She wants to do it with Madonna

I came home very late from work one night; there had been a freezer break down and it necessitated that somebody stick around for the on-call fridgy. So it was well into the next morning before I got home; as I walked through the door the silence that is 3am allowed me to hear all the little noises around the house; the humming of the fridge; the excited patter of our dog outside; and above all the buzz of my wife’s vibrator and the noises she makes as she nears an orgasm. It was that pending orgasm that allowed me to drop my stuff and sneak into the bedroom to watch the final moments of what sounded like an intense session of wanking.
The only light came from the television; the fact that it was neither flickering nor making any noise suggested that whatever image she was watching had been paused. She was lying on her back; her eyes squeezed shut and back arched as she slid the eight inch vibe in and out of her wet pussy. The only noises from her were the slopping of her pussy as she fucked herself and the little whimpering moans that would presage the loud grunt as she exploded. For a moment I was going to catch her, but then I saw the image on the television and decided to watch the ending. For somebody who claimed she did not like women ‘in that way’ all that much she was certainly having a passionate moment watching a topless image of Madonna! Even as I thought it she opened her eyes to stare full on at the television and cum watching; she gave a couple of yodelling squeals before she grunted savagely and began waving her knees together to rub her big lips on her big clit. At no point did she even realise I was in the room! Just when I thought she was finished she seemed to curl up and really drove that vibe as deep as she could get it to give herself a second orgasm. Finally she collapsed back on the bed, breathing hard.
“Wow!” was all I could think to say- it certainly expressed the way I felt.


She jumped with a start and looked to where I was standing- my pants tented up. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, and it was hard to tell if she was embarrassed that there was somebody in the room and she hadn’t heard or that I had caught her wanking over Madonna. She fumbled for the television remote but could only find the VCR remote- pressing the wrong button in the process so the next noise in the room was Madonna singing; ‘Erotic, put your hands all over my body.’ I couldn’t help myself; it was so weird I just had to laugh. At least she realised what I was laughing about; “Oh God” she murmured, falling back on the bed as Madonna continued to sing. By the time I had controlled my mirth the song had changed to some live piece; the roar of the crowd as the song began had my wife up and turning the video off. I saw the remote and turned the television off. Then I began to strip; my turn.
“So Madonna is it?” I asked. She merely nodded, “Why don’t you tell me about it?”
At first I thought I was going to be in for a long session of trying to drag it out of her, but by the time I got on the bed and had her in the doggy position she seemed to have decided to actually tell me. She likes telling me her fantasies, but only after i have either pestered or teased her into doing so. Occasionally, like now, she would tell me freely, but only often enough to make me wonder why she didn’t all the time.
In her fantasy;
Madonna walks into the hotel room. It is well after midnight and the show she has just performed has been a smashing success, not simply her own view of the performance but the cheering of the crowd clearly indicated that they liked it too. Although she has changed into something more everyday she is basically fresh from her performance; she has decided to treat herself with her favourite toy and doesn’t want to wait for anything. She mixes herself a drink and then goes to the wardrobe- opening the door she reveals her toy- my naked wife.
My wife took a little time to describe herself in this fantasy- she does not have any existence outside of being Madonna’s toy; she wears a diamond and ruby studded collar with a matching leash. She is entirely naked- Madonna will decide what she is to wear for her duties. Madonna will even apply her make-up and put a wig on her if she decides that is what my wife is to do. Tonight Madonna just wants a good tongue fucking- she pulls my wife out of the wardrobe and walks her with the leash to the bed.
She instructs my wife to strip her; my wife knows that she is to remove every item of clothing in turn and lick the flesh underneath. When Madonna is naked she hops onto the bed and calls, “Up here toy.” My wife climbs onto the bed and kneels next to Madonna and awaits instruction. “Lick my cunt.” She then turns the television on and switches to the sex channels- she watches porno films whilst my wife licks her pussy exactly as she has been told to do it. Madonna has a leather switch to indicate the Toy’s speed; two swipes on her back is for faster; three is for slow down; four is to stop; she likes to swipe her every once and a while anyway so one swipe is just for fun.
It does not matter to Madonna what effect it has on the Toy as long as she is satisfied herself with its operations. She does not care that in being used like this my wife will often orgasm just from licking her pussy. It does not occur to Madonna that my wife even has a name; nor that my wife gets so aroused that the person she is so devoted to calls her nothing but ‘TOY’.
Madonna finds the porn unsatisfying; she would like to watch something with a bit more realism. In her current mood, with the Toy working so well tonight, she watched her arse jiggling suggestively in the air- Madonna decides she would like some live action. She calls to her head bodyguard and tells him to get his men ready- they can take turns in fucking the Toy tonight.
A dozen big, muscly, hunky men enter the room one at a time, naked. As they cross the carpet Madonna checks them out and decides which fuck hole on the Toy they are to get. “Fuck Toy’s cunt.” Or “Fuck Toy’s arse.” They climb on the bed and direct their cocks deep into the appropriate hole and then wait for instructions. “Fuck Toy’s pussy hard and fast.” “Fuck Toy’s arse really hard- slam your cock into it and grind it deeper.” My wife loves to imagine that the smallest dick is ten inches long and three inches round. Sometimes she even imagines that there are female body guards and that Madonna gives them money to find the biggest strap-on dildos money can buy. And nobody cares that in being used like this they reduce her to a quivering mess from all the massive orgasms and almost- orgasms- they are all using the Toy to satisfy themselves, which of course just makes her hornier. Tonight she was fantasizing about her favourite bodyguard character- Big Eddy; jet black, foul mouthed and fourteen massive inches of man meat up her arse. Madonna just lets Big Eddy fuck the Toy any way he wants- he always has something new to impress the boss. Tonight he tells the Toy that his brothers, all four of them, will be joining the body guards next week; that Big Eddy has the smallest dick amongst them and that they all want to fuck the Toy in the arse. In her fantasy my wife says that she comes so hard her screams, muffled by the singer’s dripping pussy, vibrate her to an orgasm; has Madonna cumming so hard that she squirts into the Toy’s open mouth. Madonna, satisfied for the moment, lets Big Eddy finish himself off by fucking the Toy’s mouth until he cums down her throat; Madonna’s pussy juice lubricates it enough to get an extra inch of Big Eddy into her mouth.
Finally Madonna decides that she has had enough; time to clean the Toy and put it away for later. There will be no shower or bath though; she has my wife stand in the middle of the bathroom and uses the shower hose to wash her down. Madonna then throws a towel to the Toy and takes it back to the wardrobe; she closes the door as the Toy is still drying herself off.

Back to the night
I am listening to my wife talk about this getting ever hornier. I am fighting like hell not to cum until she is finished; I keep having to stop and let myself cool off. As soon as she has finished talking I am just going to fuck her cunt like a piston and go as hard and as fast as I can. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she started confessing about all the other famous singers she imagined being a Toy for; in the end I was so aroused by the number of names, and the visions of them using my wife, I just exploded.

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