cleavage jiggle before standing up seductively. Steve took several moments to stare at his cousin, his eyes wide, before nodding his head.

The peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop music legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court continues as the store clerk came over.

“Hi. I’m Vanessa Hudgens, the story assistant,” the dark haired young woman said politely, trying not to look at the obvious erection lurking under the male customer’s towel. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

The volume of the peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop music legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court turned up as Selena eyed the clerk up and down before she nodded her head eagerly. She yanked Vanessa into the changing room and Steve stared hungrily at the closed curtain as the girls giggled loudly.

The curtain opened to show Selena wearing a lime top with orange bottoms while Vanessa wore a purple top and dark pink bottoms. The girls paraded around, dancing and laughing as Steve’s erect cock throbbed painfully beneath the blanket. Suddenly Selena and Vanessa were joined by several other bikini clad young women, all dancing and parading around the story. Steve’s eyes were wide as he watched helplessly from his chair, unable to move without revealing his erection.

Selena and Vanessa danced together, chest to chest, their hands resting lightly on their hips as they swayed to the music and various other girls danced around them. Eventually the peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop music legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court became quieter and Selena took her new collection of bikinis to the register.

Still in her bikini, Vanessa rang up Selena’s purchases. “Will that be cash or credit?” she asked happily.

Running her hands over her barely covered body, Selena remembered that she had given her credit card to Steve. She ran over to him still in the chair, her bikini clad body jiggling enticingly. “Card please,” she asked as she bent at the waist, her breasts dangling in front of her cousin’s face again as she teased him. He gave her the credit card and she hurried over to check out and leave, Steve’s eyes crawling over her ass as she exited.

As Steve realized that he was now alone with his erection surrounded by barely clothed women he called out after his cousin. “Selena! I’m kinda stuck. Selena!”

Back at the car wash, dressed in one of her revealing bikinis, Selena’s line had already filled up with customers. Every one of her customers were male, all watching her as she cleaned her cars but not all of the men watching her were customers.

“Get over here, Dick!” Vic Surge hissed as he grabbed his son by his shirt and dragged him down into the bushes, “She’ll see you if you keep gawking at her like that.”

“Sorry dad,” Dick said, his eyes never leaving the young, dark skinned girl’s heavenly ass. “Just look at that pooper.”

“That ‘pooper’ is going to put us out of business,” Vic grumbled as he looked at the long line of cars waiting for Esteban’s niece to wash them so that they could ogle her barely covered body.

“What we need is a plan,” Dick said in all seriousness.

looked at
his son like he had just wet himself. “Yes, you dip shit, that’s why I brought you out here to help me come up with a plan.”

“Good idea, dad,” Dick replied. “So what’s the plan?”

Vic just continued to stare at his son. “I knew I should have fought harder for your mother to take you in the divorce,” he said before smacking his son in the back of the head. “We’re here to come up with the plan, you dolt,” he hissed.

“Oh, good idea, dad,” Dick said. He stared at the young girl, her bronzed body glimmering in the Miami sun. “I got nothing.”

“In your head or in your pants?” Vic asked his son. “Now shut up so I can think of something.”

Dick stared at the brown beauty, his dick throbbing in his pants. “To bad they don’t make time machines yet. You could go back and steal her idea.”

Vic stared dumbly at his son before a slow, wicked grin spread across his face. “I may not have a time machine, you drooling moron, but I do believe I can still steal their idea and improve it.”

As lunch time approached, Selena apologized to the customers that she hadn’t gotten to yet and they unanimously told her it was fine and that they would just sit there and wait. Grabbing a towel she walked into the office and found Ace waiting with Steve. “Ace!” she squeaked and ran into his strong arms. Her lips immediately attacked his mouth as she pressed her body against his, her breasts bulging out of the sides of her bikini as she held herself to his broad chest and Steve watched jealously. “What brings you here so soon?” she asked as she slid down the front of his muscular body until her feet reached the floor.

“I wasn’t planning on stopping by until after you got off work,” Ace said with a broad smile, sunlight glinting off of his perfect teeth, “But I saw something strange over by one of Vic’s car washes and wanted to tell you. I didn’t have time to stop by but he seemed to have double his usual amount of customers. Something is afoot if you ask me.”

“Hmmm, certainly sounds fishy,” Selena said with a serious look on her face.

“I’d check it out myself but I’m due to pass out puppies and kittens at the local childrens hospital,” Ace said as he stared far off out the window and Steve rolled his eyes in disgust.

“Awww, that’s so sweet,” Selena cooed before pulling herself up his body and kissing him again before whispering in his ear. “You are soooo getting the blow-job of your life after work.”

Steve rolled his eyes again. “Guys, I’m right hear and I can hear you,” he said in frustration.

When Selena reached the floor again she grabbed Steve’s wrist and yanked him towards the door. “Come on, we’ve got some investigating to do!” Pulling him down the street she didn’t notice Steve staring at her ass, the under swell of each brown cheek exposed and with a small jiggle to them with each step. Finally they found their way to Vic’s closest car wash and Selena led them to a dumpster behind the building. She bent forward to peek around the dumpster with Steve pressed up against her, his erect cock nestled between her warm cheeks. “What is all that?” she whispered back at her cousin.

“Nothing!” Steve blurted out before realizing what Selena was looking at. At Vic’s car wash he didn’t just have one woman wearing a sexy bikini while she washed cars, he had a dozen, and not only were they washing the cars they were putting on sexy shows as they did it. He slowly grounded his cock against Selena’s out-thrust rear-end, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“I think I recognize some of those girls,” Selena whispered, to busy concentrating on the beautiful, wet, sexy women gyrating against the cars to notice Steve.

Steve pressed himself closer to Selena, slowly and softly rubbing his pants encased cock against her barely covered ass. “They’re local models. We saw them at the bikini shop.”

Selena napped her fingers. “That’s diabolical,” she hissed. “Vic Surge is a fiend. We have to find some way to stop him.”

Holding his cousin lightly by her hips, Steve continued softly dry-humping her exquisite ass as she spied on the scantily clad women. He threw his head back and stifled a moan of pleasure as he molested Selena’s ass while watching a dozen barely clothed, sexy women play with water hoses as well as each other.

“I’ve seen enough,” Selena whispered to Steve behind her shoulder, “We better get back. Are you done, Steve?”

With a lurch Steve came in his pants, staining them as a wet spot began to form.

Selena started to feel a warm wetness against her ass and turned around and looked down at the wet spot forming in the front of her cousin’s pants. She looked up and glared at him. “Ohhh, that’s it. I’m telling Uncle Esteban,” she growled before stomping off.

“Noooo, Selena. Come on, don’t tell,” Steve whined as he followed Selena’s ass out of the bushes. “Please? Don’t be mean. It wan an accident, I swear…”

Thirty minutes later Selena started her new, sexy car wash routine. She was still mad at Steve but he had promised never to do it again and calm down on the perv stuff but she doubted it would last long, puberty had not been kind to him, He was basically a walking hormone with constant erections but he was her cousin and she loved him despite his annoying hard-ons..

Holding the hose above her, Selena let the water soak her hair, drops cascading down her tan body. She drenched her sun kissed body, swinging the hose around covering her and the car. She leaned into the front window, pressing her breasts against the glass hard enough to cause her breasts to bulge as she worked her chest back and forth. She raised the hose up allowing the water to spill against her tits as he turned around and pressed her ass against the glass, not noticing the driver licking the glass behind her.

Selena swayed her hips in a wide arc, her firm, tan ass jiggling before she turned around and flung the water out in an arc across the car. She used her body to wipe the car down before standing in front of the hood. She bent down at the waist, pointing her up-thrust rear-end at the driver to pick up a bucket full of soapy water. Arching her graceful back she dumped the sudsy water over her wet body and then slid her hot, barely covered form over every inch of the car’s body. The friction quickly got her nipples hard and as she slid down the back she picked up the hose again. Pursing her lips she took a sip of the water before slinging the hose around and rinsing the car off.

From the same spot Vic and Dick surge had spied on Selena, Steve hid and masturbated to the sight of his cousin dry-humping a car. His dick was sore and chapped but no amount of pain could seem to keep him from masturbating to Selena.

As the work day ended, Selena met her cousin and uncle in the small office wearing a white robe to cover up her mostly exposed body. “So how’d we do today?” she asked hopefully, not noticing the ice pack on Steve’s crotch as he sat behind his father’s desk.

“He won’t tell me,” Esteban’s muttered angrily. “He must think me a feeble old man that can’t handle the numbers.”

“Geez, dad,” Steve muttered back to his father, “You can see me using the calculator, can’t you? Gimme a sec,” Concentrating on the days figures he finally added in the last of the receipts and handed the slip of paper to his father. “We made triple the money we made yesterday,” he said proudly.

“Yea!” Selena cheered happily as she jumped up and down, her tan cleavage jiggling wildly.

At first, Esteban’s face lit up when he saw the final for the days receipts but then started to frown. “Yes. Very good, children, very good,” he said before crumbling up the receipt and stepping slowly out of the office.

Selena watched her uncle leave with a worried look on her face. “What’s the matter with him,” she asked Steve.

Steve looked up at his cousin and tried to think of a good way to break the news to her. “Well, it’s like this. One girl doing, y’know, what you did, tripled our profits but Vic has dozens working for him. He’s still gonna win.”

“Way to kill my buzz, cuz,” Selena said with an ironic smirk.

Steve, for some reason, decided that now was the best time to confess to Selena. “Selena, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.”

“Sure,” Selena said offhandedly while she tried to think about what to do about her uncle’s car wash.

Steve took a deep breath to settle his nerves as he got down on one knee behind his cousin. “Selena, I love you,” he confessed.

“Love you too, Steve,” Selena responded automatically as she looked over Steve’s figures.

“No, I mean I ‘really’ love you,” Steve said as he stared at his cousin’s heavenly ass. He yanked his eyes away from what he considered the world’s most perfect rear-end and tried to fight off his more primal urges.

Selena turned around and thought nothing of her cousin on his knee behind her, obviously just being a perv again. “And I really love you too, Steve,” she said as she bent at the waist and hugged him. She thought nothing that his face was pressed into her mostly exposed chest, after all he was her cousin and therefore not a sexual being at all.
gonna get dressed for dinner,” she said as she stood up, “See you in a bit.”

Steve watched his hot cousin skip out of the office as he pulled out a small box out from his back pocket. “But I love you,” he muttered at Selena’s disappearing ass and held up the box containing the cheap ring he had bought her.

Suddenly Esteban appeared in the door way and looked down at his son. “Dammit, boy! What did I tell you about proposing to your cousin?”

“Step-cousin,” Steve mumbled weakly.

A few hours later as they sat around the dining room, Steve didn’t say much during dinner, he just listened to Selena talk about how great Ace was and tried to cheer him and his father up by how much money they could make now. Afterwards, Selena left to got meet Ace, wearing tighter clothes than she had the night before, and he went for a walk to clear his head.

As he walked down the dark sidewalk Steve just stared at his feet, not caring where they were taking him. Suddenly he stopped and shouted up at the sky, “Why, God, why!? Why did you make Selena my cousin? What did I do that was so bad that I deserved to be punished so?” He whined up to the sky with his arms spread, praying to be struck by lightening. He continued walking, not looking where he was going and stumbled, tripping over his feet and nearly landing in the street.

Steve was blinded as a car squeal to a halt barely an inch from his face. “You okay there, brother,” a voice called out from the car.

“You missed,” Steve answered back.

“Missed what?” the voice replied.

“Fairly certain that karma demands that you’re supposed to run over me to end my pathetic life.” Steve heard a car door slam and then looked over at the owner of the car that had pulled over on the side of the road.

“I don’t think karma works like that,” the driver said.

“Good point,” Steve said as he struggled to sit up, “Besides, I would never be killed by a car that nice. Maybe a really old Toyota or something, that’d be about right.”

“‘Fraid all I got is the ‘lambo tonight, friend,” the driver said as he held his hand down to help Steve up. “The name’s Dick, by the way.”

“I’m Steve,” the clumsy, sad Steve said as he took Dick Surge’s hand and let the son of his uncle’s worst enemy help him up.

Chapter 06

An hour later, Steve yelled to be heard over the den of the expensive strip club, “This is awesome!”

Trapped in the cleavage of a stripper, Dick nodded his head enthusiastically in agreement. He reached around the gyrating dancer and poured Steve another glass of expensive champagne. “Have another drink,” he mumbled around his face-full of high priced silicone.

Steve grabbed the glass as another stripper straddled his thighs and began thrusting her barely covered groin towards his face. “I wanna thank you again for this,” he told Dick, barely able to take his eyes off of the lovely young woman now grinding against his lap.

“No problem,” Dick said with a sinister grin as he watched Steve down his champagne. “You looked like you could use a pick me up.”

“Boy did I,” Steve agreed, not even thinking about how strange it had been for a complete stranger to pick him up and pay for him to party at the most expensive strip club in Miami, The Riches of Bitches. He enthusiastically ran his hands over the strippers tight ass as she giggled at him.

Dick leaned over and gave Steve a friendly punch on his shoulder. “She’s pretty hot,” he laughed as he nodded towards the dancer and she poured more champagne into Steve’s open mouth.

Steve sputter as he struggled to swallow the bubbly expensive drink. “Hell yeah!” he cheered in agreement.

Dick winked at Steve and then motioned the barely clothed, barely legal dancers away. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” he said as the lights in the club went down.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the DJ announced over the loud speakers, “If I may turn your attention to our main stage where our gorgeous, featured performer is making her way.” The lights on the main stage slowly came up to reveal the club’s apparently featured performer for the night. “For one night only, I give you, Sofia Vergara!”

Steve’s eyes slowly went wide as he recognized the new dancer. “There is now way…” he muttered in shock. She was wearing a tight belly shirt with long sleeves, the material barely containing her large breasts. Her flat stomach was sparkling with glitter as the bright lights shown over it. Her thick ass was covered in black, shiny booty shorts to show off her rear-end and long legs and her 6 inch high heels only emphasized her legs and ass more. Steve looked over at his new friend with his mouth wide open. “There’s no way that’s her.”

Dick winked at Steve and chuckled. “Does it really matter?” he asked before turning back to the stage. The music came up and all eyes were on Sofia as she began swaying rhythmically.

Sofia’s wide hips moved in time to the music as she raised her arms up, pulling her large breasts high and tight on her chest. She popped her hip causing her ass and tits to jiggle enticingly as she spun around. Grabbing the bar set in the middle of the stage she dropped down low and thrust her butt out, shaking it at the crowd and drawing cheers from the audience before slowly standing back up.

Running her hands slowly down her body, Sofia licked her lips enticingly as she emphasized the amazing curves of her body. She jerked her shoulders back causing her breasts to pop up and down on her chest as she jiggled her ass in time with the music and caused the audience to cheer out again. She spun around again dropping low to the ground, thrusting her ass out more as she slowly straightened out again, bending at the waist with her hands on her knees. She swung her ass out like a pendulum before standing up again and winking at the crowd as she licked her thick lips. She rocked her head around, her long brown hair swaying out, whipping around her head.

With a quick spin Sofia suddenly had her top off, her brown skin gleaming in the lights of the stage. Beneath her shirt had been a small bikini top just barely large enough to cover her obviously hard nipples but well made enough to pull her firm tits up high on her chest. She rolled her shoulders causing her breasts to undulate like balloons as she whipped her hair again and the crowed roared in approval. She skipped back and forth across the stage, her mountainous breasts threatening to pop out of her small top at any moment as she presented herself on the stage.

“There’s no way that can be her,” Steve whispered in amazement.

“Does it really fucking matter,” Dick said with a chuckle.

Steve thought it over for a moment. “I guess not.”

When she had made her way back around the stage, Sofia slid her thumbs into the waist band of her shorts, pulling them snug against her ass and crotch, teasing the audience. Grinning wickedly she dropped low again, peeling the tight shorts down her tan ass. Standing slowly she pulled the tight material down her thick thighs until it fell to the floor as she stood back up revealing her matching G-string. The string disappeared between her luscious ass-cheeks completely leaving her thick, juicy ass nearly completely exposed. The front of the G-string was small enough to cover just her pubic mound and prove that her pussy was shaved completely bald.

Steve stopped breathing at the sight of the near naked performer. Blood spurted out of his nose a moment before he passed out in his chair.

As his vision started to clear, Steve heard a voice from far, far way. “Hey. Wake up,” the voice said before he felt something painful on his cheek.

“Hey! What the heck,” Steve whined as he rubbed his cheek. “What was that?”

“You okay?” Dick asked, his hand raised to slap Steve across the cheek again. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

Steve looked dazedly up at the raised hand. “Is this a trick question?”

Dick looked up at his up raised hand. “Oh, sorry,” he said before lowering his fingers except for his first two. “How ‘bout now?”

“Eleven,” Steve said.

“Close enough,” Dick said with a wide smile before helping Steve up to his feet. “How ya feelin’?”

“Like somebody just slapped me across the cheek. What happened?” Steve asked as he looked around at the now more brightly lit club.

Dick chuckled before slapping Steve playfully on the shoulder. “I’m afraid that Sofia’s nearly naked body was nearly to much for you. Makes me wonder how you’re gonna handle the whole kit-n-caboodle.”

“Huh?” Steve asked right as Dick took him by the arm and began leading him across the club. “Where we going?”

“Wait ‘til you see what I set up for you,” Dick said in glee as he led Steve into the back of the club.

“When did you have time to set all this up?” Steve wondered as he was led down a darkly lit hall with doors every few feet.

“Um, when you were unconscious?” Dick answered quickly as they came to the last door. “And here may I present you, The Champagne Room,” he said before opening the door.

Steve looked in and say a
cushioned couch, a thickly cushioned chair, a small table with a lamp, and a small stage with it’s own dancer’s bar on it. “Okay, I don’t know what’s going on here but if you want me to sign anything written in blood, I’m leaving.”

“You worry to much,” Dick said as he shoved Steve into the small room and locked the door behind him. “Have fun.”

Steve tried the door immediately after he heard it click. “What kind of room locks on the outside?” he muttered to himself before turning around and nearly being stunned off of his feet. “Aiiii…! When did you get here?”

Sofia smiled warmly at Steve. “I was wondering when you’d notice me,” she said as she ran her fingertips across the tops of her phenomenal breasts. She was still dressed in her barely there bikini outfit and judging by how hard her nipples were, it was very cold in the room.

Steve couldn’t talk. All his brain was capable of doing was memorizing every curve, swerve, and graceful contour of Sofia’s magnificent body. He had never been this close to a woman this stunning in his entire life, at least not with a restraining order coming in the mail the next day. His cock strained against his pants, tenting them out obviously and seemingly pointing straight at Sofia.

Sofia smirked at Steve’s erection before looking back up at him. “Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable,” she said as she gestured to the overstuffed chair in the corner. When he didn’t move, speak, or acknowledge her in any way she waited for him to get over his shock. And then she waited for a minute longer but he still didn’t move, his eyes locked onto her chest and she could tell that for some strange reason he was only breathing when she did, his chest rising and falling with her’s, which was kinda creeping her out a little.

When Steve still didn’t move and still couldn’t pull his eyes away from her chest, Sofia grabbed him by his erection which caused him to squeak out like a mouse in surprise. She gently led him over to the chair and used her grip on his hard-on to force him back and sit down. “How about we get your private dance started?” she asked with a smirk.

“But there’s no music,” Steve muttered meekly.

Sofia looked down at the young man like he had just drooled on himself. Being who she was and dressed as she was she would never had guessed that any man would have said that to her right now. She really had no idea what to say to that. She shrugged to herself before reaching behind her and untying her barely there top. “Well then I suppose we’ll have to make our own music,” she said seductively as she let her bikini fall to the floor, revealing her large, firm breasts.

Steve choked on his own spit and stopped breathing. Sofia’s breasts were as magnificent as every man who had dreamed of them thought they would be. They seemed to glow on their own in the light of the small room, perfectly shaped without any sag to them, defying gravity and capped with hard, brown nipples. They were a perfect teardrop shape, the nipples perfectly placed at the centers seeming to pull the shape of the tits up. They swayed hypnotically with each breath and a warm feeling of contentment spread over Steve’s body along with the assurance that everything was right in the world.

When Steve didn’t start breathing on his own, Sofia looked down at him with worry. His eyes were fixed, his pupils fully dilated, his entire body slack except for his lap. He still didn’t breath. Filled with a sudden ice cold panic she slapped him hard across the face.

Steve gasped in shock. “Ow! What was that for?” he whined.

“Foreplay?” Sofia said with a shrug before regaining her composure. “Now how about that music?” she said in a husky, breathless voice as she straddled Steve’s lap. She lowered her barely covered crotch down, trapping the young man’s erection between them, the length of him settling between her labia. “How’s that feel, Steve?”

“Soooo good,” Steve groaned before looking up at Sofia in confusion. “Hey, how’d you know my name?”

Sofia couldn’t think of a good response so she simple fell forward, stifling the kid’s face in her abundant chest. The distraction must have worked because he stopped talking immediately and began licking and sucking at her firm tits like a hungry calf. His hands came up and began squeezing her tits in a milking motion as he began hurriedly humping up against her groin. “Slow… slow down, sweetie,” she gasped as she struggled to keep from being bucked off and falling to the floor.

“Hold… hold on a sec,” Sofia grumbled as she continued struggling on Steve’s lap. His hands and mouth were covering her tits like a octopus, seemingly everywhere at once while he bucked up against her like a mechanical bull. “Wa… wait a sec… second,” she continued to grumbled as she struggled to rearrange them both into a more comfortable position but it was a lost cause. Finally she admitted defeat and shoved his head away from her tits, his mouth still making sucking noises and his hands squeezing air.

Slowly realizing something was wrong, Steve opened his eyes and saw Sofia staring down at him with the exact same look his mother used to give him whenever he’d trip over his own feet and break the furniture. “Is something the matter?” he asked her in bewilderment before beginning to panic. “Oh my God! Did I do something wrong?”

Realizing she was about to lose sexual control of Steve just out of his own nervousness and panic, Sofia broke out into what she hoped was a warm smile. “No, no, baby. I just… I just wanted to get more comfortable,” she said before standing back up, “Now, lets do away with those pants.” “This has got to be the hardest lay of my life,” she mumbled to herself as she tried to untie his double knotted shoe laces, her large breasts dangling beneath her.

“What was that? I didn’t hear…” Steve asked worriedly.

“Nothing, nothing,” Sofia said as she admitted defeat and stood back up, her hands defiantly on her wide hips. “Those are some tight laces,” she said, a note of anger entering her voice.

“I trip a lot,” Steve mumbled.

“I can believe that,” Sofia said in response. With all of the frustration she thought about telling Dick Surge and his father to fuck off but her pride kicked in. Once she started a job she finished it, no matter how distasteful it was. “Fuck it,” she muttered and gripped the sides of Steve’s cheap pants and yanked them down to his knobby knees.

“Ow!” Steve squealed as his grabbed his painfully hard dick and checked it for chaffing.

“Sorry if that hurt,” Sofia said as she untied her nearly non-exsistant bikini bottoms and let them flutter to the floor, “But we’re finishing this no matter what.” She grabbed Steve’s wrists and pulled them away from his lap, freeing his erection. She didn’t pay any attention to his prick, it didn’t matter if it was big or small or a writhing mass of tentacle, she was fucking it no matter way. By now it was a matter of principal.

Steve barely got a look at the juncture of Sofia’s legs before she was leaning over him and grabbing the base of his cock like she owned it. And was angry at it for some reason. All he saw was that her pussy was completely bare of any hair and already glistening with moisture which surprised him for some reason. Suddenly the air left his body as she lowered herself down, her tight, hot cunt swallowing his dick like a hungry anaconda. She forced herself down until he was sheathed completely inside of her, her body gripping him like an angry glove while her spectacular tits dangled in front of his face.

Sofia grabbed Steve’s wrists and placed his hands on her thick ass before grabbing the side of his head and forcing him to look up at her. “Hold on,” she said seriously before plunging his face between her firm tits and then grabbing the back of the chair. She began rolling her wide hips back and forth, her tight cunt sliding up and down his stiff pole as she fucked him. She kept her breasts pressed against his face, moving them side to side across his wetly sucking mouth as she raised her thick ass up and down, counting in her head to keep a steady pace. The chair beneath them began creaking and groaning with their weight as she began moving herself harder against him, pushing him down into the cracks of the chair.

“Thank you, God,” Steve mumbled around his face full of large, celebrity tit. Although there was no way this was really the actress Sofia Vergara.

Keeping up the pressure while increasing her speed, Sofia began sweating with exertion as she fucked the skinny young man. Her long, dark hair whipped around her head as she rocked herself back and forth, the back of the chair hitting the wall hard enough to leave dents in the drywall. Steve’s grip on her fleshy ass was hard enough to leave bruises but she didn’t have any modeling shoots anytime soon so she wasn’t worried about it. What she was worried about were the hickeys she knew he was going to leave on her tits from sucking so hard but she could hide those with make-up. All that really mattered to her right now was getting the kid off and happy enough
to answer
the questions Dick had given her to ask. And the sooner that happened the sooner she could get home and get some rest for her early morning shoot for her TV show.

Riding Steve like a small horse, Sofia began grunting into his ear, pretending to be enjoying this as much as he was. It wasn’t that he wasn’t cute kid, but she was her and when someone looked like her she could have her pick of any man and Steve wasn’t quite the guy she usually went for. She rubbed her entire naked body against his, using every bit of exposed flesh she had to fuck him. By now the dents in the wall had become holes and the drywall dust had coated Steve’s head and she started to worry about how much more the wall could take before it collapsed around them. Suddenly she felt him lurch beneath her and grunt into her cleavage as he bucked his hips up and she felt him cum inside of her. She groaned lustfully into his ear to convince him that she was cumming as well while he gnawed at her sensitive nipples and squeezed her even harder smooth flesh even harder.

Steve collapsed into the chair as Sofia collapsed on top of him, her wonderful chest pressed against his face and blacking out the room as his cock softened inside of her. She rolled to the side a little bit, his cock slipping out of her as she squirmed around and sat on his lap with her legs hanging off of the side and her arm around his shoulders. “Wow,” he gasped with a dopey grin on his face.

“You can say that again,” Sofia said as she lightly toyed with one of Steve’s nipples.

“Wow,” Steve said by way of a joke and looked expectantly up at Sofia hoping she had gotten it.

“You’re so funny,” Sofia said with a small giggle and a affectionate slap on Steve’s chest.

Steve looked around the room, not quite sure at to what happens next. “So, ah… Now what?” he asked sheepishly.

Sofia placed his head down on Steve’s shoulder and looked up at him as lovingly as she could. “Well, there’s usually pillow talk afterwards,” she said sweetly.

Steve didn’t know much about pillow talk. He usually just paid his date and then walked sheepishly back home. “Okay, pillow talk then.”

“So tell me about yourself,” Sofia said. “Or more specifically, tell me about what you do for a living.”

A half an hour later, Sofia closed the door on Steve’s cab and waved him off before walking down the alleyway behind the “Riches of Bitches”. Dick Surge appeared from out of the shadows with a wicked smile on his face.

“So, how’d it go?” Dick asked right before Sofia punched him in the nose. He fell on his ass on the ground and looked up at Sofia as he held his nose. “Ow! What the hell was that for?”

“Don’t you take that tone with me, Dick Surge,” Sofia said angrily as she wagged her finger at him. “Don’t think you’re to old for me to take over my knee. I will drag you back into that club and give you a spanking those sluttly little friends of yours will never forget,” she growled. “I’m not one of those pissy little Yes Men your father has following him around agreeing with everything he says. What if someone inside had a camera and took a picture of me up on that stage? What would happen then?”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry,” Dick pleaded.

“’Sorry’ what?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.”

Sofia huffed and crossed her arms beneath her spectacular chest. “And?”

“And I’ll never do it again,” Dick whined. “I just though, y’know, as one last favor…”

Sofia began viciously open handed smacking Dick across his head and shoulders. “One last favor for what?” she yelled angrily. “For your father smuggling me into this country? For being your nanny until my modeling career took off? You ungrateful, little…” she continued while never stopping her physical assault.

“Ow, ow, ow…! I’m sorry, I’m sorry… It’ll never happen again,” he cried out.

“’It’ll never happen again’ what?”

“It’ll never happen again, ma’am,” Dick screamed out with tears in his eyes.

Stopping her vicious slapping of the young man, Sofia took a step back and glared at him. “Humph, it had better not,” she said without looking at Dick.

Dick tried to clear the tears for his eyes before looking up at his former nanny. “Did… did you get the information?” he asked hopefully and as respectfully as he could.

Sofia glared evilly at Dick.

Dick held his hands up defensively. “Did you get the information, ma’am?”

Sofia huffed again. “Yes. I don’t know what you or your father are wanting with Steve’s Uncle’s car wash but it appears that Esteban has gotten into quite a bit of debt with the bank. According to Steve, the bank could foreclose any time they want.”

Dick’s tear stained eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning with a wicked smile. “Really…”

The next morning at Esteban’s car was, Dick stood triumphantly behind his father. “I suppose you’re wondering why I called you all here today,” Vic announced with his hands on his hips. He could feel his son behind him trying to stifle a giggle and just rolled his eyes in frustration at Dick’s immaturity.

Esteban scowled at the two men as he struggled to control his blood pressure. “No one called anyone,” he growled, “You both just showed up.”

“Be that as it may,” Vic continued as he began strolling causally around the small office, “I do have some news that I’d like to share with you. The both of you,” he finished as he stared pointedly at Steve. “I have come by some interesting information last night…”

Steve gulped as he stared at Dick and the slightly older boy sneered at him.

“It appears that not only are you behind on your payments to the bank,” Vic said as he ran his fingers over the on hanged picture in the office, checking for dust, “But the bank can foreclose on your whole operation at any moment should they feel you are going to lapse on your debts…” He placed his fists on Esteban’s desk and leaned over the older man, “…or if they get a better offer.”

Selena noticed Dick and Steve staring each other and wondered what exactly was going on between the two of them. And how exactly they knew each other.

Vic grinned wickedly at Esteban. “I took the liberty of talking to the bank for you and made them a, shall we say, gifted offer,” he said as he stood up and loomed over the older man.

“And what exactly is this ‘offer’, Mr. Surge?” Esteban growled.

“It’s very simple,” Vic answered, “Sell to me, I pay off the debt, or they foreclose and I buy the car wash from them even cheaper.”

As Esteban’s anger began to rise his face started to turn red. “No! Never! I will never sell to you!” he shouted as he stood.

Vic began cackling maniacally. “You have no choice,” he laughed as he turned and started out of the office. “Come, Dick, let’s give them a chance to say… good-bye. Mwa ha, ha, ha…”

Dick waved at Steve and gave Selena a quick wink as he closed the door behind him and his father.

Steve accidentally caught Selena’s eye and quickly turned away with a blush of embarrassment as his father huffed angrily and picked up the phone.

“I shall call the bank and put a end to this,” Esteban mumbled as he started punching numbers on the key pad.

Selena pulled her own phone out and started punching numbers. “That’s a good idea, Unc,” she said to herself as Steve shuffled his feet.

Later in Selena’s stall, Ace leaned casually against the wall watching her wash yet another car. She was wearing a dark purple strapless bikini as she reached up over the hood, moving her wash-rag back and forth, her breasts swaying beneath her as her ass stuck out high in the air. His muscular arms were crossed across her broad chest as he whistled in appreciation.

Selena giggled as she looked over at Ace, noticing how well he was wearing his tight T-shirt and jeans. “Will you stop distracting me, I’m busy,” she said before sticking her tongue out at him and returning to her work. She turned around, arching her back as she sat on the hood of the car, buffing it with her tan skin, her skin glistening with the water dripping down her body.

“Sorry. I just got done delivering Christmas presents to a halfway house for misunderstood children and just had to see you. Don’t you get a break or something?” Ace asked as he continued staring at the beautiful Latina.

“That is so sweet, and I’ll get my break as soon as I’m done with this car,” Selena said as she dragged her ass from the hood and up the side of the car to the driver’s side window. She slid her out-thrust rear-end across the window before turning around and pressing her firm breasts against the glass and rubbing herself up and down.

When she finished with the car, Selena took the man’s money, glancing down into his lap through the now open window and noticing that like all her customers he was sporting a pretty good tent in his pants. She took his money and blew him a kiss, licking her lips before waving him off and turning her attention back to Ace as he drove off.

Ace hugged
warm, wet body before looking down at her. “You look exhausted,” he said with a note of worry.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Selena said with a chuckle, “As a matter of fact I am exhausted. Mine is the only stall with customers and since I’m the only one that looks this good in a bikini, everybody just waits for me.”

“It’s hard to be so good,” Ace said. “You shouldn’t be doing this all on your own, Selena. Maybe I can find something to do to help?”

Selena looked up and down Ace’s body before staring up at him like he was a steak she couldn’t wait to devour. “As much as I’d like to see you rocking a banana hammock I don’t think you’d have the same effect on the customers,” she said with a giggle as she pressed her body tightly against his, groin to groin.

Ace rocked against Selena’s moist body for a moment, enjoying the feel of the heat coming off of her. “Still, there’s gotta be something I can do.”

Selena’s eyes suddenly peered over Ace’s broad shoulder as a van pulled into the parking lot of the car wash. “Actually,” Selena said with a smirk, “Thanks to a call I placed I think help is on the way.”

Following Selena’s eyes, Ace spotted the van just as the side door opened. His eyes went wide as a small group of hot, young women stepped out and waved enthusiastically at Selena.

Selena held her hand out to present her friends to Ace. “Let me introduce you to my help. Ace, I’d like you to meet Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, and Taylor Swift,” she said with a wide grin.

The gaggle of scantily clad celebrities all giggled and ran at Selena, all hugging, all laughing, all jumping up and down in excitement. They squealed in joy, talking and catching up with what each other had been doing since the last time they had talked on their phones with each other, mostly just a few hours ago.

Ace watched as the girls spoke in sporadic giggles, often looking over at him from over their shoulders and winking. He couldn’t really keep track of what they were talking about, the subject seeming to wander and change at something less than a moments notice but they seemed to be able to follow each other and he guessed that was something at least. He heard a loud thump from off to his side and noticed that Steve had fallen heavily onto the ground, his eyes locked onto the group of girls.

The girls all hugged again and Taylor and Hailee broke away and walked back to the van, winking at Ace again as they passed, still giggling to each other. They grabbed their bags from where the driver had placed them on the ground and hopped back into the van. The driver closed the side door and then got in himself and Ace could barely see through the tinted windows as the girls flung off their tops just as the van lurched off.

The rest of the girls ran for their bags, Miley’s eyes crawling over Ace like she was choosing a steak before joining the girls. The grabbed their bags and scurried into the Esteban’s house while Selena ran up to Ace and gave him a quick hug. She looked from the corner of her eye at Steve as she whispered loud enough in Ace’s ear that her cousin could hear, “I’m gonna go help the girls change and then we’re gonna get to work.”

Steve grunted as Selena reached down and gave his muscular ass a quick squeeze before releasing him. “I guess this is what you meant by ‘help’, huh?” he said with a sly grin.

“I’m a marketing genius,” Selena said with a wide grin before running off to join her friends.

Ace smiled as he watched Selena’s tight ass flexing as she ran before a chocking sound caught his attention. He looked over and saw Steve, his eyes wide and his nose dripping blood. “You okay there, buddy?” he asked.

Steve chocked out again, blood spurting out of his nose.

Chapter 07

Selena caught up with her friends in the changing room and another round of giggles and hugs was had by all. “So that was Ace?” Miley asked with a lecherous grin.

“He’s soooo hot,” Victoria said as she took off her midriff baring top and flung it over her shoulder.

“My God, that chest,” Demi added as she fanned herself.

“And who was that skinny kid,” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, he looked like he was having a stroke,” Chloe chirped.

“Oh, that’s just my cousin Steve,” Selena said as the girls started getting dressed. String bikinis flew through their air like they were graffiti as the girls began mixing and matching.

“That’s ‘the’ cousin Steve,” Jennifer said as she stood topless, her large tits jiggling as she rummaged around.

“I thought you were making him up,” Demi said as she slipped on a pair of booty shorts, deciding she didn’t like them and then slid them off her thick ass.

“No, no. He’s real,” Selena admitted with a growl of frustration, “And he’s been perving on me since I got here.”

“Incest is so hot right now,” Chloe added, completely naked, picking bikini parts up off the floor and trying to find a match.

“Ewww!” Victoria squealed and threw a flip-flop at Chloe, “You are so gross.”

“Families the best, put incest to the test,” Miley said as she stripped down to nothing and began picking out bikinis with the other girls.

“Oh my God, don’t you start,” Victoria said as she slapped Miley on the ass with the other flip-flop.

Miley squealed with mock shock and began twerking her ass back at Victoria, scuttling back and chasing the slender brunette with her pert rear-end.

Demi began laughing out loud as Miley chased Victoria with her pale ass. “Miley, you’re embarrassing yourself. You don’t have the ass for twerking,” she said with a slap of her own tan ass and began searching for the perfect bikini bottoms to show off her ass to perfection.

Jennifer stood up straight and looked over at Selena, her large breasts moving like ballast to her movements. “Wait, if he’s as bad as you say, is he spying on us right now?”

“Probably,” Selena admitted and peered around looking for a sign of her cousin, “He’s been spying on me and jacking off since I got here, probably.”

Still completely naked, Chloe slipped over to Jennifer. “Maybe we should give him a show then?” she said before cupping the back of the blonde’s head and kissing her.

Demi squealed in mock disgust, “Ewwww, you’re just a lezbo freak, Ms. Moretz,” and giggled, not noticing Miley coming up behind her.

“Considering what I’ve caught you doing and who I caught you with, that’s about like the pot calling the kettle black,” Miley said before sliding her hands down Demi’s back and cupping her thick ass, the tan flesh squeezing out from between her fingers.

“My God, Chloe,” Victoria whined as she stomped her foot and crossed her arms under her small breasts, “Do you have to do this everywhere you go?”

Breaking her kiss with Jennifer, Chloe strutted over to Victoria and stood defiantly in front of her, crossing her arms under her breasts to mirror Victoria. “What can I say? I am the party where ever I go,” she said with a sly smirk on her pouty lips.

Victoria just stared at Chloe for a moment before shrugging her slender shoulders in surrender. “Whatever,” she muttered with a roll of her eyes before uncrossing her arms and presenting herself to Chloe.

“Good girl,” Chloe said with a knowing smirk before pressing herself chest to chest with Victoria, wrapping her arms around her small waist and kissing her deeply.

Selena looked around at all of her perverted friends and rolled her eyes in frustration. “OMG! I am not putting on a lesbian orgy for my cousin,” she whined.

“Well, how ‘bout for me then?” Demi asked as she sneaked up behind Selena and pressed her naked body to her. She slid her hands around her friend’s tan body and cupped her firm tits.

Selena felt her nipples grow hard beneath her top and sighed in defeat. “I’ve got to get a new peer group,” she muttered before turning around in Demi’s embrace. She slid her arms around her friend’s waist and pressed herself close to her as their lips met and they moaned lustfully into each others mouths.

In a matter of moments all the young girls were naked in the middle of the changing room in a pile on the floor. Selena moaned as someone slid two fingers deep into her wet pussy. Miley growled as somebody pressed their tit to her face and she eagerly latched onto it with her sucking mouth. Victoria slipped her tongue into one of her friend’s tight asses. Demi pushed a thumb into one girl’s ass as she fingered the girl’s cunt. Jennifer squealed in delight as somebody shoved their tongue deep into her sopping cunt. Chloe grunted forcefully as she humped up against one of her friend’s hot, dripping pussies.

Selena panted in lust as one girl sucked and licked at her hard little clit. Miley giggled as two of her friends sucked at her hard nipples and she held their heads to her chest. Victoria moaned out into one girl’s dripping cunt as she shoved her tongue as deep as she could into her hot hole. Demi rode someone’s face as another
girl shoved
two fingers into her thick ass. Jennifer stuttered in pleasure as one of her friend’s slid two fingers into her pussy while circling her clit with their thumb and another licked her puckered asshole. Chloe stood defiantly in front of Demi, gripping the sides of her head while humping her wet pussy against her face.

Chloe and Jennifer laid Selena down on the cold floor before Jennifer crawled between her tan legs and Chloe straddled her face. Jennifer pulled Selena’s thighs over her shoulders as Selena wrapped her arms around Chloe’s legs. Selena pulled Chloe’s pussy down to her mouth and began eagerly licking at the small blonde girl’s dripping hole while Jennifer slid her tongue into Selena’s hot pussy.

Next to their three friends, Miley, Victoria, and Demi were all on their sides, their heads between their thighs, licking at one another’s horny cunts in a daisy-chain. Their arms were wrapped possessively around their thighs, holding each girl to each girl’s lapping mouths as they all licked eagerly at their horny pussies.

There were three windows in the changing room, two one the west side and one on the north. Each window was set high in the walls, just over a foot and a half feet wide and three feet long. On the outside of the walls, below the windows were a series of crates holding three men each peering through the window. Each man was masturbating furiously as they watched the lesbian orgy of young, hot celebrities, a unspoken agreement between all of them not to look at one another, only the girls. The crates creaked dangerously as they all fisted their cocks but they could barely hear it as they listened intently to the sounds the girls were making. And the leader of the whole group was Steve, his eyes darting between his cousin and Miley Cyrus.

As each of the six, sweating, lust addled celebrities began reaching their orgasms they each began working furiously at whatever girl they were fucking, each girl determined to make the others cum with them. Their moans and grunts echoed through the dressing room, vibrating off the windows as the eight men and Steve all tried to hold off their own orgasms until the girls came first.

The sunlight shining through the windows gleamed on the girls sweat slick skin as their writhed and humped lustfully against each others lust wracked, naked bodies. Their moans echoed back and forth through the changing room as their tongues and fingers slid over their heated flesh. Suddenly one girl began to yell out as she came, her juices gushing out to cover the girl pleasuring her and dripping onto the floor as another girl started to cum. All the girls’ bodies twitched and shuddered in pleasure as their orgasms rocked through them one after the other, panting and groaning as they pleasured on another.

“F, f, f, fuck, k, k, k,” Steve stuttered as he came, her white sperm arching through the air and spattering against the wall. The other men surrounding him all came as well, coating the wall with their seed.

“I love whenever Selena visits,” one of the men said as he casually zipped up his prick and went back to work with a wink at Steve.

As the car wash employees went back to work, two of Selena’s friends got to work themselves. The airport van pulled to a stop outside of The Greater State Bank Of Florida and Hailee and Taylor got out of the side door. They had changed clothes in the back which had distracted the driver enough that he had nearly crashed twice which sent them into several fits of giggles. Taylor had tried to make it up to the driver by offering him a quick blow-job but Hailee had dragged her off, laughing at the blonde singer as she told her she’d have to get her next song from someone else.

Taylor was dressed in a black, billowy skirt and gauzy white blouse that showed off her black bra while Hailee was dressed in tan slacks that fit tightly over her taunt ass and a silk, sleeveless top. Their long legs carried them to the bank doors and they walked boldly in, their sudden cold air from the air conditioner pulling their nipples up hard and tight.

Hailee walked up to the first employee she saw and smiled sweetly at him. “Can you point me to the person in charge of business loans,” she said breathlessly as she toyed coyly with with his tie.

“And I’m the slut,” Taylor said with a smirk and a roll of her eyes.

The banker swallowed the lump in his throat as his shaky hand pointed the girls to a small office off to the side and Hailee smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Thanks, sugar,” she said and walked off putting an extra swish in her step.

“You are such a flirt-slut,” Taylor giggled into Hailee’s ear as they made their way to the office. “Does Chloe know you wiggle your ass at every guy you walk by,” she asked with a wolfish smirk.

Hailee licked her lips with a grin. “She punishes me whenever she finds out,” she admitted with a grin.

“You two are so bent,” Taylor said with a chuckle as they reached the office door. “Knock, knock,” she said as she wrapped on the doorway, “Is this where we see about business loans?”

“Uh, yes. Yes, it is,” the banker said as he looked up at the two, sexy girls. “Ah… Come in, come in,” he said and gestured to the two chairs in front of his desk.

Hailee sat in one chair as Taylor closed the door behind them. The office was made completely of glass walls including the door and the slender, blonde singer closed the blinds on the door as Hailee began talking to the banker.

“I’d like to talk to you about Esteban’s Car Wash down off the beach,” Hailee said as professionally as she could while Taylor closed the blinds to one section of the wall.

“No problem,” the banker said as he stared typing on his computer. “And your name please?” he asked with a final tap.

“Hailee Steinfeld,” she said curtly as Taylor continued closing the blinds behind them.

“I’m afraid I don’t see your name on the loan,” The banker said not noticing Taylor closing the last of the blinds.

“Oh, we’re not,” Taylor said as she clicked the office door locked, “We’re just… friends of the family.”

“Well, I don’t know what I can do for you ladies,” the banker said.

The banker finally looked up and noticed how much darker the office was and that the blonde girl was leaning her hip against his desk. “I, ah… I don’t understand. There’s nothing I can do since you… neither of you are on the loan,” he said with a small note of confusion, “I don’t know what I can do for you ladies.”

Hailee smirked as she crossed her legs dramatically, drawing the banker’s eyes. “It’s… more of what we can do for you,” she said breathlessly.

“Excuse me?” the banker said right before Taylor bent down and kissed him. She grabbed his head with both hands, holding him still as she slipped her warm, pink tongue into his mouth.

Taylor broke the kiss and the banker looked up at her with wide, confused eyes.

“We’re here to talk to you about a deferment on the loan,” Hailee said as she followed Taylor’s lead and slowly pulled off her top to reveal her small, firm breasts.

“I… I… I…” the banker stammered as he looked from the topless brunette to the blonde who had kissed him who was now suddenly topless. He had no idea how she had gotten her top off so fast but they were both now equally topless.

“We realize how much of a problem this could be…” Taylor started as she walked behind the banker’s chair and pulled it and him away from his desk.

“…so we wanted to thank you in advance,” Hailee said as she stood up and walked around the desk on the banker’s other side.

Both young women got down on their knees on either side of the banker and smiled to each other over the bulge in his lap. They reached across with nimble fingers and unbuttoned his slacks, Taylor pulling down his zipper as Hailee unbuckled his belt. His erection sprang forth and Taylor quickly grabbed it by it’s base as Hailee bent over his lap, kissing the tip before wrapping her moist lips around it.

Hailee sucked the banker’s cock into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue as she swallowed it into her mouth. Taylor massaged the base of his cock with one hand and scooped his heavy balls out with the other. As Hailee bobbed her head up and down she massaged his balls and jerked the bottom of his shaft, twisting her wrist as her hand reached his base before tugging him back up, Hailee’s lips meeting her fist.

Releasing the banker’s cock from her mouth, Hailee let Taylor have his prick as she leaned up. She kissed the banker passionately before sliding her body up, bringing her chest up to his mouth and he immediately latched onto on of her ripe nipples. She ran her hands through his thinning hair, moaning lustfully as he switched from one small tit to the other. She held him to her chest with one hand as she struggled to undo her pants with the other. She finally managed to unfasten her pants and pull them down over her taunt ass to reveal her simple, pink G-string.

Taylor’s greedy eyes crawled over Hailee’s barely covered groin as she bobbed her head up and down the banker’s lap, her lips stretched
tight around
his girth as her tongue massaged his shaft in her warm mouth. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the older man reach around her young friend and squeeze her ass as Hailee finally managed to get out of her pants. She pulled the banker’s prick out of her mouth with a slurp, a string of drool reaching from her lips to the tip of his cock. She giggled to herself as her friend straddled the older man’s lap, his hand never leaving her ass as she got herself positioned above him.

Hailee moaned in lust as she felt Taylor’s knowledgeable fingers pull her G-string to the side to expose her shaved, pink cunt. She shivered in pleasure as the blonde singer’s fingers teased her pussy, rubbing her labia lightly as her fingertips teased her wet, little hole. She let Taylor take her over, pushing her down until the banker’s tip was rubbing against her pussy, Taylor using it to tease her.

Taylor held Hailee over the banker’s cock and then looked up at him. “So, how about that deferment,” she asked coyly.

The banker’s eyes snapped to the blonde girl. She slowly circled the base of his cock with her fingers, never breaking eye contact with him, his cock throbbing painfully in her hand. “I, ah… There’s nothing… nothing I can do,” he gasped in need, “It’s due by the end of the week!”

Hailee grabbed the banker by the sides of his head, bringing his eyes up to her. His wide eyes traveled from her face to her exposed chest and back again. “And what time?” she asked coyly.

“Four… four thirty,” he gasped, “Four thirty, the end of the business day.”

Taylor began fisting the banker’s cock with one hand while fondling his balls with the other. “And, are you going to sell the loan off before then?” Taylor asked knowingly.

“No! I swear to God no!” the banker gasped.

“Good boy,” Hailee said as she pulled the banker’s head to her chest. He immediately began sucking and nibbling at her small chest as Taylor guided her down onto his cock. His soft cock-head slowly parted her pussy walls as she sank down, drawing a moan from her lips as she slid down his hard shaft.

Taylor smirked to herself as she stripped off all of her clothes and knelt down behind Hailee and the brunette girl began sliding up and down the banker’s cock. She placed her hands on her friend’s pistoning hips and used her thumbs to part Hailee’s taunt ass-cheeks. She extended her tongue and licked the brunette’s tiny puckered asshole and felt her shiver in response. She gently probed Hailee’s tiny hole, wiggling her tongue around as she slid the tip in and out. She licked down her friend’s sensitive taint to where the banker’s cock was slipping in and out of her pussy and then down the bit of hard shaft to the banker’s bloated balls.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” the banker said as one young lady fucked him and the other began licking his balls. He had been propositioned before and always handled it professionally but these girls were so sexually aggressive he hadn’t even really had a chance to fight back and by now wouldn’t have stopped them if he had a choice.

“Oh yessss…” Hailee hissed in pleasure as she felt Taylor’s talented tongue slide around her asshole to the banker’s balls and back again. She had planned to come into the bank, talk about the loan, flirt with a banker for information, maybe even let him get to second base but whenever Taylor was around everything always came down to sex and Taylor had the CD sales to prove it.

As Taylor licked from Hailee’s ass down to the banker’s balls she slid one hand across her friend’s soft ass-cheek to slowly slip her middle finger into the brunette’s tight asshole. She could hear her friend gasp out in pleasure and smiled to herself in pride, the banker grunting as well. She worked hard at sex and it was always nice to know that people appreciated her efforts.

The banker gasped and moaned into the brunette girl’s chest as he balls began to tighten up under the other girl’s tongue. The blonde girl’s smiling face poked up from behind her friend’s shoulder and she winked coyly at him. He could feel the blonde girl’s finger in the brunette girl’s ass wiggling around through the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass and then he groaned in pleasure as she lovingly squeezed his balls. He erupted inside of the brunette girl, filling her tight pussy with his thick cum.

As Hailee felt the banker cum inside of her it triggered her own orgasm. Her already tight cunt gripped his cock, milking it of it’s hot cum as she shuddered in pleasure. From behind her she could hear Taylor whisper into her ear, “You’re welcome.”

Ten minutes later and after a quick clean-up in the bathroom, Hailee and Taylor walked triumphantly out of the bank with Taylor humming the whole time. “Does everything you do involve sex?” Hailee asked with a smirk.

“Pretty much,” Taylor admitted off handedly, “’Sides, I got a new CD I gotta put out next year.”

Hailee giggled as she held her arm out to hail a cab. “Selena was right about you,” she said.

“Pretty much,” Taylor giggled.

When Taylor and Hailee showed up they quickly changes into their bikinis: Hailee wearing a small one piece bikini that barely covered her ass and Taylor wearing a high waisted one that showed off her long legs. With eight barely covered girls there was enough people for one each of the five stalls with the others sashaying back and forth helping with the customers. Victoria kept mostly to the customers, fluttering her dark eyes at the men with a sweet smile while Jennifer helped, joking with the men while bending down to peer at them with her breasts dangling below her. Chloe walked back and forth between the stalls helping the other girls by giving helpful suggestions which mostly consisted of encouraging Hailee and Demi to wash car windows with their firm rear-ends. Miley and Taylor were the more bold of the girls, often skipping back and forth between their stalls to embrace each other in front of the customers, rubbing their soap slick bodies together.

Selena kept mostly to her own stall, except for the times she needed to peel Miley and Taylor apart, and tied to keep track of all the new customers. The regular crew were sitting in the back of the lot watching the girls do all the work but would eagerly jump in whenever they were asked. Selena looked around with pride at what she had accomplished, sure that she had saved her uncle’s car wash.

As the afternoon wore on the girls were completely soaked with warm, sudsy water, gleaming in the sunlight as customer after customer rolled through the car wash. As Selena kept herself busy taking turns pulling Miley an Taylor apart and then switching to pulling Chloe and Hailee out of the bushes she saw Ace’s van pull up and jumped up and down with glee. “Look what I did,” she squealed happily as she ran over and he exited the ice cream van. She threw her arms around his broad shoulders and kissed him deeply, rubbing her soft, wet body against him before noticing how stiff his posture was. “What’s the matter,” she asked.

Ace looked thoughtfully off into the distance, sunlight glinting off of his thick hair before turning to Selena. “Better round up the girls, I’ve got some bad news,” he said solemnly.

Selena quickly rounded up the girls for a break and let the regular car wash crew take over but since the car loads of men eagerly agreed to wait in their hot cars until the girls got back the crew still had nothing to do. “So what’s up, Chest McShoulders?” Miley asked Ace as she ran her long tongue over her lips. Selena elbowed her playfully in the ribs before nodding at Ace to continue.

Steve ran over to the group, strongly out of breath with his shirt untucked over the front of his pants. What’s up?” he asked through gasps of air, the muscles in his hands cramping painfully.

Selena watched her strange cousin for a moment before shaking her head. She had no idea what was wrong with him now an decided that she didn’t want to know what he had been up to.

Ace looked respectfully at the actresses’s faces rater than their barely concealed bodies because he was raised a gentleman as he started talking. “I’ve been driving past Vic’s car washes, ” he started before being interrupted by Steve.

“Do you even sell ice cream?” he muttered, “‘Cuz it seems you mostly just cruise around.”. He gasped in pain as his cousin elbowed him far harder than she had Miley and glared at him angrily causing Taylor to snicker.

Ace continued with his story while respectfully ignoring Selena’s family squabbles. “He is still using his models but has started a new business strategy,” he said flatly.

“Oh my God, what?” Jennifer asked, unintentionally sending a jiggle through her exposed cleavage.

Ace respectfully ignored the abundant amount of creamy, quaking cleavage barely contained in Jennifer’s top as he continued. “The models, I’m afraid to say, are now completely topless,” he said.

Chapter 08

The girls looked at each other with wide eyes before Miley chirped in. “That’s it?” she asked as she looked at her friends. “Fuck it,” she said with a casual shrug of her shoulders before
her top off and freeing her firm, apple sized breasts. “Back to work y’all,” she said as she walked back to her stall.

“I didn’t mean for that…” Ace said while Steve clutched his chest and fell over.

“Yeah, she just does that,” Taylor said with a defeatist shrug.

Jennifer looked around at her friends and then shrugged her own shoulders. “It’s not like people didn’t see worse during The Fappening,” she said as she began pulling off her top.

“Guess you’re right,” Victoria agreed before taking her top down from off of her shoulders.

Chloe and Hailee looked at each other for a moment before Chloe pulled down Hailee’s top to reveal the brunette girl’s small, firm breasts. “These are mine,” she said as she pointed to Hailee breasts and glared at her friends, “Look but don’t touch.”

“You are so butch,” Hailee giggled.

Take a Mydol, Chloe,” Taylor said with a playful roll of her eyes as she untied her top and let it fall to the ground before walking after Miley.

As the other girls began following Taylor and Miley back to their stalls, Demi looked over at Selena with a smirk. “In for a penny, in for a pound,” she giggled before releasing her own small breasts.

“I don’t even know what that means,” Selena said as she watched Demi join the other girls. She turned back and looked up expectantly at Ace but he just smiled down at her warmly, the sun glinting off of his startling white teeth.

“It’s actually an old English saying that means that even if you are invested in something even the smallest bit, or ‘Penny’, then you are invested fully, or ‘Pound’ which was the currency at the time,” Ace said.

Selena looked up at Ace reverently. “You are perfect,” she said in awe.

“Far from that,” Ace said humbly with a manly chuckle. “Can I help you with your top, m’lady?” he asked.

Selena smiled as she turned around an presented her graceful back to Ace and held her thick hair up away from the tie. She shivered as the tall, handsome man slid his fingers up her spine slowly before nimbly untiring her top and letting it fall to the ground. She turned back towards him, thrusting her chest out slightly and moaning as he cupped one of her breasts and ran his thumb over her hard, dark nipple. She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him, groaning into his mouth before breaking the kiss.

“Good luck,” Ace whispered into Selena’s ear.

“I don’t need luck, I have you,” Selena said before skipping happily after her friends.

Ever being the provocateur, Miley quickly took control of the topless celebrities. She placed Demi, Chloe, Hailee, Taylor and Selena into stalls while leaving Jennifer and Victoria to deal with the customers and deal with the money leaving her to direct the action.

The same peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage from the bikini store with music legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court starts.

Miley strutted towards Demi’s stall swaying her hips widely in time with the beat as she stepped in. She wrapped her arms around Demi and dragged her in front of the car, pressing their bodies together and grinding against her friend. They spun around the car until they were at the drivers side door and Miley pressed Demi’s thick ass against the window. She grabbed the thicker girl’s wide hips and used her grip to move Demi’s ass back and forth, cleaning the glass as they kissed.

Steve groaned and his eyes fluttered as he watched from behind the bushes outside the stall.

The same peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage from the bikini store which was legally different enough from any actual popular sing to stay out of court continues as Miley heads to the next stall.

Making her way to Chloe’s stall, Miley immediately grabbed the smaller girl and kissed her passionately moving their barely covered bodies to the front of Chloe’s car. Chloe sat up on the hood with her thighs spread wide as Miley looked over the blonde’s shoulder at the driver. She smiled wickedly at the man and extended her tongue fully before hiding her face in front of Chloe. Even though the driver couldn’t see her as she licked down the smaller girl’s body until she had her face buried in Chloe’s crotch when suddenly the horn sounded for some reason.

Steve’s nose started bleeding as he poked his head around the outside corner of the stall to watch Miley.

The same peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage from the bikini store which was legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court follows Miley as she pulls Chloe into the next stall.

Chloe and Miley stare at Hailee’s up-thrust ass as the brunette bends over to wash her car’s hood. Chloe’s eyes go wide as she licks her lips hungrily as Hailee’s heart shaped ass sways back and forth in time with the beat of the music. Hailee spots Chloe and Miley and gives them a coy wink which breaks the blonde girl’s restraint. Chloe lunges forward tackling Hailee to the ground below where the driver of the car can’t see them. Miley saunters over as Chloe and Hailee’s bikini bottoms fly up in front of the driver side window and then fall back down again. Miley looks down below the window with a fake look of surprise on her face before looking at the driver and giving him a sly wink.

Steve nearly fell from the over-head pipes in the stall as he stared down at the three lusty celebrities.

Miley wiggles her hips in time to the same peppy, somewhat catch, synth-pop musical montage from the bikini store which was legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court as she heads into the next stall.

Grinning wildly, Miley walked boldly into Selena’s stall while the Latina beauty was bent over washing the car’s trunk, her bronze breasts swaying rhythmicly below her chest. She pushed Selena forward and then grabbed her hips, thrusting her groin against the brunette girl’s taunt ass. She rocked her hips back and forth like she was fucking the dark skinned girl doggy style, sticking her tongue out at the driver staring at them from his rear-view mirror.

From his hiding spot in the drainage pipe, looking up through the iron grate, Steve slipped and nearly drowned.

Skipping and twirling in time to the same peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage from the bikini store which was legally different enough from any actual popular song to stay out of court, Miley checked in on the last stall.

Miley found Taylor sitting on top of the car with her long legs spread wide waiting for her. She scurried up on top of the car and eagerly spread her own legs wide, scissoring Taylor in time to the music. The owner rolled down his window to be able to see as the two barely clothed celebrities humped up against one another.

Steve’s head poked out from under the car as he tried to watch Miley and Taylor.

The same peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage from the bikini store that was legally different enough from any actual song to stay out of court played through every car stereo in the parking lot as Jennifer and Victoria danced. At one car, Jennifer pulled her bikini down to just above her pubic mound to let the customer slide his money into her bottoms. At another car Victoria bent over at the waist to let the customer slide his money into her tan little ass-crack as the topless girls continued to dance and wiggle around.

From between the cars, Steve continued following the girls while nearly getting ran over at least a dozen times.

In the bushes towards the side of Esteban’s car wash, the music was nearly completely muffled as Dick Surge stared wickedly at the gaggle of galavanting girls. He couldn’t help but rub his prick through his pants as he watched the car washing women working and groaned out in unreleased lust. Dropping his pants he started furiously masturbating until a voice from behind him startled him. “Well, well, well. What have we here?” the voice said. He tried to spin around and tripped on his pants landing on his bare ass.

“Looks like a peeping tom,” Chloe said as she stood defiantly with her hands on her hips, her top back on as she had snuck around. If the customer wasn’t paying yet they weren’t getting a free show.

“Or a spy,” Jennifer said standing just to Chloe’s side, also wearing her top.

“Is that it? Are you a spy?” Chloe asked angrily.

Dick stood up straight and dropped his voice a octave. He crossed his arms across his chest and tried to appear tuff, forgetting that his pants were around his ankles and his prick was dangling in the breeze. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he sneered.

“Kinda why Chloe asked,” Jennifer said with a roll of her eyes before turning to her friend. “What should we do to him?” she asked, also trying to appear tough.

“He’s a spy so I say we call the cops on him,” Chloe said as she glared angrily at the cocky young man, “I bet they can get him to talk.”

“Phttt…” Dick noted dismissively, “I’m rich and white, I’ll be out in twenty minutes.”

Jennifer sighed in mock surrender. “He’s got a point,” she said to Chloe.

Chloe shrugged her shoulders in mock defeat. “I guess you’re right, Jennifer,”
said meekly.

“Damn Skippy,” Dick added.

“I guess we have no choice but to interrogate him ourselves,” Jennifer said.

“I guess you’re right,” Chloe said.

“Huh?” Dick said.

“Who are you?” Jennifer asked sternly.

“Your mamma,” Dick snorted.

Chloe and Jennifer smirked wickedly at the intruder before taking a step closer to each other, their bikini covered breasts nearly touching. “Won’t you tell us who you are?” Chloe could before moving in closer to Jennifer, their barely covered breasts touching.

“Pretty please?” Jennifer added before moving in closer to Chloe, her larger tits enveloping Chloe’s smaller ones.

Dick was flabbergasted as he watched the two barely covered young women start running their hands lightly up each other’s sides.

“Pretty please with sugar on top?” Chloe added before wrapping her arms gingerly around Jennifer’s waist.

“And whipped cream,” Jennifer said in a deep, husky, bedroom voice before kissing Chloe. The kissed wetly, their tongues visibly caressing each other as their mouths made wet, smacking sounds.

“And cherries,” Chloe whispered as she began kissing down to Jennifer’s renowned chest. She ran her tongue down the taller actresses’s graceful neck to her collar bone, kissing the hollow of her neck before licking down to the center of Jennifer’s chest. Each girl reached around the other and untied their tops, the only thing holding the bare bits of material up was their pressed together chests.

“Please tell us your name,” Chloe could as she and Jennifer looked at the spying young man with smoldering eyes.

“Di… Di… Dick. Dick Surge,” he choked out.

Chloe and Jennifer smiled sweetly at Dick before moving apart slightly and letting their tops fall to the ground. They turned their bare chest towards him for a moment to let him see their unencumbered breasts before melding their bodies back together. Jennifer kissed gently down to Chloe’s slender chest, making the younger star moan in appreciation as she kissed from the center of her chest to one of her small tits.

Dick began slowly tugging on his throbbing prick as he watched the two topless celebs until the shorter one’s head whipped over and she glared angrily at him.

“Public masturbation is illegal, bud,” Chloe snapped as Jennifer sucked in her hard, little nipple.

“Ye… Yes, ma… ma’am,” Dick muttered as he released his grip on his aching prick.

Chloe cooed as Jennifer kissed over to her other tit before pushing the taller celebrity back so she could kiss the taller girl’s larger tits. She kissed over ever bare inch of exposed flesh before zeroing in on Jennifer’s hard, little, puffy nipples. The X-Men star held her head to her chest, moving her back and forth from tit to tit, groaning in pleasure.

Both horny stars slid their hands down the other’s body to their hips. They each grabbed the elastic of the others bikini bottoms and began stretching them out, pulling them down to just above their pubic mounds before pulling them up tight to expose their rounded ass-cheeks.

“So, I take it you’re Vic’s son?” Jennifer asked, staring straight into Dick’s eyes as Chloe began kissing down her torso. Never breaking eye contact, she lightly tongued her friends bellybutton and drawing a gasp of pleasure from her friend and a gurgle from Dick. She licked back up the Kick Ass star’s body to her chest as she slid her hands into the back of Chloe’s bikini bottoms. She slid her hands down, stretching the flimsy bottoms down to reveal the horny girl’s tight ass as she squeezed her taunt cheeks.

Dick drooled as he watched the two girls, his eyes locked on the shorter girl’s ass until the taller girl started pulling her bottoms back up. “Yes, yes! Vic’s my father!” he blurted out to stop the taller girl from pulling the shorter girl’s bikini back up.

Jennifer smirked knowingly as she peeled Chloe’s bottoms off of her ass and let the brief bit of bikini fall to the ground leaving her friend wearing only her sneakers. Chloe turned slightly to her side, hiding her bare pussy from Dick’s view but revealing her taunt ass to him completely. She smiled coyly over her shoulder at him before giving him a wink and climbing down on her knees in front of Jennifer. She held her friend by her hips as she bent forward and kissed her friend’s bellybutton. She kissed down Jennifer’s stomach to the elastic of her bikini bottoms and gripped it between her teeth. Using nothing else besides her teeth she pulled the taller girl’s bottoms down her legs before letting it fall to the ground around her sneakers.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Dick gasped as he stared lustfully at the two naked women. They were turned to their sides so he could see their asses but couldn’t quite see their naked pussies.

The girls stood hip to hip, running their hands up and down the other’s back, cupping their asses before trailing their fingers up again. They pressed their bodies close, chest to chest, groin to groin, and kissed passionately again making sure that Dick couldn’t really see anything but the side of their naked bodies rubbing together. Their hands wandered over their bodies as they stared lustfully at Dick. “What were you doing in the bushes, Dick,” Chloe asked before kissing Jennifer again.

“I… I can’t say,” Dick said pitifully.

“Please tell us,” Jennifer asked breathlessly.

“Really, I can’t,” Dick said on the verge of tears.

Both girls smirked wickedly at Dick before taking a step towards him, their arms around their waists, their flush bodies on full display. “Oh God, Dick, I need to know so bad,” Chloe said as they took another step towards the horny spy.

“Please no. Don’t make me,” Dick pleaded.

Jennifer licked her lips as she and Chloe took another step. “Please, Dick. I’m aching to know,” she cooed wantonly.

“Just… just go ahead and call the cops,” Dick whined.

“It’s to late for that,” Jennifer said with a wicked smirk as she took one last step towards Dick. She reached up and slowly began running her fingertips down his chest as Chloe placed a hand on his bare hip.

“My little pussy is so hot an wet for you, Dick,” Chloe said in a child’s sing-song voice as she trialed her fingertips slowly from his hip towards his throbbing cock.

“I want to feel you deep inside of me,” Jennifer said as her own fingertips neared Dick’s groin.

Just as the two girls’ hands neared his aching prick, Dick’s body suddenly convulsed. “Ihavetoreportbacktomydadwhatyou’redoimgsowecantopy ou,” he blurted out an instant before he came.

Both celebrities squeaked out and jumped back to escape the arching blob of Dick’s cum. “Ewww…!!” Chloe squealed as Jennifer began giggling.

Dick groaned in embarrassment before looking down at what he had done. “Dammit! It’s on my shoes,” he whined.

Chloe and Jennifer looked at each other for a moment before breaking out into gales of laughter.

“It’s not funny,” Dick said defensively, “These are three hundred dollar shoes.”

The girls just laughed harder as they picked their bikinis up off the ground and flung them across one shoulder each. “Thanks for the info, Dick,” Jennifer laughed before wrapping her arm around Chloe’s waist.

Dick couldn’t do anything but watch the two beautiful, naked women walk confidently away as he stood helplessly with his pants around his ankles.

“Oh geez,” Steve muttered to himself, hidden in more bushes only a few feet from Dick. He stroked his prick furiously as he watched Chloe and Jennifer’s naked asses as they walked back to the car wash.

“Is that Selena’s cousin?” Demi whispered to Miley, both stars not bothering to put their tops back on while walking around the car wash.

“It looks like him,” Miley whispered back, “Course, he was wearing pants in the picture I saw at Selena’s house.”

Demi snorted with laughter trying not to be heard by the masturbating cousin.

“Don’t be mean,” Miley chided her with a playful elbow I’m Demi’s ribs. She looked at Steve for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. “He’s kinda cute,” she admitted.

“In a creepy, incest-y kinda way, sure,” Demi whispered with a roll of her eyes.

“Slut, please,” Miley said, “Like you ain’t ever flicked your bean thinking about Selena.”

This time Demi shrugged her shoulders thinking about when Selena had been telling her the story over the phone. “Maybe,” she reluctantly admitted.

“I kinda feel bad for him,” Miley said as she stared at the poor, pathetic, masturbating cousin, “Growing up so close to Selena’s hot little body and not being able to do anything about it.”

“You are not thinking about what I think you’re thinking about, are you?” Demi asked as she looked at Miley with shock, “All we were doing was looking for Jennifer and Chloe and now you wanna throw a pity fuck at Selena’s cousin.”

“Maybe,” Miley said as she looked at her friend with a playful grin.

Demi threw her arms up in the air in frustration. “Is there nobody on this planet you don’t wanna fuck?” she asked in disbelief.

“Well, that’s kinda the point in being pan-sexual,” she said
she stood up, “There is something attractive in everybody.”

“You and Captain Jack Harkness,” Demi muttered before standing up and pointing at the masturbating cousin. “And that guy?”

“Pathetic cuteness and pity,” Miley said with a shrug before walking toward Selena’s cousin.

“I bought my dog for the same reason and I don’t fuck it,” Demi muttered before giving up and following Miley.

Miley snuck up behind the crouching masturbater and wrapped her arms around him before he even knew she was there. He cried out in surprise and she quickly replaced his hand with her own, tugging on his prick while reaching down and gripping his balls. “I’m Miley, and you are?” she asked with a giggle as she jerked him off.

Steve nearly swallowed his tongue as he tried not to cry out in shock. He looked down and just as he expected, his hands weren’t the ones fondling his cock and balls. It was kinda out of the ordinary for somebody else’s hands to be masturbating him and he didn’t quite know what to make of it.

Demi walked in front of Selena’s cousin and he looked like he had just seen a ghost rather than having a sexy, young celebrity pulling on his pole. “You’re Steve, right?” she asked. When the frightened cousin nodded his head dumbly she said, “Pleased to meet you, I’m Demi,” before dropping to her knees in front of him. Miley had her hand around the base of his shaft so she decided to start started with the tip. She circled his cock-head head with her tongue before licking down his shaft to Miley’s fist and back up again and circling his tip again. She worked her tongue down the other side of his shaft and back up, once again licking his sensitive tip. She sucked the first few inches of his prick into her mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft until she met her friend’s fist again and then sliding back up making him groan in pleasure.

With Demi blowing Steve, Miley released her grip on his cock and stepped around to face him. “Now, don’t go falling in love with us,” she giggled before sliding her bikini bottoms down her legs. She giggled at the look of wide-eyed surprise on his face before leaning into him, pressing her unencumbered breasts against his chest as she kissed him. Her talented tongue thoroughly explored his mouth, leaving him breathless as she broke the kiss. Giggling to herself in satisfaction she dropped to her knees and took his cock from Demi, plunging it into her throat and easily deep-throating him.

Demi looked down at Miley effortlessly took Steve’s cock in to the base and back out again. “Practice makes perfect,” she playfully sneered at Miley. Miley nodded her head enthusiastically around the cock in her mouth and gave her a thumbs-up, making Demi snort in laughter. Using Miley’s bobbing head for balance, Demi peeled her bathing suit down her legs, bending at the waist, placing her hands flat on the ground, her ass out-thrust towards Steve.

“Oh my God,” Steve gasped as Demi slowly stood back up, his eyes locked on her thick, round ass.

Demi smirked and winked down at Miley at having distracted Steve from the blonde singer’s blow-job. Miley flipped her off before pulling Selena’s cousin’s prick out of her mouth and standing up. “Yeah, yeah. Great ass. Whatever,” Miley said dismissively before turning her attention back to the shocked young man. “Down ya go,” she chirped as she pushed down on Steve’s shoulders. He responded to everything she promoted him to do until he was on his back still wearing his shirt but his pants and underwear around his ankles and his prick pointing up into the air.

“Are we sure Selena didn’t say her cousin was retarded or something?” Demi whispered into Miley’s ear as they both stared down at the shock still young man.

“I don’t think so,” Miley whispered back, “He is pretty much just a mannequin.” She looked him over until her eyes came to his stiff prick and she gave a shrug. “Oh well, to late to stop now,” she said before getting down on her knees and straddling Steve’s shocked face.

“Ewww!” Demi laughed as Miley got comfortable on her knees above Steve’s head, “That’s disgusting!”

“What?” Miley said with a devilish grin, “The mentally disabled are people too.” She grabbed Selena’s cousin by the side of his head and yanked it up off the ground. “Lick,” she ordered.

Steve stared blankly up at the bald vagina hovering above his head.

“Oh my God maybe he had a stroke,” Demi exclaimed as she quickly got on her knees and lifted Steve’s arm up and let it go. The arm flopped down onto the ground bonelessly. “Fuck! I think we killed Selena’s cousin,” she gasped as she lifted his wrist up and felt for a pulse.

“He ain’t dead,” Miley said as she shook Steve’s head and looked down the length of her naked body at his head between her thighs, “Are ya, boy? Can you say something? Come on. Speak. Speak to me.”

“Can I have your autograph?” Steve asked meekly.

Still hidden inside of the bushes, several feet away from the two naked celebrities, Dick Surge grinned wickedly. “Gotcha!” he whispered to himself victoriously as he filmed the three naked people with his phone.

Twenty minutes later after sneaking out of the bushes, Dick stood proudly in front of his father’s desk. “I’m telling you, dad, I saw the whole thing.”

In his chair behind his office desk, Vic looked up at his son wearily. “You’re telling me that Esteban’s niece’s celebrity friends are fucking the customers?” he asked skeptically.

“I caught it on my phone,” Dick said as he pulled out his cell and turned it on. “Take a look,” he said as he handed the evidence to his father.

Vic picked up his sons phone and began looking through it. “Porn, porn, porn…” he muttered as he flicked through the screens before turning the screen back to his son, “…and for some reason a picture of a horse in a tutu.”

“No, you’re doing it wrong,” Dick groaned before grabbing his phone back. He found the video and handed it back to his father. “See?”

As Vic watched the video he slowly began to smile. “Son, I’m about to be happy that you have absolutely no luck with women on your own and say something to you that I’d never think I’d say,” as he turned his face up to his son.

“Yeah, dad?”

“Call me every hooker you know.”

Dick placed his hands on his hips. “I’ve got ’em on speed dial,” he said triumphantly.

Chapter 09

Selena was struggling to put sunscreen on her back as Jennifer and Chloe ran up to her, Jennifer’s larger breasts swaying on her chest as Chloe’s smaller breasts jiggled with each step. “Selena, thank God we found you,” Jennifer said.

“We found out something important,” Chloe added.

“Sure, guys, what’s up?” Selena asked before handing Jennifer her bottle of sunscreen and adding, “Can you help me with this?”

Jennifer grabbed the bottle as Selena turned her back to her. “We found that ass-clown Dick Surge in the bushes spying on us,” she said as she squirted some lotion into her hand and then passed the bottle to Chloe.

“Ewww!” Selena squealed in disgust as Chloe squirted some of the sunscreen into her palm and set the bottle down.

“I don’t think he was just perving on is,” Jennifer added as she began rubbing the thick sunscreen into Selena’s graceful back.

“Well, not just perving on is,” Chloe said helpfully as she began rubbing the sunscreen across Selena’s flat stomach.

Jennifer slid her hands across Selena’s shoulders as the Latina beauty moved her hair to the side. “Well, yeah, he was definitely perving on us,” she agreed as her hands massaged the lotion into Selena’s neck and down between her shoulder blades.

“Totally jackin’ it in the bushes,” Chloe giggled as she ran her hands low on Selena’s belly, just above her low slung bikini bottoms, the tips of her thumbs barely sneaking in beneath the elastic.

“It was totally gross,” Jennifer admitted as her hands spread the lotion from the center of Selena’s shoulder blades to her sides, just under her arms, “But he also told us that he was spying for his father.”

“No,” Selena gasped in surprise, “That crook!”

“I know, right?” Chloe agreed as her hands traveled up from Selena’s lower abdomen to just below her chest. “So we find him and me and Jennifer interrogate him,” she said as her fingertips slid wetly across the under-swell of her friend’s breasts.

“And what did he say?” Selena asked as she held her arms out for her friends to get her sides.

Jennifer’s hands traveled down Selena’s silky sides, her thumbs grazing Chloe’s fingertips as the smaller girl’s hands with up and her own hands continued down. “He told us that anything that we do, his father is going to top,” she finished as her hands slid over the dimples of her friend’s lower back.

“That fiend,” Selena growled as she bent over slightly and pushed her taunt ass out towards Jennifer.

“You know he probably told his dad by now,” Chloe said as her small hands slid over Selena’s firm, golden breast making the golden orbs gleam in the sunlight. Her thumbs slipped over her friend’s hard, dark nipples as she massaged the dark haired beauty’s tits.

her back gracefully to give Jennifer and Chloe unimpeded access to her ass and chest. “So what do we do now?” she asked as Jennifer’s hands slid down to her ass-cheeks.

“I think there’s only one thing we can do if we want to save your uncle’s car wash,” Jennifer said as her hands slid over Selena’s tight ass.

“I have to agree,” Chloe said as she gave Selena’s tits a final squeeze.

“The things we do for family,” Selena muttered.

“Hey, Selena,” Miley called out as she and Demi approached, “I think we killed your cousin.”

“Oh geez,” Steve groaned as he slowly struggled to get to his feet, nearly falling over with his pants still wrapped around his ankles. “I can’t believe I didn’t get her autograph,” he mumbled to himself, drowning in self-pity. He stood up as straight as he could without giving himself away and looked through the bushes to see if it was safe to come out yet. Across the lot he saw his cousin and her friends standing around topless and talking. He looked down at his penis and when it didn’t move at the sight of all the naked celebrity flesh he sighed in relief. “Can someone die from carpel tunnel syndrome?” he wondered to himself as he began pulling his pants back up.

The twinkling of a girl’s giggle brought Steve’s attention back to the topless young women and he wondered what was going on. Miley Cyrus was giggling and all but prancing around when suddenly she yanked her bikini bottoms off and stood unabashedly naked. He groaned. Miley quickly tugged down Demi Lovato’s bathing suit and they were now both completely naked except for their shoes. His dick started to stir and he looked down at himself in fear. More laughter brought his attention back up and he saw Jennifer Lawrence and Chloe Moretz holding Selena’s arms out from her sides as Miley and Demi tugged off her bottoms leaving his cousin completely and wonderfully nude, just like God had intended. His prick lurched painfully to life and he moaned in despair as he hand slowly crept towards his merciless cock.

As Victoria came around the corner she saw her friends in a group and unsurprisingly Miley was completely naked. Then she noticed everybody was naked as Jennifer and Chloe were taking their bikini bottoms down. Shrugging her shoulders, the slender brunette took down her own bottoms before turning around and going back to work.

Victoria walked back into her stall completely nude except for her sneakers and stood in front of the car with her hands defiantly on her hips and her feet shoulder length apart. The horn of the car started blaring for no particular reason as the driver’s mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide. She strutted over to the hose and pulled it between her slender legs and water suddenly shot out without her touching the spigot. She raised the hose above her head, stretching her willowy body, letting the water run down her tan flesh. Her winsome form glimmered in the sun as droplets of water fell from her body in slow motion, reflecting the Miami sunlight. The horn of the car slowly died out as the driver somehow fell out of the seat onto the wet ground.

Laughing hysterically, Miley and Demi shoved Selena into her stall as the car stereo began playing a different peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage that was legally different enough from any actual song to stay out of court. She stood in embarrassment half-heartedly covering her breasts and the juncture of her thighs with an embarrassed smile on her face. As Miley and Demi cheered her on, the bronze beauty began shuffling her feet as the headlights of the car clicked on. Starting to relax she began moving her hips, dropping her arms as she began getting into the different peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage that was legally different from any actual song to stay out of court. Miley and Demi cat-called her as she began dancing, twisting around and jiggling her ass before flipping back around and jiggling her entire body rhythmically to the beat.

Miley high-fived Demi before strutting to her stall to the beat of the different peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage that was legally different enough from any actual song to stay out of court. She jumped on the hood of her car and pressed her body to the wind shield, rubbing her naked flesh across it. She spun around on her ass, spreading her legs wide until she was facing away from the window. She bent forward with her legs spread to the sides, letting the driver get a good look at the pink center between her thighs.

Demi found the closest car to her and immediately pressed her thick ass against the driver’s side window. The driver pressed his tongue against the glass where the young girl was wiggling her thick cheeks and giving quick glimpses of her wet pussy. She slid her ass to the rear driver’s side door and the driver crawled over his seat and began licking that window as well as the stereos in all the cars around them played the different peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage that was legally different enough from any actual song to stay out of court.

Jennifer gasped in her stall as Chloe pressed her naked body against her. They had spent nearly a whole minute washing their car before their hands began to wander and the smaller girl had pushed her roughly against the wall. “You are so butch,’ she giggled as the smaller girl pushed her thigh between Jennifer’s legs.

“You know you love it,” Chloe growled as she nuzzled Jennifer’s neck before sliding her hands between their bodies and palming the taller girl’s hot, wet cunt. The car alarm started going off and the lights start blinking as she slid a finger into the Oscar winner’s dripping hole.

Suddenly Hailee appeared and huff in anger. “I can’t leave you alone for a moment,” she grumbled. When neither of the panting, naked celebrities stopped or even acknowledged she had spoken she stomped over and began trying to pry them apart. “Seriously! And why are you naked?” she asked as she tried to pull Chloe’s hand out from between Jennifer’s legs.

“Ow!” Chloe squealed as Hailee pinched her arm to get her to let lose of Jennifer’s pussy. “It’s the new business model,” she told the dark haired girl.

“Vic Surge sent his son to spy on us so they can top whatever we’re doing,” Jennifer said as she picked up a wet sponge.

“So now we’re naked?” Hailee exclaimed. Jennifer and Chloe just nodded at her with knowing smirks on their lips and she knew that they were silently daring her to join in. “Fine,” she muttered before yanking down her bikini bottoms, her tight ass pointed straight at the car. As she bent at the waist, the car horn began blaring which caused Chloe and Jennifer to break out in fits of laughter. “There! Are you satisfied now?” she asked as she threw her bottoms at Chloe’s smirking face.

“Give me about five minutes,” Chloe said lasciviously as she slowly pulled Hailee’s bikini bottoms off of her face.

“Oh no you don’t, little Miss horn dog,” Hailee said as she grabbed Chloe by her wrist and yanked her out of the stall, “There’s no way you two are working together until you get a hold of yourselves.” The car horn slowly began to silence.

“I’d rather get a hold of you,” Chloe said as she wiggled her eyebrows at Hailee and tried to press herself against her.

Hailee stomped her foot angrily, her small breasts jiggling, as she pointed behind Chloe. “Get,” she ordered.

As Hailee and Chloe had their little lovers spat, Jennifer smirked at them before grabbing the hose. She looked from the hose to the sponge and back again before a wicked smile crossed her face and she dropped the sponge. She leaned against the wall and spread her legs as she brought the hose down and aimed it between her thighs. “Oh Fuuuuck,” she groaned with a smile on her face as her eyes rolled back in her head and the water from the hose streamed over her sizzling clit. “Oh, oh, oh…” she panted as her orgasm quickly began to rise as well as the volume of the car stereo playing the different peppy, somewhat catchy, synth-pop musical montage that was legally different enough from any actual song to stay out of court. “F-u-u-u-u-ck,” she stuttered as she suddenly came and the horn of the car suddenly blared.

Chloe looked over Hailee’s shoulder as Jennifer came in the car stall. “Dammit,” she grumbled as Hailee turned around and saw what the other blonde girl was doing.

“God damn it, Jennifer!” Hailee shouted as she stomped toward the orgasming movie awards winner, “There’s laws around here you know!”

“Well that’s not fucking fair,” Chloe pouted until she saw the naked ass of Taylor Swift poking out from around the corner. With a shrug she said, “Might as well,” before trotting after the singer.

Taylor watched as Selena’s horny cousin peeked into a stall, masturbated for a couple of strokes and then moved to the next stall. “Wash, rinse, repeat,” she mumbled to herself as she watched Steve continue down the line of stalls. She was bent at the waist with her tight little, naked ass stuck high in the air as she continued watching. “There’s gotta be a song in this somewhere,” she told herself as the skinny young man continued shuffling from stall to stall, “Something about embarrassed
maybe?” Shrugging her slender shoulders she walked out around the building and crept up on the masturbating Steve. “Might as well get a song out of this trip,” she said merrily before tapping Selena’s cousin on the shoulder.

“Ahhh!” Steve screamed as he jumped up and turned around. “Taylor!” he squeaked when he saw who had snuck up on him. He tried to hide his erection but it just poked out between his hands, pointing at his cousin’s naked best friend.

Taylor appraised Steve’s hard-on for a moment before muttering, “Might as well,” and then looking him in the eye. “Hey, Steve, wanna help me get a Grammy?” she asked before grabbing his prick and tugging on it.

“I, ah… I, ah… I, ah…” Steve mumbled as he stared at Taylor’s small breasts jiggling softly like a wave with every tug of his prick. His hands fell away, hanging limply at his sides as the beautiful singer smirked up at him.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Taylor giggled before shrieking loudly, “Aieee!” She quickly turned her head and saw Chloe running her soft hands against her taunt ass. “What gives?” she giggled.

“Need a hand?” Chloe asked as she ran her hands from Taylor’s silky smooth ass, around her sides, and down between the taller girl’s slender legs.

“Mmm, sure could,” Taylor moaned as Chloe palmed her wet pussy, “Help me with this first.” She slowly got down on her knees as Chloe shrugged and then followed her down.

Both naked, horny celebs got on their knees on either side of Steve’s bobbing cock, Taylor’s hand never leaving his shaft. They kissed around the throbbing tip of Selena’s cousin’s cock-head, their tongues rolling around the tip, caressing the sensitive skin as their caressed each other. Chloe kept one hand between Taylor’s slender thighs, rubbing her slick pussy as she reached up with her other hand and began massaging Steve’s dangling balls. They both moaned lustfully around his tip as Taylor slid it between her lips, tonguing it lightly before passing it to Chloe. Chloe to the purple helmet between her pouting lips, firmly rubbing her moist tongue along the soft skin as she sucked hard, groaning loudly. Suddenly Steve erupted in her mouth, choking her with his thick cum.

“Gah!” Chloe gagged as she spit out Selena’s cousin’s load and Taylor began snorting in laughter, “God dammit!”

Steve looked down at the two naked celebrities like he had just killed their puppy. “I am soooo sorry,” he muttered meekly before yanking up his pants with one hand, trapping his soft, dripping dick with the other, and running away.

Watching Steve’s pale ass shrinking off in the distance caused Taylor to break out into another fit of laughter again.

“That fucker!” Chloe pouted as Selena’s cousin’s cum dripped off her face.

“Poor baby,” Taylor cooed with a smile before leaning forward and carefully cleaning the thick white cum off of Chloe’s face. “There. Is that better?” she asked as she affectionately patted the small actress’s thigh.

“No,” Chloe pouted some more.

“You get so whiny when you’re horny,” Taylor said in admonishment.

Chloe continued to pout childishly. “But I neeeeed it,” she whined.

Taylor sighed in frustration before standing and helping Chloe up to her feet. “Fine. Let’s go find Selena’s room and I’ll get you off,” she said.

“Promise?” Chloe said with a grin that reminded Taylor if a child getting a free cookie.

“Yes, I promise,” Taylor grumbled while trying to hide the smirk on her face. “Definitely gonna be a song with a rabbit in it,” she mumbled to herself.

“What was that?” Chloe asked as she skipped merrily behind Taylor.

“Nothing,” Taylor replied, neither horny young star noticing the return of Dick Surge and his phone taking pictures in the bushes.

The next morning at the crack of dawn Vic and Dick Surge were waiting in the parking lot with their special guest, both nearly in fits of excited victory giggles.

“I don’t see why we had to be here so early,” the banker said through a yawn, “The car wash doesn’t even open for another two and a half hours.”

“It’s the early bird that catches the worm,” Vic said manically.

“Yeah, the worm,” Dick agreed.

The banker harrumphed in disdain before squirming around and getting comfortable. “Just wake me when the wash opens,” he said before crossing his arms across his chest and closing his eyes.

As the banker snored, Vic waited patiently while his son played on his phone. “Don’t you lose that video,” Vic warned.

“Phttt, whatever, dad,” Dick snorted.

Two and a half hours later Vic opened his car door and got out. “Wake up the banker. I don’t want him to miss this,” he told his son.

“Hey, old guy,” Dick said as he reached back and shook the banker awake, “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bac-y.”

The banker came awake with a start and a snort. “About bloody time,” he muttered as he got out of the car. “Mr. Surge, I’m perfectly aware of how much business you bring through my bank but I must say that your behavior is most… off-putting,” he said as he caught up to Vic.

“Don’t worry,” Vic said as he opened the door to the business office, “After a bit I’ll be bringing even more business to your bank.” The three of them entered the lobby and walked to the inner door.

“If this is about Mr. Esteban’s loans I’m afraid I’ve already informed you I have chosen to forgo foreclosure until the end of the week,” the banker said.

“Of course, of course,” Vic said as he barged into Esteban’s private office, “But I think my son has something that will change your mind.”

“What do you think you are doing here!?” Esteban’s shouted angrily as he stood up out of his chair. Everyone in the office stared at Vic and his son as they walked in to the already cramped office. All the girls were there already dressed in the briefest of bikinis, their toned and trimmed bodies nearly fully displayed while Steve stood behind his father as he tried to hide his erection.

“Hey! It’s the banker guy,” Hailee said with an enthusiastic wave.

Taylor looked the banker up and down before giving him a sly wink and causing him to blush.

“How do you know him?” Selena asked Taylor.

Taylor shrugged her shoulders non-committedly. “Me and Hailee bumped into him and convinced him to hold off the foreclosure ’til Friday,” she said offhandedly.

Chloe but her fists on her hips and glared at Hailee. “Convinced him how?” she asked in mock anger.

“I don’t know,” Hailee giggled childishly.

“You are so getting a spanking later,” Chloe said in a low tone.

The banker’s mouth dropped open as he began sweating.

“You’re gonna let me watch, right?” Miley whispered into Chloe’s ear.

“Enough!” Esteban barked before turning his attention back to Vic. “What are you doing here, Surge?” he growled.

“I’m here to let Mr. Grand foreclosure on your loan so I can buy this rat hole out from under you,” Vic said before cackling in glee.

“Out from under you,” Dick agreed before cackling himself.

“Stop that,” Vic said before smacking his son in the chest.

“Who’s Mr. Grand?” Victoria asked.

All the girls shrugged their shoulders before the banker raised his hand sheepishly.

Selena stared at Taylor in disbelief. “Really? You didn’t even get his name first?”

“I was under the impression that time was of, like, the essence or something,” Taylor said defensively, “You know, to help your uncle and stuff.”

“Really?” Chloe asked Hailee.

Hailee just shrugged her shoulders with a blush.

Mr. Grand the banker nervously cleared his throat.

“Can we get back to the point?” Vic said.

“Yeah, the point,” Dick agreed.

“Stop that!” Vic sapped at his son before turning back to Esteban. “I think we would all be interested in seeing this,” he said with a snap of his fingers and held his hand out.

Behind his father, Dick sneered at the group.

Vic snapped his fingers again and when nothing happened again he turned his head to his son. “Phone!”

Dick startled and nearly dropped his phone before putting it in his father’s hand.

Beaming Vic took the phone and began trying to search through it. When he couldn’t figure out how to work the devise he cursed at it and shook it.

“You gotta punch in the password,” Dick said helpfully.


Dick leaned over his father’s shoulder and tried to help him.


“No, dad, like this…”

“The Hell?”

“No, 669.”

“The fuck!”

“Hit enter, dad.”

“The holy Hell…?”

When Dick finally managed to show his dad how to open the phone, Vic turned back to Esteban. “Here. Take a look,” he said proudly before turning back to the banker. “You’ll be interested in seeing this as well, Mr. Grand.

“Oh, um, yes. Yes, of course,” Mr. Grand said as he began making his way past the barely clothed, young women, feeling the heat from their bodies as he slid past them until he was behind the desk with Esteban.

Everybody except for Vic and Dick crowded around to watch the tiny screen. Sandwiches
the chests of Jennifer and Demi, Steve’s nose began to bleed again as his blood pressure skyrocketed. On the screen was a man shot from the chest down as two blonde heads moved around in front of his crotch.

Vic stood triumphant on the other side of Esteban’s desk. “As you can clearly see, two of Esteban’s workers were prostituting themselves out here at the car wash. Clearly an illegal activity, Mr. Grand,” he said with a reptilian grin.

Mr. Grand shrugged his shoulders. “I’m afraid I have no choice, Mr. Esteban,” he said sorrowfully, “In light of this new evidence I have no choice but to foreclosure on your car wash.”

Esteban’s eyes filled with tears as he watched the screen helplessly. “I… I… I don’t know what to say,” he sobbed.

“Wait a minute,” Selena said as she grabbed the phone to get a closer look. “I recognize the back of those heads,” she said, “That’s Taylor and Chloe! And I recognize that guy’s shirt. That’s Steve!” She handed the phone to Taylor who agreed with her.

“Yep, that’s me,” Taylor said frankly.

“Young lady, how can you possibly recognize the back of your own head,” the banker asked suspiciously.

“I don’t,” Taylor said before handing the phone back to the banker, “But you see the wrist action on the shaft there? Totally my go-to move.”

“And you see the way the other one is bobbing her head to the left and then down on the tip?” Chloe chirped in, “Totally my go-to move.”

“See, Mr. Grand,” Selena chimed in, “We’re not prostitutes, my friends are just really slutty.

The young, barely clothed girls looked back and forth at each other before they all shrugged in acceptance and then nodded in agreement. “Pretty much,” Miley said with a shrug.

Selena looked up at Ace as he entered the over crowded office and waved his own phone at her. “Sorry I’m late gang,” he said with a smile, the early morning sunlight somehow glinting off his white teeth in the windowless office, “But I had some errands to run.” Vic and Dick gave him as wide of a berth as they could as he walked in front of the desk. “I think you’ll want to see this, sir,” he said as he handed his phone to the banker.

Mr. Grand held the phone up to his face and looked at the small screen. “And what am I seeing here, young man?” he asked.

“Well, sir, knowing Vic’s business practices like I do, I knew it was only a matter of time until he ran out of ideas to top us,” Ace said as he crossed his muscular arms across his muscular chest.

On the screen was one of Vic Surge’s car washes filled with naked women. Every once in a while one of the nude employees would hop into the front of the car and her head would bend down over the lap of the driver. “Oh my,” the banker gasped.

Ace’s brilliant smile grew wider. “Vic was so desperate to fill his businesses with naked women he hired anyone he could including some of Miami’s many prostitutes and, well, one thing led to another,” he finished.

Vic’s eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped open. “I… I… I had… I had no idea,” he stammered.

“Be that as it may, it looks like illegal shinannigans were happening on your property, Mr. Surge and you are legally responsible,” Mr. Grand said as he handed the phone back, “And in light of this situation I have no choice but to foreclosure on all of your properties.”

A cheer went up through the room and all the girls jumped up and down with glee. As Steve watched the beautiful celebrities time seemed to slow down and they all looked like they were moving in slow motion. Miley hugged Steve to her jiggling chest as Hailee hugged Selena. Victoria and Demi hugged Esteban. Jennifer and Chloe hugged each other as Taylor went from small group to small group kissing everybody excitedly.

Selena jumped up into Ace’s arms and he held her effortlessly as she melded her barely clothed body against his. “My hero!” she cheered as she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him deeply. His hands held her up by her ass-cheeks as he kissed her back and she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.

Sandwiched between the sexy girls, Mr. Grand found Esteban and poked his head out between the two squealing celebrities. “Esteban, how would you like to buy out Vic Surge’s car washes? For cheap.”

Another celebratory cheer went up the the crowd as Vic Surge stared in astonishment. “I’m ruined,” he muttered.

“Don’t worry, dad,” Dick said as he patted his father’s shoulder, “Just look at it this way: mom can’t take half of your money in the divorce if you don’t have any money. And you’ll always have me by your side.”

Vic slowly looked over at his son and began to cry in defeat.

Chapter 10

The sounds of the party echoed through Esteban’s small house as they all celebrated. Selena was in the kitchen cooking her uncle’s favorite food as Steve hovered over her shoulder.

“If you add the tomatoes last they won’t be as mushy,” Steve said helpfully as he reached over Selena’s shoulder to try and help her stir. At least that was what he told himself.

Selena slapped Steve’s hand with her stirring spoon and elbowed him in the gut. “Steve, I can feel your boner poking me in the ass,” she growled angrily.

“I’m just trying to help,” he mumbled as he slouched out of the kitchen.

Selena served the last of the food before sitting down at the table with everybody else. No one had changed out of their bikinis and Miley couldn’t help but laugh as Steve’s eyes crawled over everybody’s chest and always returned to his cousin’s. And then she laughed some more as Steve glared angrily at Ace every time the couple touched hands or kissed.

Chloe attacked the food on the table, piling her food high on her plate causing Victoria to point and laugh at her. “Where the Hell are you going to put all that?” the dark haired girl giggled.

“People keep casting me for action rolls,” Chloe said with a simple shrug, “I gotta carb load.”

“More like you gotta carb load for Hailee,” Jennifer said as she elbowed Hailee in the ribs, “Huh. Huh. Gotta carb load to keep up with Hailee.”

“Stop it,” Hailee blushed.

“That too,” Chloe agreed before she starting her food.

“You were great,” Ace whispered into Selena’s ear before giving her a peck on the corner of her mouth.

“It was nothing,” Selena answered back sheepishly.

“Yeah, who knew tits and ass made money,” Taylor said with a wicked grin.

“And you have neither,” Demi said from across the table.

“I’ll just have to rely on talent,” Taylor said back with an imperial tone.

“At least you have one of those covered,” Victoria said to Demi before poking her tongue out at her friend.

Esteban looked around the table at all the people who had helped him save his business. “I cannot tell if you young ones are friends or not,” he said with a belly-laugh.

“It depends on who’s doing the interview,” Selena replied causing more laughter to echo through the house.

After the food was gone, and Chloe had made herself a doggy bag, most of the girls helped Selena clean up for dessert while Demi and Taylor walked Esteban to the living room. Miley helped Selena serve the cake while Victoria and Jennifer tried to keep Steve occupied to stop him from tailing behind his cousin.

“Nice of them to jump on the grenade for you,” Jennifer said with a nod to Victoria and Jennifer with Steve at the dining room table.

“Oh, he’s not so bad,” Ace said in defense as he loaded the dishwasher, “He’s just got a bit of a crush.”

“More like a potential for stalking,” Selena said and tried to hide the self-satisfied smile on her face.

“Like you don’t enjoy the attention,” Miley said as she brought in the last of the dishes.

Selena handed Jennifer a pitcher of tea while Ace took the plastic glasses along behind her. As they left, Miley stared at Selena and Selena stared back at her.

“I so don’t enjoy the attention,” Selena said defensively.

“Oh you so do,” Miley said with a condescending smirk.

“Do not.”

“Phttt, please,” Miley said with a roll of her neck.

Ace walked into the kitchen, saw the looks on both girls’ faces and immediately turned back around to leave.

“Ha! A witness for the prosecution,” Miley said as she grabbed Ace by his shoulder and yanked him back.

“I don’t…” Ace began.

“Tell her I don’t like Steve following me around,” Selena demanded.

“Well, I…” Ace stammered.

“Oh you completely do and you should do something about it,” Miley said back.

“If you ask me…” Ace tried to get out of the conversation.

“Exactly,” Miley interrupted, “You should throw your cousin a bone.”

“What!?” Selena and Ace blurted out as they stared at Miley in shock.

“Seriously. I think he’s earned it,” Miley said.

Selena stared blankly for moment at Miley before turning to Ace and then back again. “How… how do you… How did he ‘Earn’ having sex with me?” she stammered.

“Oh please. He’s been holding a boner for you for years,” Miley said as if that explained everything.

Once again Selena looked from
to Ace and back again. “I think we’re done being friends,” she said mockingly.

“Don’t be like that,” Miley said defensively which would have sounded better if Ace and Selena couldn’t see the smirk on her face. “Plus I really think it would help you and your cousin’s issues,” she added.

“The only issue I have with Steve is Steve,” Selena said.

Ace sighed, drawing Selena’s attention. “Don’t you dare agree with her,” Selena said angrily.

Ace threw his hands up defensively. “Whoa, whoa. I’m not agreeing with her about your cousin earning you some how but I do think you two might have some issues to work out,” he said as he placed his hands gingerly on Selena’s shoulders, “I mean, this isn’t the worse idea I’ve heard Miley come up with but it certainly seems to have set you off.”

Selena pointed an accusing finger at Miley. “She wants me to fuck my cousin,” she whined.

Ace smiled warmly. “I meant about you enjoying the attention,” he explained.

“Ha!” Miley said as she placed her hands triumphantly on her hips.

Ace drew Selena into a hug and ran his hands soothingly up and down her back. “Now, being honest with yourself, do you think, perhaps, you’ve been stringing Steve on juuuust a little bit?”

Selena sighed in defeat. “Maybe?”

“Excellent. So you’ll knock one out with ‘im,” Miley said cheerfully.

Selena pulled away from Ace and glared back at Miley. “And now we’re back to not being friends,” she said.

Miley waved her hand dismissively at Selena. “What’s the big deal? He’s always had your back…”

“Rubbing himself against my back,” Selena grumbled.

“And he helped save the car wash…”

“He told Dick everything we were doing.”

“Nonetheless it was a group effort…”

Selena rolled her eyes, “Chloe and Jennifer were the group…”

“Be that as it may…” Miley continued.

“Fine!” Selena cried out in defeat as she threw her arms up, “I’ll fuck Steve.” Stomping into the dining room she grabbed Steve by the wrist and yanked him to his feet. “Come on,” she growled as she pulled him down the hall to her bedroom.

Miley hungrily eyed Ace up and down. “So whatever will we do with our time?” she asked with a wolfish grin.

Meanwhile in the living room, Chloe flicked on the stereo and let the music play. She, Demi, and Taylor began dancing to the tunes while Esteban looked on with a warm smile on his lips.

“I owe you girls everything,” Esteban said as he sat down in his comfortable, over stuffed, thread bare recliner.

“Awwww, it was nothing,” Taylor said as she sauntered over and bent at the waist, her slender ass out thrust as she gave the much older man a peck on the cheek.

“Woo Hoo,” Demi called out as she danced with Chloe, “Gotta get you some, Esteban!”

Chloe swayed back and forth, straddling Demi’s thick thigh. “I’m gonna tell your niece on you, Esteban,” she called out with a girlish giggle.

Esteban blushed as Taylor stuck her pink tongue out at the two gyrating, barely covered girls. “You jelly I found me a real man,” she called across the living room as she crawled into the car wash owner’s lap.

“Now, now, now, girls,” Esteban said with a chuckle as Taylor cuddled up against him.

“Oh please,” Demi teased as she slid her arms from around Chloe’s slender waist and strutted over towards Esteban.

“Uh oh, Taylor,” Chloe called out with a cocky grin, “Miss Steal-Yo-Man is coming to steal your man.”

When Demi reached the recliner she too bent at the waist and planted a big kiss on Esteban’s lips.

Taylor noticed Chloe staring at Demi’s up-thrust ass and called over. “Hey, Chloe! It looks like Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl is stealing your girl,” she said with a giggle.

Chloe gave a mock huff and stamped her foot playfully causing a small jiggle to travel across her slight chest. She stomped over towards the group and grabbed Demi by her arm, yanking her up before kissing her full on the lips.

“Ha! You girls are something else,” Esteban laughed. He patted Taylor affectionately on her leg as he looked up at her still on his lap. “I think it’s about time to get ready for bed,” he said innocently.

Taylor looked down at Esteban with mock shock on her face and held her hand defensively to her slender chest. “My, Esteban, you are certainly a bold one,” she said.

Esteban laughed again but his voice slowly quieted down when he noticed that Taylor didn’t move and that Demi and Chloe were still kissing. “Oh, ah… Girls, I think…” he started before being interrupted by Taylor.

“I can see where your niece gets her promiscuity from,” Taylor added jokingly.

“Her what?” Esteban started before being interrupted by Taylor again.

“…but if you insist,” Taylor continued before bending down quickly, cupping Esteban’s cheek and kissing him deeply. She heard Chloe and Demi cry out at her and she began rubbing her tight, little ass against the older man’s lap to spur them on. She could feel that large lump in her friend’s uncle’s lap slowly come to life and was impressed by the apparent size of him. From the corner of her eye she could see one of Chloe’s small hands dart out, grab Esteban’s wrist, yank his hand up and place it on her own chest.

Chloe held onto the older man’s hand, holding it on her tit as Taylor broke the kiss and Chloe looked at him in fake shock. “Why, Mr. Esteban, I’ve never been accosted in such a manner before,” she accused him as she used her hold on him to move his rough hand around on her small tit.

“I don’t… I don’t… I don’t…” Esteban stammered.

“I thought his name was ‘Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl’,” Demi said as she climbed into Esteban’s lap opposite Taylor. She cupped his other cheek, bringing his shocked face over towards her before kissing him deeply, her warm, wet tongue darting inside his mouth and his bushy mustache tickling her upper lip.

“Ain’t no one stealing my girl,” Chloe said with a mock pout on her world famous lips as she used her hands to open Esteban’s legs and knelt down between his knees. She ran her hands up Demi and Taylor own firm, silky legs as she leaned her body forward, her chest on the older man’s stomach. For a bigger guy his gut was surprisingly firm and she rubbed her chest up and down it as Taylor bent down and she and Chloe kissed.

Esteban sputtered in shock. “Now… now, girls…” he began before Chloe and Taylor broke their kiss and Chloe began kissing him. The weight of the three girls were keeping him pressed into his chair, not that he wasn’t strong enough to buck them off but his attention was captured by Taylor and Demi now kissing above Chloe’s head. “What is it with girls these days?” he wondered before shrugging his shoulders in defeat and kissing the small girl back. Normally he would never think of a man his age being with a girl as young as these for fear of an adult taking advantage of children but after seeing everything that his niece’s friends had done lately he doubted anyone would think that he had taken advantage of them.

In the kitchen, Ace heard the stereo click on in the living room as Miley stood smirking at him. With a whistle she snapped her fingers and suddenly Victoria, Jennifer, and Hailee appeared, all completely topless. “I’m beginning to think you planned all of this,” he said with his own smirk.

“What? Lil’ ‘ol me?” Miley asked as innocently as possible, the effect being ruined as she took her own top off.

“Besides…” Victoria started as she reached over and grabbed Ace by the wrist.

“…it’s not like you have a choice,” Hailee finished as she grabbed him by his other wrist.

“So come along, boy-toy,” Jennifer said as she grabbed him by the front of his jeans and pulled him forward as they all followed Miley into the dining room.

Miley pulled the chair out at the head of the table out before sitting down on the table and spreading her slender legs wide. When the girls pushed Ace into the chair she leaned forward and grabbed him by his shirt, yanking him forward and kissing him forcefully. He responded just as forcefully until the kiss was broken by the other three girls yanking and roughly pulling his shirt off to expose his broad, muscular torso. “Oh sweet baby Jesus,” Miley gasped out as she slid her fingers over the large man’s large chest.

“And you were afraid there wouldn’t be enough for all of us,” Victoria said to Jennifer before bending down and exploring Ace’s mouth with her tongue.

“I admit the wrongness of my assumption,” Jennifer agreed before bending down and joining in on the kiss.

“You know what they say about assuming stuff,” Hailee said as she slid one hand over Jennifer’s ass and her other hand up the inside of Miley’s leg.

Jennifer broke the kiss and gave Hailee a playful slap on her taunt rear-end. “Something about dat ass,” she giggled as Hailee bent down and began kissing Ace.

On either side of Miley, Jennifer and Victoria help slip her bikini bottoms down and off as Hailee broke the kiss. Miley wound her fingers through Ace’s hair and began pulling him towards the hot juncture of her spread thighs. “Dessert is served,”
said with a wolfish smirk.

Jennifer snorted with laughter. “‘Bout as subtle as one of your music videos,” she laughed as she nonchalantly pulled off her own bikini bottoms.

“As in not at all,” Victoria agreed as she slid her bottoms off.

“Fuck you both, I’m an autore,” Miley said as Ace pulled her thighs over his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her legs.

“I have no idea what that means,” Hailee admitted as she finished getting naked.

“It means an Artist,” Ace said as he turned his attention to Miley’s wet pussy. He softly slid his tongue up her warm slit, barely parting her labia as he reached the top and the sheath of her clit. He teased the hood lightly before licking down around her plump lips, circling her pussy and causing her to moan out in pleasure.

“What… What he… What he said,” Miley groaned as she tightened her thighs around Ace’s head and reclined back on one elbow keeping a tight grip on his hair with her other hand. His tongue parted her dewy pussy-lips lips and circled around her dripping hole as his fingers massaged her firm ass causing her to roll her hips up to try and get more of his tongue into her. “Selena, you lucky bitch,” she gasped as she shuddered, already on the verge of cumming.

“That good, huh?” Jennifer asked from beside Miley before bending down and capturing one of her hard nipples in her mouth. She used her hand on the currently blonde singer’s firm tit, squeezing it upwards towards the tip as she sucked and lashed the ripe nipple with her tongue.

“Even… Even bet… better,” Miley groaned as Ace’s tongue parted her wet lips and speared her dripping pussy. His talented tongue slid into her, pressing up against the top of her as he pressed down with his head applying pressure inside and out. “S-o-o-o-o much better,” she stuttered.

“Seems like she’s bogarting that tongue,” Victoria said with a giggle before kissing Miley deeply and roughly just like she knew her friend liked.

“Totally,” Hailee agreed with a snicker before bending down at Miley’s slender chest and nursing at her firm, free tit.

“F-F-F-Fuck all you bitches,” Miley gasped into Victoria’s mouth as she rolled her hips up, humping Ace’s talented mouth, her body shivering in pleasure. Her friends’ hands and mouths, along with Selena’s boyfriend’s tongue, had her body flying in ecstasy as she suddenly came. Her slender legs twitched uncontrollably as she screamed in pleasure into Victoria’s mouth. Her elbow slipped out from under her causing her to crash onto the dinning room table as her entire body shook.

Ace and the three other girl’s all watched Miley ride out her orgasm before Jennifer, Hailee, and Victoria slowly turned their heads to him with wide expectant eyes. “So who’s next?” Ace asked with a manly chuckle before he was tackled by the three naked young girls.

“Wha… what was that?” Esteban asked worriedly as he heard a loud thud coming from the dinning room.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Chloe said before grabbing Esteban by the sides of his head and pulling him towards her chest. All three girls were standing if front of him, moving his head side to side across their naked tits, his rough cheeks, tongue, and lips moving across the sensitive flesh of their firm tits as they kissed each other. Every once in a while his mustache would tickle one of them and cause them to giggle girlishly as he nursed at each of their chests.

Worriedly, Esteban tried to break away from the six, young, firm breasts currently smothering him. He had lost his head when the young girls had started seducing him but as the oldest he had a responsibility to be the adult and as much fun as this was it was time to put an end to it. “I really think that enough is enough, chicas,” he said as he tried to push the girls away.

“What do you mean ‘Enough’,” Taylor asked as the three girls took a step back from Esteban, startling him at their sudden nakedness.

“Yeah, sir, what do you mean?” Demi asked with a knowing smirk as she stood in front of Esteban.

“I certainly haven’t had enough,” Chloe added as she stood completely naked with the other two equally naked girls.

“How… how did you do that?” Esteban asked, flabbergasted that the three girls could possibly get their pants off without him noticing.

The three girls all shrugged innocently, their arms around each others waists. In unison they all took a step towards the shocked older man, surrounding him before he could protest again. Demi and Chloe each straddled one of his thighs before sitting down, the wet junctures of their hot pussies rubbing against the tops of his pants. While Demi and Chloe went back to kissing Esteban and humping themselves slowly against his legs, Taylor got down on her knees in between them and her best friend’s uncle’s legs. With talented hands she quickly undid his pants and pulled out his thick hard cock, tugging gently on it as she appraised it. It was thick and veiny, filling her delicate hand and as she licked her lips hungrily and knew that Selena’s uncle’s thick prick would make a killer song. She couldn’t wait for Selena to hear it.

As Demi felt Chloe’s delicate little finger slide between her thick ass-cheeks she did the same to her friend. They both toyed with each others wet pussies and tight assholes as they took turns between kissing Esteban and each other and sliding their small, firm breasts across his face and mouth. They each moaned and gasped in pleasure, groaning out and then gasping when he’d take a hard, ripe nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on the hard nub of flesh as they humped his legs.

Taylor reached into Esteban’s pants and fished out his full, heavy balls. Like his admirable cock his balls were large as well, barely fitting into her hands as she rolled them around with her fingers and softly tugged at his shaft with her other hand. “Geez, guys, you’ve got to see this,” she said in awe.

“Oh wow,” Demi said as she looked down into Esteban’s lap.

“Way to go, Esteban,” Chloe said as she held her hand up.

Dumbfounded, Esteban held his hand up to Chloe and she wetly gave him a high-five. “Now… now, girls,” Esteban said as the two girls slid off of his thighs, wet spots matting his pants, and joined their friend between his legs.

Before Esteban could say anything else, Taylor used her grip on the base of his cock to aim him at her face as she opened her mouth. She licked the tip of him before using her tongue to draw his bulbous head into her mouth, her lips sealing shut around him. She could only get the first few inches of him into her talented mouth, the first time in years she couldn’t take a man whole, so she used her hand, her fist meeting her lips as she bobbed up and down. As Demi and Chloe got comfortable on either side of her she released his balls and let the girls join her.

“Madra de dios,” Esteban gasped as Taylor sucked his prick and Demi and Chloe each took one of his large balls into their mouths. He’d never dreamed of a 3-way blow-job before, not even when he was as young as the girls, and he’d never felt anything like it and was certain that he never would again.

Taylor ran her tongue around Esteban’s spongy tip in her mouth, her body throbbing at having Selena’s uncle in her mouth as she sucked him farther into her award winning mouth. All three of them began using their hands on each other, their fingers slipping between one another’s slick thighs, fingering each other as they enjoyed the much other man’s thick cock and balls. Chloe had one hand braced on Esteban’s hip, her other hand between Taylor’s slender thighs while Demi had one hand on Esteban’s other hip and her other hand joining Chloe’s hand fingering Taylor. And Taylor hands were between Chloe and Demi’s thighs, masturbating her friends until they were all panting and moaning around the much older man’s meat in their mouths.

Unable to stop himself, Esteban began thrusting himself up into Taylor’s mouth. “I’m… I’m… I’m going to… to…” he gasped out.

Suddenly Taylor let Esteban out of her mouth and pulled her slick fingers out of Demi and Chloe’s sopping cunts. She wrapped the finger and thumb of one hand just below his throbbing cock-head and the finger and thumb of her other hand around the base of his cock, amazed that her fingers barely fit around either end. “We’re not done with you yet,” she said with a wink around his cock.

“Sweet Jesus,” Esteban gasped out.

As Taylor waited for Esteban to calm down before he came too soon, Ace wiped Jennifer’s cum from his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I’m first,” Miley said defiantly.

“My ass you’re first,” Hailee said.

Victoria rolled her eyes at Miley and Hailee arguing as she started helping Jennifer up from the dining room table. “You two are soooo pathetic,” she groaned.

Jennifer blew a strand of sweat matted hair out of her face as she sat on the edge of the table, reclining on her elbows, her large breasts out-thrust as she panted and got her breath back. “My dog’s not in this fight,” she panted before looking back at Ace and giving him a knowing wink, “I’m gonna need a minute to recover.”

Rubbing his sore jaw after servicing
four women, Ace didn’t know exactly what to say at this moment. “Selena certainly has some strange friends,” he thought as the two girls continued fighting over him. “Can I chime in on this,” he offered.

“Be with you in a second, Wonder-Tongue,” Miley said offhandedly before turning back to Hailee. “I’m going first. If you want a dick, Chloe probably keeps a spare one in her luggage,” she said.

“How did you know that?” Hailee asked before returning to the topic, “Besides, he ate you out first so let someone else go first this time.”

“She’s got a point,” Victoria added just to keep her friends arguing. She looked down at Jennifer who smirked up at her knowing what she was doing and she winked down at her naked, post orgasmic friend. She helped the blonde haired girl to stand with each of them on either side of Ace and they slipped an arm each under his arms and pulled him to his feet. When both girls saw the size of the bulge in his pants their eyes went wide, their heads turning towards each other and then back down at the unbelievably handsome man’s lap. Victoria gave a quick fist bump to Jennifer before they began attacking the front of Selena’s boyfriend’s pants.

Ace tried to interject but both Jennifer and Victoria quietly shushed him before yanking down his pants and underwear.

Both Jennifer and Victoria went numb at the sight of Ace’s magnificent prick. It throbbed gently with the beat of his heart as it stood proudly out, beckoning them towards it. This time when both girls fist bumped again, they exploded their fingers before they reached down and grasped his thick shaft. Both naked girls began gently tugging on the veined pole drawing a silent groan from him as they both stifled a giggle between them.

Once again Ace tried to speak but was quickly and quietly shushed by Jennifer and Victoria again. He tried not to let their girls attitudes bother him too much: Miley and Hailee arguing about who got to fuck him first while Jennifer and Victoria appraised him like a piece of meat. If he and Selena would have any type of future together he would have to learn to get along with her friends but this situation was a little bit too much for him.

Victoria looked at Jennifer and gave her a quick cocked eyebrow with a small shrug, silently asking her friend for permission. Jennifer gave her an answering shrug for permission and Victoria nearly squealed in childish glee as she shimmed up and down, her small breasts jiggling wildly.

Victoria jumped up on the table, sitting at the very edge and spreading her slender legs wide, her feet dangling off the floor as she looked at Ace’s thick, long cock with glee and Jennifer silently pushed him between her legs. She reached out and grasped his throbbing meat, pulling him close until his purple tip was resting at the entrance to her hungry pussy. She wrapped one arm around his thick neck, pulling him close enough to kiss, her tongue slipping into his welcoming mouth as he pushed his hips forward, entering her tight cunt as Jennifer reach between them. The blonde actress held the dark haired girl’s dewy lips apart, her spread fingers also rubbing along the length of Ace’s shaft as he slowly penetrated her.

Ace held on firmly to Victoria’s slender hips as he slowly pushed himself inside of her. She moaned into his mouth as her arms tightened their hold on him and Jennifer began moving her thumb around her friend’s clit. The blonde actress kept her fingers spread around his shaft as he slid into her friend and added a whole new stimulation to the situation. With his last inch he held himself inside of her, his balls resting on her compacted ass-cheeks as Jennifer’s fingers rocked back and forth between the tight space between them along his shaft.

Jennifer’s wide, amazed eyes were locked between the small space between Victoria and Ace as Selena’s boyfriend’s meaty cock was stretching her friend’s small pussy wide. The dark-haired girl’s juices were flowing like a tap, forming a puddle on the dining room table. “I soooo wish I had gone first,” she gasped in wonder, her friend’s throaty moans filling her ears.

“To late nowwww,” Victoria groaned as her head rolled back and her eyes fluttered. Ace began slowly fucking her deep, Jennifer’s hands rubbing against her clit and labia leaving her to just happily lay still and let them do all the work fucking her body. One of Ace’s hands slid up her horny body and cupped one of her small tits, his thumb circling her hard, dark thumb and Jennifer’s free hand quickly followed behind to tease her other breast. “Soooo fucking late.”

Miley and Hailee’s heads whipped back behind them, silencing their argument. “You cheating fuckers,” Miley whined.

“Holy shit check out that meat stick,” Hailee gasped.

Ace blushed at Hailee’s shocked compliment but being the earnest person he was he never stopped fucking Victoria, never missing a stroke, determined to get Selena’s friend off. And with Jennifer’s help that was proving quicker than he thought it was going to. It may have sounded odd but he was determined to impress his possibly new girlfriend by fucking her friends as well as he could.

Jennifer giggled as Hailee and Miley scurried over to check out what was going on between Victoria and Ace’s legs. “Holy shit is right,” Miley agreed, her hands immediately sliding between the fucking couple’s bodies. Her fingers didn’t have much room with Jennifer’s fingers but since no girl was willing to let go they made due.

“O- h- h- h- f- f- f- uck meeee,” Victoria groaned as her friends’ hands and Ace’s cock worked in and on her frothing pussy.

Hailee couldn’t see a possible way to join in between her friend’s hands so she came up with a plan. Get them all to move. She bent over the table and began kissing Victoria, her tongue and lips blocking the sounds the young actress was making as her hand came up to the slender girl’s chest. She tweaked Victoria’s hard, dark nipple, toying with it momentarily before sliding it down her body to just above her pubic mound. With Jennifer and Miley busy between Ace and Victoria, it left Hailee with just enough space to begin to strum Victoria’s hard, little clit.

“Fuuuuck!” Victoria called out suddenly, forcing Hailee to quickly remove her tongue from her mouth before getting it bit off. Her young body began thrashing around on the table as her orgasm crashed through her, only her friends’ hands on her body keeping her from falling off of the table.

Miley pulled her eyes from Victoria’s thrashing body and glared at her three friends gathered around her. “So who’s next, bitches?” she asked defiantly.

As the dining room table rocked beneath Victoria’s body with the force of her orgasm, Esteban looked out from around the young girl blocking his vision with her slender chest. “What is that?” he asked, still hoping nothing was breaking in the next room.

Chloe forcefully yanked the older man’s head back to her chest and pulled his face to her jiggling tits. “Don’t know and don’t care,” she said before remember that she was speaking to a older man that deserved her respect, not to mention it was the uncle of one of her friends, before adding, “Sir.”

From on her knees behind Chloe’s wildly rocking body, Taylor held the blonde actress’s taunt ass-cheeks apart with her hands as she forcefully tongue-fucked her tiny, little asshole. The petite blond girl wasn’t making it easy for her as she rode Esteban like he was a bucking pony but she tried to keep her tongue buried as deeply as possible inside of Chloe’s ass.

From on her knees behind Taylor’s upthrust ass, Demi held the blonde singers slender waist as she wiggled her tongue deep inside her tasty pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Chloe chanted as her orgasm rose up in her small, thrusting body. She slammed herself down on Esteban’s lap, burying his large prick deep inside her over heated body. She stuttered dumbly as she came, her tight, horny pussy clamping down on her friend’s uncle’s prick, rippling along his length as her cunt gushed with her juices and he continued sucking hard on her nipples.

Demi looked up from behind Taylor’s upthrust rear-end at Chloe’s spasming body. “Dibs,” she called out before Taylor could pull her tongue out of their friend’s ass.

As Demi watched Chloe’s limp body slowly pull itself off of Esteban’s thick prick, Miley reclined on the dining room table and spread her slender legs wide as Hailee pulled her legs over her shoulders and wrapped her arms around her thighs. When the girls counted up their conquests over the last few day, Miley had been the one with the greatest number by, like, a lot and Hailee had been the one with the fewest mostly due to Chloe’s possessive nature. So, out of pity, Hailee got to feel Ace’s prick next but Miley had demanded that she get something out of the deal.

Hailee thrust her ass back towards Selena’s boyfriend and wiggled it excitedly at him as she bent down over Miley’s heated cunt. Ace felt like he had lost control of his life several girls ago and looked helplessly over at Jennifer and Victoria standing on either side of the table. By both shrugged at him with wolfish smirks on
faces and quickly realized how little help they would be, after all, they had pretty much claimed his prick as their own the moment Selena had stormed off with her cousin. Surrendering the the surreal situation he found himself in he grabbed ahold of Hailee’s waist with one hand and began guiding his prick into her demanding pussy with the other and wondered how well Esteban was doing with Selena’s other friends.

“Madri de dios,” Esteban gasped out as Demi slid down his prick facing away from him in what Taylor called a “Reverse cow-girl”. The young girl’s ass was everything he had imagined he wanted as a younger man, thick, round, firm, and perfectly heart-shaped. His rough hands wandered over the silky smooth flesh of her ass, his thumbs parting her cheeks and he licked his lips at the sight of her tiny, puckered asshole. She groaned out as his cock parted her tight pussy and his hands slid up to hold her small waist as she finished taking the last of him inside of her. He looked to either side of the naked, horny girl and saw her friends quickly encouraging her on as she moaned out in pleasure. She slowly started sliding up and down his pole, her juices shining on his shaft as they trickled down into his pubic hair while Taylor and Chloe’s hands began sliding over Demi’s body, caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, and sliding between her widely spread thighs. Meanwhile all he could do was hold on while the girls used him shamelessly.

“Just… just need… need five min… minutes,” Ace gasped out as Hailee threw herself back against him, his hands barely holding onto her slender hips.

“Give me that cock,” Hailee ordered as she rocked her tight little body back against Selena’s boyfriend, his cock stretching her pussy in all the right ways. Her small tits jiggled wildly as she thrust herself back again and again, her juices dripping down the insides of her slender thighs with every grunt of pleasure.

Jennifer and Victoria looked at each other from over Miley’s writhing body. “Think she’s been dating Chloe to long,” Jennifer said with a knowing smirk.

“Tell… tell me about… about it,” Miley agreed as Hailee’s tongue burrowed into her gushing cunt. “Lots… lots of… lots of practice,” she panted as her orgasm began to crest inside her heated body.

Demi reclined back against Esteban’s broad chest, her thighs spread wide, Taylor’s tongue lashing against her erect little clit. Chloe was squeezing her small tits and sucking her hard, dark nipples as she kept a hold of Selena’s uncle’s wrists to brace herself with every thrust. “I’m… I’m cumming!” she cried out as her dripping wet cunt gripped down on the older man’s thick, hard prick.

Esteban held onto Demi’s small, firm tits as the young girl shivered on his lap, her tight pussy rippling around his cock. Even as a young man he had never imagined anything like this happening to him, 3 beautiful, young girls fucking him senseless, taking turns with his prick. As the young girl began to come down from her orgasmic high, he leaned forward with only his hands and Chloe holding her up. With Demi so far forward he could see Selena’s best friend, Taylor, on her hands and knees, her tight little ass up-thrust and pointed straight at him as she smiled wickedly at him from over her shoulder.

“On last turn on the merry-go-round,” Taylor giggled as she wiggled her ass at Selena’s uncle.

Miley kept her ankles wrapped around the legs of the dining room chair as she roughly rode Selena’s boyfriend’s cock, trapping him below her. She kept a firm hold on the back of the chair to brace herself as she ground her clit against his lower abdomen, his thick prick stretching her horny little pussy. Her warm juices gushed out of her cunt as she rolled her slender hips back and forth before lifting herself halfway up Ace’s pole and then let gravity yank her down again. “Oh God Fuck Yes!” she cried out as she rubbed her firm tits against the ice cream vendor’s handsome face.

Ace fought for breath as Miley practically smothered him with her chest and he kept a firm hold of her ass. He could feel the chair creaking beneath him and found himself hoping that she finished before the chair broke and sent them tumbling to the floor.

“That feels soooo good,” Taylor groaned in pleasure as Esteban fucked her pussy, her small tits jiggling beneath her as she rocked herself back and forth, “I’ve been waiting for this since I was a girl.”

Sweat rolled down Esteban’s face as he struggled to keep up with the teenage girls. “Need… need to re… rest,” he gasped out, his hands holding limply to Taylor’s small waist.

Chloe scuttled around the panting, gasping, older and and pressed herself against his back. “Let me give you a hand,” she said as she reached around him and grabbed Taylor’s hips. She pressed her groin against Esteban’s ass, pushing him forward before letting him slide back. Using her young, little pussy to move Selena’s uncle back and forth she used him to fuck Taylor’s cunt, the blonde singer grunting in pleasure.

“You are such a butch,” Demi laughed at Chloe.

“And don’t you forget it,” Chloe said with a wink.

Laying flat on the dining room table, Jennifer kept her legs spread wide as Ace crawled between them, panting with exertion. “You got the steam for this?” she asked Selena’s boyfriend with a sly smirk.

“Would it make a difference?” he repel.

Jennifer slid her arm between their bodies and grasped the base of Ace’s prick. “‘Fraid not, cowboy,” she giggled as she guided him into her hot, gooey hole.

“Didn’t think so,” Ace said as he took a deep breath and slid the last of his cock inside of Jennifer’s pussy. “I hope Selena appreciates how I took care of her friends,” he thought as he slowly began fucking Jennifer.

On their knees, Chloe, Demi, and Taylor looked up at Esteban with wide, expectant eyes. Their arms were wrapped around one anothers’ waists, their mouths open wide with their pink tongues sticking out.

As he fisted his prick, Esteban grunted and came as he pointed himself down at the girls. His thick, white cum rained down on the girls, splashing against their beautiful faces and over their naked chests. When the last of his hot seed splashed onto the girls’ sweat slick skin he collapsed back into his recliner and struggled to regain his breath. He began taking his pulse, counting off in his head, suddenly afraid that he was going to suffer a heart attack or a stroke. And then, as the girls began licking his cum from off of each other he found that he didn’t care, he could die happy.

Keeping a firm hold on the sides of her breasts, Jennifer licked the tip of Ace’s cock with his every thrust as he fucked her tits. He held his tip up as far as he could, letting the beautiful blonde circle his cock-head for a moment before he sat up straighter and began tugging on his cock. Aiming down he came on Jennifer’s spectacular tits, covering the firm orbs with his thick cum, groaning out in relief that he had seen to all of Selena’s friends’ needs. Suddenly he was nearly knocked off of the table as Victoria, Miley, and Hailee practically tackled Jennifer and began licking his thick seed off of the girl’s tits. “Selena, you have some weird friends,” he muttered under his breath, hoping that this evening wasn’t a usual thing with them. No man could be that strong.

Chapter 11

Dragging her cousin down the hall, Selena pulled him into the room she was staying in and once they were there they stood still in the middle of the room filled with awkward silence. She had dragged him into her room because there was no way she was going to fuck him in his room, it was a mess and smelled like guy. Steve looked nervously at his cousin with a uncomfortable smirk. “So, you come here often?” he asked with a strange chuckle that was not at all charming or disarming. Kinda creepy actually.

“Oh geez,” Selena groaned in frustration, “No wonder you can’t get laid.” She had told Steve she was gonna fuck him and she was, once she said she’d do something she always kept her word even if it meant fucking her cousin. But here her cousin was, promised sex and still not able to make the first move. “We’re both going to die of old age unless you do something, Steve,” she told him while trying not to sound to put out.

“Kinda nervous,” Steve mumbled shyly.

“Steve, you’re gonna get laid, there’s nothing to be nervous about,” Selena explained to him. When he still didn’t do anything she growled in frustration before grabbing his wrist and yanking his arm up, planting his hand on one of her firm breasts. “See, second base, you’re gonna score,” she told him.

“What about first base,” Steve mumbled meekly.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Selena grumbled with her hand still on Steve’s wrist holding his hand to her chest.

“I just want it to be special,” Steve whined before looking up into Selena’s dark, beautiful eyes, “I love you, Selena.”

Selena’s jaw dropped open in shock. He meant it. He really did think he was in love with her. All these years she had thought he was just being a playful, annoying perv to her, admitting his sexual attraction to her by making it a joke but no, he really did think
was in love with her. “Bullshit,” she said before releasing his wrist and slapping Steve across his face.

Keeping his hand on Selena’s tit, Steve used his other hand to rub his sore cheek. “Ow, what was that for?” he whined.

“Sit down, Steve,” Selena ordered. When her cousin didn’t respond she shoved him down onto the edge of the bed. His hand stayed on her tit, which really annoyed her that even after being slapped by her and shoved, he still kept it there. She yanked his hand away and sat down next to him. “You don’t love me, Steve,” she said sternly.

“Yes I do,” Steve pleaded, “Your eyes are like deep, dark pools that I could drown in.”

“They’re usually glaring at you,” Selena said.

“You lips are like the petals of some dark, tropical flower,” he continued.

“And they’re usually bad-mouthing you,” she added.

“You’re body is like a work of art sculpted by a master sculptor,” he went on.

“And it’s usually running away from you,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

“I love you,” he said.

“Bullshit,” Selena said again and then for good measure slapped him again. “We’re cousins, Steve,” she added.

“Not really. Our parents were just close,” he said defensively.

“We grew up together,” she said in frustration.

“I watched you blossom,” he said breathlessly.

“I used to hit you. Like, all the time,” she offered.

“It was just your inability to express your feelings,” he repel.

“I used to steal your lunch money.”

“Obesity runs in my family and you were worried about my health.”

“I told all the girls in school I’d kick their ass if they dated you.”

“You wanted to keep me to yourself until you were ready to admit your feelings.”

“I feel annoyed by you, like, all of the time.” Selena looked into Steve’s eyes with all seriousness. “Steve, when have I ever been nice to you?” she asked.

“It’s just your way,” Steve said with wide, sincere eyes.

“No, seriously, when have I ever been nice to you?” she asked again.

“Selena, it’s okay…” he started.

“Steve, it’s not love,” Selena said as she grabbed Steve by his shoulders and shook him violently, his glasses flying off of his face, “So get over it. You pretty much imprinted on me like a duck. I was the first girl to ever give you a boner and you’ve been following me every since. I imprinted on Justin Timberlake and that explains my Justin Bieber experience but I got over it now you get over it.”

Steve wobbled for a few moments after Selena stopped shaking him. “So… so we… so we really don’t have anything between us?” he asked like a wounded puppy.

“Nope. Like most guys you confused your erection with your heart,” Selena said with relief as Steve finally started to realize the mistakes in his life.

“So… so I really didn’t need to save myself for you?” Steve asked, “You weren’t just sowing wild oats until we could be together?”

“Trust me. I’ve done my share of plowing and it had nothing to do with you.”

“All those girls I could have asked out?”

“Probably would have said no anyway, but yeah, you should have asked them out.”

“All these years I wasted,” Steve said as he stared wistfully off into the middle-distance.

“So, you believe me when I say I do not, never have, never will, love you?”

Steve’s shoulders slumped as he finally admitted defeat to himself. “Yeah.”

“And you deeply, in your heart of hearts, know, in mind and body, that you don’t love me and you just confused love for a hard-on?”

Steve looked up at his cousin and finally admitted what he’d be denying for years. “Yeah,” he said with a smile of relief.

“Finally,” Selena said, her firm body relaxing in relief, “No let’s get these clothes off and have sex, I want to leave in enough time for Ace to take me out for drinks.”

Steve stared at Selena in stunned silence as she removed her top, releasing her firm, tan tits to his eyes. “You still want to have sex with me?” he asked in confusion.

“Sure,” Selena said simply as she leaned over and yanked Steve’s shirt off, “This is just for all the times I was mean to you.” She glared into her cousin’s eyes and jabbed him in the chest with her finger to emphasis her words, “So don’t think this means anything, you’re still the most annoying cousin on the face of the planet.”

As Selena began unfastening his pants, Steve shrugged in surrender. “Whatever,” he mumbled before helping his cousin take his jeans off. His erection was tenting his boxer shorts and he gasped out as Selena wrapped her delicate hand around him, massaging his stiff pole. She used her other hand to grip the back of his neck and yanked him towards her chest. As one of her hard nipples scraped across his cheek she finally pulled him out of his stupor and he ran one hand up and down her graceful back as his other hand slid between her legs. He ran both hands up and down her body, the fingers from one hand dipping below the elastic of her bikini bottoms to play in the crack of her ass and the fingers of his other hand slid across the warm material covering her heated mound.

Selena slipped her hand into the front of Steve’s boxers and pulled out his hard prick. She had never thought about the equipment that her cousin had in his pants, except when he found an excuse to rub it against her, but for some reason she was surprised that he was as endowed as he was. He wasn’t huge by any means, especially considering what Ace had, but the fact that Steve had a penis at all was surprising to her. She began jerking him off with one hand, twisting him at the base of his cock before her hand slid up his pole and she slid her palm across his sensitive tip and slid back down. As his fingers began toying with her pussy over the thin material of her bikini she felt herself warming up, moistening as he started sucking at her tits. She reached her other hand into his boxers and began fondling his balls, massaging them as she pressed her unencumbered chest for firmly against his sucking mouth.

“Meep Mebus,” Steve mumbled around his face full of his cousin’s tits. He sucked one of her dark nipples into his mouth, holding it with his lips, lightly bracing it with his teeth as he lashed it with his tongue. He hurriedly switched to her other nipple, sucking it hard into his mouth along with the surrounding flesh as if he was trying to hungrily devour her whole tit. He slid one finger deeper into the crack of her firm ass, probing her tiny, puckered hole while he slid the fingers of his other hand into her bikini bottoms. His middle finger quickly split her dewy labia apart as she spread her graceful legs open for him to give him easier access between her firm, tan thighs.

A small groan escaped from between Selena’s lips surprising her. At the front of her brain she knew it was simply biology, her body reacting to what was being done to it despite the fact that it was Steve doing the doing but as her tender pussy got warmer and wetter and her nipples harder and her skin flushed it was still surprising that it was Steve. She unconsciously pushed her chest farther into her cousin’s face, giving him easier access to her sweat slick tits as he fingered her, her juices soaking into her bottoms. She rolled her hips up to meet his finger as he slipped it inside of her slowly sawing it in and out of her tight pussy, the pad of his hand resting against her now hard, sizzling clit.

Steve gave Selena’s tits a hard, good-bye suck, one at a time, before starting to kiss down her bronze chest. As he scooted off of the bed her hands released their hold on his cock and balls as he got between her spread legs and ran his hands up the insides of her thighs. “You won’t believe how long I’ve waited for this,” he mumbled as his fingers gripped his cousin’s bikini bottoms.

“Don’t slip back into old habits,” Selena warned Steve as she reclined on the bed. She lifted her ass up to allow her cousin to slide her last article of clothing off of her and spread her legs wide to give him plenty of room between her thighs.

Looking up the length of Selena’s naked body at her beautiful face, Steve pouted up at her. “You’re not even gonna give me this?” he whined.

Selena glared down angrily at her cousin from between her up-thrust tits. “This ain’t a date, Steve,” she warned.

“I know, I know,” Steve continued to pout, “Just… just lay back.” He waved at her dismissively before turning his concentration at the little slice of heaven between Selena’s legs and licked his lips, his mouth watering.

“Whatever,” Selena mumbled as she reclined fully, “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She slid her hands up to her chest, caressing her tits lightly as Steve draped her legs over his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her thighs. She started going through her usual imaginary lovers, adding Ace to the mix, before deciding on Idris Elba. If she was going to be a slave to biology she refused to do it while thinking about her cousin.

Steve lightly licked up one of his cousin’s dewy pussy-lips causing her to shiver. Emboldened he licked down the other lip and circled around her whole little pussy and was
by her rolling her hips up to meet his tongue. “God you taste delicious,” he moaned into Selena’s cunt as he licked up her warm, slick juices. He trailed his tongue down to her wrinkled, little taint before licking up her wet slit to her hard clit. He nuzzled his cousin’s little pearl with his tongue before sucking it between his lips holding it still as he rubbed his tongue against it. Her hips jerked uncontrollably and he held her firm thighs more firmly as he used his mouth to worry her pussy like a cat with a mouse.

“Je- Je- Jesus!” Selena gasped out as her body shook in pleasure. She found it more difficult to concentrate on Idris with Steve doing an actually pretty good job between her legs but she refused to let her cousin know it. Squeezing her plump tits more forcefully she went back to her fantasy of Mr. Elba and their imaginary romantic dinner in Paris.

Sliding his tongue as deep as he could into Selena’s dripping pussy, Steve wiggled it around playfully causing his cousin to gasp out in pleasure, her body shuddering. Gaining more confidence with every gasp and twitch he caused the sexy superstar to make he rolled his tongue into a tube and began fucking her hot hole with it. Having to hold tighter to Selena’s quivering thighs he tongue-fucked her while nuzzling her clit with his nose before sliding out of her and sucking her wet lips into his mouth, opening his jaw wide. Managing to get his whole mouth around most of his cousin’s gooey cunt allowed him to swirl his tongue across the sensitive flesh between her thighs taking turns between tongue fucking her as forcefully as he could and licking all around her heated cunt. Nearly a decade’s worth of Internet porn allowed him to try dozens of different techniques to get the singer off and just out of sheer numbers he had her body vibrating like a electrical wire.

Selena slammed her twitching thighs around Steve’s head as she came and Idris held her firmly on a darkened dance floor. Her hands flew down between her thighs to grip her cousin’s hair, holding him in place as her pussy spasmed, her juices flooding into Steve’s mouth as her fantasy lover dipped her low on the dance floor. “Oh God, Idris!” she cried out as her entire body seized in pleasure.

As Selena began to come down from her orgasm, Steve released her trembling thighs and sat up between her lewdly spread thighs. “Did you just call out ‘Idris’?” he asked.

Selena popped her head up just enough to look down at Steve’s head poking up from between her slack legs. “Idris Elba from the ‘Dark Tower’ movie,” she panted.

“I know who he is,” Steve grumbled, “And the books were better.”

Selena rolled her eyes at her petulant cousin. “It doesn’t matter that the books were better, what mattered was all that leather he was wearing,” she said dreamily.

“That’s not the point,” Steve said with a pout, “What’s the point is that you were thinking about Idris Elba while I was the one doing all the work.”

“And I’m sure Idris thanks you,” Selena said as she lifted her legs up and over Steve’s head so she could sit up on the edge of the bed and then patted it. “Your turn,” she offered as she got down on her knees on the floor.

“Are you going to be thinking about Idris Elba this time too?” Steve asked with a little bit of snark in his voice, the first time he had ever dared to give his cousin attitude.

“Probably,” Selena said with a self-satisfied smirk. It finally appeared that her cousin was getting the point, that there was nothing romantic in what they were doing. With Steve sitting down on the bed she pried his knees open and shuffled between his legs as she ran her hands down the insides of his thighs, unconsciously mirroring him when he had done the same to her. Once again she grabbed her cousin’s balls in one hand and the base of his cock in the other. She gave them both a welcome squeeze before bending down and licking the sensitive tip of his prick and heard him groan above her. It had been easier to imagine Idris Elba when Steve’s voice had been muffled between her legs but she had given lots of blow-jobs in her career while ignoring the actual owner of the prick she was sucking so she didn’t think it would be to difficult to ignore Steve.

Steve propped himself up on his elbows to watch Selena. She may have been thinking about Idris Elba while he was going down on her but she was the only celebrity he wanted right now. Although he had to remember to ask her later if Miley was seeing anybody. He groaned out as she swirled her pink tongue around the head of his cock and he had to keep control to stop himself from thrusting himself up into her mouth. This would no doubt be the greatest, if one of the few, blow-jobs of his life and he wanted it to last for as long as possible.

With her eyes firmly closed, Selena took in the first few inches of Steve’s prick into her mouth as Idris told her how beautiful she looked on top of the Eiffel Tower. She hooked her fingers together just below her cousin’s dangling balls, lifting them up with her thumbs while holding on to the base of his prick. Idris complemented her on her last album as she began bobbing her head up and down on her dorky cousin’s stiff pole, taking in another inch or so into her warm, sucking mouth. She moaned happily around Steve’s shaft as Idris bent down and kissed her, her tongue rubbing against the large vein running the length of her dork of a cousin’s length and making him groan out in pleasure.

Running his hands through Selena’s long, silky hair slowly rolling his hips up, fucking her amazing mouth, he groaned out in perfect contentment above her. Her lips met her fingers as she bobbed up and down, his throbbing cock-head slipping into the top of her throat again and again. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head as a shudder of pleasure went through his body, a bit of drool escaping from the corner of his mouth.

As Idris held her close to his large, amazing body, Selena held Steve’s cock inside of her tightly clutching throat. She lashed at his shaft with her tongue, sucking him hard and making her cheeks hollow as his entire body shivered above her. She slowly pulled her head up, rubbing her tongue along the length of him, circling his helmet before letting him out of her mouth with a loud, lewd pop. She sat up and placed his throbbing prick between her breasts before releasing him and squeezing her firm tits around his shaft. He stuttered dumbly as she began sliding her breasts up and down along his shaft, fucking him with her tits, squeezing her nipples between her fingers as Idris kissed her long and deep.

“Oh- h- h- h…” Steve groaned as Selena titty-fucked him. He released his hold on her head and slid his hands down to her chest, replace her hands with his, squeezing her tits firmly as she began thrusting his cock between her heavenly breasts.

“Oh, Idris, not so hard,” Selena groaned happily.

“Fucking Idris Elba,” Steve mumbled angrily under his breath as he continued fucking Selena’s tits. Selena ignoring him to fantasize about Idris probably wouldn’t have annoyed him so much if he hadn’t been suck a big fan of “Luther”. Ignoring his cousin ignoring him, he slid his thumbs across Selena’s hard nipples as he continued thrusting up into her cleavage, his ball boiling with the need to cum.

As Idris poured her another glass of wine and complemented her make-up, Selena could feel Steve practically vibrating with the need to cum. She quickly sat up, pulling herself out of her cousin’s hands and heard him whine at her. “You are not cumming all over my face,” she said as she stood up.

“I bet you’d let Idris Elba cum on your face,” Steve pouted as she scooted up in the bed.

“Idris Elba could do any little thing he wanted to me,” Selena said as she stuck her tongue out at the hound-dog face Steve was making. She crawled up on the bed and straddled her pouting cousin’s skinny thighs as she grabbed the base of his prick in one of her dainty hands. “And no cumming inside my pussy,” she warned him.

“Yeah, yeah,” Steve grumbled, “You’re going out with Ace later.”

“Exactly,” Selena agreed as she slid the tip of Steve’s cock against the wet juncture of her spread thighs. She groaned in pleasure as she slipped the tip of him inside of her and released her hold, her eyes fluttering slightly.

“Better go back to dreaming of Idris,” Steve said sarcastically as he ran his hands up Selena’s thighs to hold her hips, “Otherwise you’d have to admit I’m the guy pleasuring you.”

“Good point,” Selena said, refusing to rise to the bait as she closed her eyes and braced her hands on Steve’s chest. “We’re having a romantic evening on top of the Eiffel Tower,” she said breathlessly as she slowly lowered herself down taking her cousin’s hard prick into her hot, tight pussy.

“You are so shallow,” Steve groaned as his sexy cousin’s tight cunt squeezed his cock, rippling along his shaft as she took him into herself.

“How is a romantic evening with Idris Elba ‘shallow’?” she asked, annoyance in her voice as she took the last of Steve inside of her. She sat still a moment getting used to the feel of him buried inside of her, parting her hot walls, filling her.

ran his
hands up Selena’s flush body, squeezing her firm tits before sliding his hands down her sides and gripping her taunt ass. “Just sayin’. You gotta picture a hot guy you don’t know wining and dining you to get off. Kinda shallow is all,” he said smugly.

Selena’s eyes fluttered open and she glared down at her suddenly bitchy cousin. He’d literally never talked to her like this before and she didn’t really know what to make of it. “And yet you think you’re in love with me so what does that make you,” she said and smirked in pride at her point.

Confusion slid over Steve’s face as he tried to think of a good come-back. When nothing came to mind he grabbed Selena’s hips forcefully and glared up at her. “Fuck you,” he grunted as he suddenly thrust up, bucking his cousin up and yanking her back down again. He began thrusting forcefully up into Selena’s tightly stretched pussy, her naked body bucking up and down, her firm tits jiggling wildly, her hair whipping around, and her face a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

“F- f- f- fuck y- y- y- you, Steve!” Selena growled as she leaned forward and braced her hands against the headboard. She thrust her jiggling body down, fucking Steve as hard as he was fucking her while her hair and tits flew around in every direction. She knew that the force they were fucking each other was going to leave bruises along the insides of her thighs but she didn’t care because how dare he judge her. She worked her body down as hard as she could, pinning her suddenly defiant cousin down against the bed as she used her abdominal muscles to grip harder on his shaft. They were no longer fucking, this wasn’t pity sex, they wasn’t her throwing him a bone for being mean to him, this was now a family feud.

With Selena bent over him it put her wildly swaying tits just over his face and he immediately latched on with his lips, hungrily sucking at her dark nipples as his hands slid up to cup each firm orb. He licked, sucked, and bit into her sensitive flesh causing her to squeal out in surprise at his forceful nature, his fingers kneading her like dough as he let loose a growl from deep in his chest. Already he could feel the need to cum building up inside of him and knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it with Selena dominating him. He released her tits and glared up at his wildly pistoning cousin, “In junior high I told Ricky Sanchez you had crabs.”

Selena suddenly stopped in shock and stared down at Steve. “You what?” Suddenly she was thrown to the side, her legs spread wide with her cousin above her, his cock still buried deep inside of her.

Pounding into Selena hard enough to bang her head against her head board, Steve stared wickedly down at her. On her back, the force of his thrusts had her tits rocking up and down on her chest, her hair matted with sweat to her beautiful face, her legs sticking out wide from either side of his body.

Bracing herself against Steve’s forearms, Selena rolled her hips up letting her cousin reach deeper inside of her before wrapping her toned legs around his waist, holding him still. “You remember Cathy Gearing? I fucked her.”

“What?” Steve gasped before groaning out. Selena had distracted him long enough to trap him between her thighs and now she was grinding up against him, using her muscle control to squeeze his cock again and again like an insistent farmer milking a cow.

Smiling wickedly, Selena began rocking and rolling her hips up, fucking Steve while he was trapped between her dancer’s legs. He’d always been skinny and her work on the stage left her in much better shape than he had ever been in. Cathy Gearing had been Steve’s first real crush and he followed her around like a little puppy in school. One day she had shown up at Selena’s house when her family hadn’t been home, nervous and scared. She had come out to Selena and asked her how to break the news to Steve without her family finding out so Selena had told him for her. Then, two years later, at their first unsupervised party, they had gotten drunk and explored lesbianism together. Selena wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck and pulled him down closer to her. “Can you imagine what a 3-way with us, what that would have felt like?” she said breathlessly to her cousin before playfully biting his lower lip.

A sudden image of fucking Selena and Cathy popped into Steve’s head. He’d eventually figured out Cathy had been gay but he’d never suspected his cousin had “Experimented” with her. “That’s not fair,” he pouted. At first. “I planted the cigarettes in your backpack.”

It took Selena a moment to figure out what Steve was talking about before it dawned on her and her eyes grew wide in shock. “I got grounded for that,” she gasped, “I missed the Spring Formal with Danny Izzick!”

“He fucked Karen Boslee that night,” Steve sneered.

“You bastard,” Selena gasped in shock, her undulating body suddenly still.

With Selena stunned into silence Steve took the opportunity to escape from between her legs, his cock pulling out of her tightly stretched cunt with a spray of fluid. He quickly flipped her over onto her stomach and gripped her waist tightly and yanked her heart-shaped ass up. He lined his cock up to the entrance of her drooling pussy and thrust himself forward, pinning his cousin down with his cock. Buried balls deep inside of the beautiful singer he began thrusting feverishly into her tight body, the flesh of her ass rippling with every wet smack of his hips. She groaned beneath him and he slid his hands between her chest and the bed, palming her breasts and squeezing them roughly, her hard nipples scraping against his palms.

Gasping out with every rough, powerful thrust, Selena gripped the sheets in her fists, her eyes rolling up at the intense pleasure her cousin was giving her. “Oh you little fucker,” she groaned out as she spread her knees wider, bracing her body as she lifted her firm ass higher. She wasn’t trying to help Steve fuck her deeper, she was getting ready to fuck him back. Using the strength in her thighs from years of dancing and her grip on her bed she began thrusting herself back, meeting every barreling thrust her nerdy cousin was giving her, fucking him as forcefully as he was fucking her.

Steve pinched Selena’s hard nipples between his fingertips, rolling them, squeezing her tits, thrusting himself hard into her drooling cunt again and again, his teeth gritted in intense concentration. Sweat rolled and dripped from his and his cousin’s bodies as they fucked, Selena’s juices splattering between them, soaking his groin and sliding down the insides of her thighs. His own thighs were quivering in exertion, threatening to give out at any moment as he pistoned inside of the sexy singer again and again.

“I… I… I blew Josh Callun to… to… to lock you in your locker fresh… freshman year,” Selena panted.

“I… I told Mr. Mellon you… you cheated on your Chem. ex… exam,” Steve grunted.

“I… I told your… your mom about… about your porn,” Selena groaned.

“I told… told your… your mom you snuck out to… to go for a ride on Mitch… Mitch Ipsen’s mo… motorcycle,” Steve moaned.

“Fu… fucker.”

“Bi… bitch.”

With Steve and Selena both more interested in insulting each other than on the rough, forceful sex destroying the bed and the wall behind it, the sweat-slick singer aimed her tan, wildly rocking ass an inch to low causing the thrusting nerd to pop out of her tightly clutching pussy. Barely paying attention, Steve aimed himself just a fraction of an inch to high as he attempted to burrow himself back into Selena, spearing her tightly clutching ass, a mix of their sweat and her slick juices lubricating him enough to thrust nearly half of his angrily throbbing cock into her up-turned ass. Their eyes flew wide open in shock, their mouths gaping as the cousins came and screamed out together, “Jesuuuus!”

As the cousin’s came together they mirrored each other: their toes curling, their hands balling into fists, their heads turning slightly to their lefts, and groaning out as Steve filled Selena’s tightly clutching ass with his cum and Selena’s cum squirting out and drenching Steve’s groin and thighs. The both began to list to their sides, Steve to his left, Selena to her right, before collapsing and nearly falling off the askew mattress.

Selena, being in much better shape, was the first to get her strength back and helped straighten Steve up before relaxing into the mattress, panting along with him. He looked his cousin up and down for a moment before chuckling to himself.

“What… what’s so funny,” Selena asked between breathless gasps for air.

“At least I didn’t cum inside your pussy.”

Selena suddenly broke into fits of laughter. “You fucker,” she giggled before playfully punching her cousin in the shoulder.

“Bitch,” Steve laughed back, slapping Selena playfully on her tit.

Selena enjoyed the first unawkward silence together she could remember since she and Steve had hit puberty. Selena looked over at her cousin and held her hand up to him. “Truce?”

Steve took Selena’s hand and shook it. “Truce.”