She wants to do it with Madonna

I came home very late from work one night; there had been a freezer break down and it necessitated that somebody stick around for the on-call fridgy. So it was well into the next morning before I got home; as I walked through the door the silence that is 3am allowed me to hear all the little noises around the house; the humming of the fridge; the excited patter of our dog outside; and above all the buzz of my wife’s vibrator and the noises she makes as she nears an orgasm. It was that pending orgasm that allowed me to drop my stuff and sneak into the bedroom to watch the final moments of what sounded like an intense session of wanking.
The only light came from the television; the fact that it was neither flickering nor making any noise suggested that whatever image she was watching had been paused. She was lying on her back; her eyes squeezed shut and back arched as she slid the eight inch vibe in and out of her wet pussy. The only noises from her were the slopping of her pussy as she fucked herself and the little whimpering moans that would presage the loud grunt as she exploded. For a moment I was going to catch her, but then I saw the image on the television and decided to watch the ending. For somebody who claimed she did not like women ‘in that way’ all that much she was certainly having a passionate moment watching a topless image of Madonna! Even as I thought it she opened her eyes to stare full on at the television and cum watching; she gave a couple of yodelling squeals before she grunted savagely and began waving her knees together to rub her big lips on her big clit. At no point did she even realise I was in the room! Just when I thought she was finished she seemed to curl up and really drove that vibe as deep as she could get it to give herself a second orgasm. Finally she collapsed back on the bed, breathing hard.
“Wow!” was all I could think to say- it certainly expressed the way I felt.

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