Chloe Moretz – The Safe-word (xxx fan fiction)

Dick Jizzum looked around at the small, enclosed set. It was covered in fake jungle plants and a faux rock wall but luckily it also had a large, ornate bed big enough to fit a half a dozen people and a camera man. “This’ll be perfect,” he said with a wide grin, “And the price is perfect.”

Thaddeus Temple looked at Dick. “Two hundred bucks cash an hour and your promise of complete discretion,” he said simply. He looked over the at the director wearing a simple white T-shirt and faded jeans. He adjusted his suit before speaking again. “And I’d like to stress the discretion part of out arrangement.”

“Not to worry,” Dick said as he looked around, extremely pleased. “Nobody likes to admit they like porn but everybody watches it. And trust me, you’re not the only person to rent out for cash and discretion. And, as a bonus, please feel free to come by and watch if you’d like.”

Thaddeus blushed at the invitation. “I, ah… I have meetings today.”

“Sure, sure, sure,” Dick said with a knowing smirk. “Two hundred bucks an hour and discretion. I’d say we’ve got ourselves a deal.”

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She wants to do it with Madonna

I came home very late from work one night; there had been a freezer break down and it necessitated that somebody stick around for the on-call fridgy. So it was well into the next morning before I got home; as I walked through the door the silence that is 3am allowed me to hear all the little noises around the house; the humming of the fridge; the excited patter of our dog outside; and above all the buzz of my wife’s vibrator and the noises she makes as she nears an orgasm. It was that pending orgasm that allowed me to drop my stuff and sneak into the bedroom to watch the final moments of what sounded like an intense session of wanking.
The only light came from the television; the fact that it was neither flickering nor making any noise suggested that whatever image she was watching had been paused. She was lying on her back; her eyes squeezed shut and back arched as she slid the eight inch vibe in and out of her wet pussy. The only noises from her were the slopping of her pussy as she fucked herself and the little whimpering moans that would presage the loud grunt as she exploded. For a moment I was going to catch her, but then I saw the image on the television and decided to watch the ending. For somebody who claimed she did not like women ‘in that way’ all that much she was certainly having a passionate moment watching a topless image of Madonna! Even as I thought it she opened her eyes to stare full on at the television and cum watching; she gave a couple of yodelling squeals before she grunted savagely and began waving her knees together to rub her big lips on her big clit. At no point did she even realise I was in the room! Just when I thought she was finished she seemed to curl up and really drove that vibe as deep as she could get it to give herself a second orgasm. Finally she collapsed back on the bed, breathing hard.
“Wow!” was all I could think to say- it certainly expressed the way I felt.

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Miley Cyrus : A virgin no more

Miley Cyrus is a VERY nieve girl with very little clue on how the world works. At age 15, Miley has more popularity and wealth then any 15 year old knew what to do with. Her father on the other hand was taking advantage of this and took every opertunity to exploit the fact that HE was Miley’s father which in his thoughts might get him work again…..after being declared a “one hit wonder” and abit of a failure in the music business. He was driven to use his daughter to get back to the top once more.

Feeling her father’s shadow was abit to much at the moment. Miley requested that her father NOT come with her on her next tour. Apon hearing the news that Miley had already left for her tour without him Billy ray became very angry. He knew this was Mileys biggest publisised tour to date and he was going to get no face time on camera or on the radio but later got over it knowing she was going to return and he would go right back to riding her coat tales once again.

While on tour…..anyone could tell that Miley was not the brightest bulb in the box and would be in good company with the likes of Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson. This tour was going to prove to be Miley’s undoing.

“Miley its time to do a sound check” said Darren the sound guy. “I don’t know how to check any of that stuff, isn’t that your job?” Miley replied clueless. Looking down and shaking his head while letting out a sigh Darren replied ” All you have to do is say something into the mic and thats it” . “I’m to busy at the moment texting” she replayed. Rather then saying something he was going to regret, Darren just walked into her dressingroom to hand her the script for the show.

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Wwe Sasha Banks xxx FanFiction

“Sasha… Sasha… Sash! ” Bayley tried to get Sasha’s attention, but she was lost deep in thought. It had been over 6 months since she lost a punishing match to Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell. Like quite a lot of her pay-per-view matches it was both a loss and an excellent match, backstage Sasha was becoming known as WWE’s prettiest PPV loser. She was always in amazing matches, be it Hell in a Cell, iron woman, or three-way main events at Wrestlemania, but she always ended up on the losing end and Hell in a Cell 2019 was no exception. This was a little different, not only did it leave the physical scars, including a hip problem that plagues her now, but, it left something deeper, something she thought she was past, that was the night that the slow subtle deconstruction of Sasha Banks began.

Sasha: “Hey, I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention, let me grab my bag and we will go.” Sasha smiled a little smile at Bayley, not wanting to keep the most important person and really the only person in her life, waiting. Sasha grabbed her bag and joined Bayley at the door as they were planning on picking up something to eat to take with them to the arena for tonight’s episode of SmackDown. She grabbed her bag and walked past her roommate who was holding the door for her and Sasha jumped just a little when she felt Bayley pat her on the behind and urge her.

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